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This War…from my POV

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 15, 2009

War again. First Iraq, now Palestine.

I think we should dub this era World War III already.

So I often heard the Muslims hating the Jews so much for no good reason. That’s not exactly a good attitude to adapt…cos if you hate them to the point you don’t wanna go near them…then you fail as a Muslim. Islam does not encourage racism. Islam should show how beautiful the devotees are and the religion as well. Only when threatened should we protect ourself up to the point of war.

Thanks to Daeds for the info… the current war wasn’t because of religion to begin with. I guess religion is just another excuse. But according to the Torah (Taurat) the land is rightfully theirs. At first they live together with the Muslims, but then the Jews want the land for themselves. So because of that OIC does not recognize Israel as a country. Now the Jews are fighting over Gaza…cos they want it. This sound like kids fighting over a toy, and one broke into a tantrum and start smashing up everything they see.

The issue of boycotting…looking at the list, I wonder why are there so many companies and brands wanting to sponsor the Jews? Sometimes I wonder if there’s someone trying to take advantage of the situation by telling everyone to boycott his least favourite brands. It’s like some sort of grudge…but oh well, it helps us eat healthy by avoiding McD and all. But then…DISNEY too? There goes my childhood memories… heh.

I’ve never taken boycotting too seriously…until I heard that all the money used to watch the crappy Bedtime Story movie will be donated to the Israels. Truth be told, I KNEW Sandler is Jew, but I never thought it will have anything to do with the war. Now it makes me feel goddamn guilty. Yes I’m kinda depressed about it…I’m thinking of boycotting as far as I can. Goodbye nescafe…no more drinking you every morning. D:

But why are these donations not going to the ‘needy’? Weird huh… I got messages saying that the people there does not need help, but told us to protect our respective country instead. There’s a good point there…There’s nothing we can do to donate, to help…but just pray. Even if I have billions of dollars to buy Nuclear to be used against the enemy, it wouldn’t stop the war. I don’t think we need to have ‘revenge’ against the Jews. I’m pretty sure Islam does not teach us to do so. And what’s with the “HANCURKAN ISRAEL” thing? Is that how Muslims are supposed to think? Wake up guys! You’re putting yourself at the same level as the enemy!

Edit: For all I know (from my education in secondary school level) that Islam shouldn’t start a war unless seriously threatened. And our point of war is to protect ourselves and our religion…not for satisfaction, vengeance or for the fun of it (e.g. terrorist). That’ll put one religion to shame… the whole world have misunderstood the true meaning of ‘Jihad’ because of that.

Don’t think of destroying them using Death Note or something…just pray hard to save the victims…and pray the enemies to see the ‘right path’ and see how ugly they’ve become. I wish they have feelings. Wish they have TRUE FEELINGS. If they do, they wouldn’t be so heartless. Damn…I feel like crying everytime I think of this…

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