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I want Gakupo Kamui!

Posted in Music, Poems by vien88 on December 15, 2008
Gakupo Kamui

Gakupo Kamui

Well, how I discovered him is all because of Hatsune Miku and my curiousity of vocaloids. Since I’m no good at singing or play musical instruments (but I know how to read them notes, mind ye), I thought i wanna find (download) the program. since my friend has Hatsune Miku’s…I thought of finding others that would suit the my songwritings. Preferably bass voiced male.. Nowaiii i’m not gonna let some female popstar sing my emo lyrics D:

Then I found Gakupo Kamui…whose voice almost satisfy the voice i’m looking for – after listening to his “Dancing Samurai”. Other English vocaloids ones sounds creepy. Although I know that Gakupo has some creepiness in his vocals when singing English songs… (his high pitched “Hey hey you you i don’t like your girlfriend!!” is freaky DX )

Of course, my research doesn’t end there. Gakupo Kamui…aka Gackpoid… well, you may have guessed it… the very popular actor-singer Gackt lent his voice and stage name for this very vocaloid. that explains the deep voice. Yeah, I love Gackt’s voice but had never been a fan of him. I’ve heard of him, and the first time I saw him was either somewhere in Gempak or the game Bujingai, where he modelled as the hero. I know I loved his face…but never realize how gorgeous he is until now… ToT

Even the first song I heard from him were REDEMPTION and LONGING as soundtracks for ‘Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus’. Then he made an appearence as… Genesis Rhapsodos… (Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core) which isn’t as good-looking as the real person. Really… Genesis looks like he cannot smile at all. XD

Okay then… curiousity kills the fox. But I can’t exactly remember how my lurking ended up with Malice Mizer @_@. Well, yeah Gackt used to be one of them, I think I read about it before but then I forgot, then I read about them again and suddenly re-remembered. OH YEA, i know why now… I think..? Cos I suddenly remembered about my particular original characters, who are supposedly musicians – rock band specifically. And then, I suddenly remembered, few years ago the reason why I was inspired to draw them was Malice Mizer. But then, I’ve never listened to any of their songs!! Just that their flamboyant image is very…fascinating. And thus I came up with my own fictional Visual Kei band XD.

So I was researching about them a bit, and finally previewed their songs in youtube. And I really regret… that I didn’t listen to their music earlier. D:   I LOVE THEM. But then, if I knew about them earlier, that time they’ve already disbanded. Back them I didn’t know where to preview their music so I didn’t bother listening to Japanese songs much. Limited to those I know from anime I watched. I hope it’s not too late to become a lover of Malice Mizer’s music. Please give me a link where I can download all their albums >3<

aku belum preview semua lagu tho…but dengar 2-3 dah suka ❤

Back to Gackt… my sis and I were trying to guess his age…since he disclosed it from the public. She said he has to be 40 something, but I objected the idea cos I want him to be 30. Then she said maye late 20s? He could’ve started his carreer during his teenage years? but according to wiki, he started his carreer when he was a young adult… that would probably be around 20. but then again.. look at Johnny Depp! He’s like 50 years old and he’s still HAWT <3333

Ok then we both get tensed and angry with him for having a pretty face despite of being a guy. We found his pic during high school and his eyes were…smaller…we were like…woah buat plastic surgery kah?? But his hair was still stylish lol. Ok, then previewed some of his pics and some videos… HIS F**KIN GORGEOUS. >////<   WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???? And his English is so…fluent TDT

Back to topic…Gackpoid cover was at first modelled by Gackt…but then they want some avatar like Len, Rin, Miku, Kaito, Meiko and Kaito…so he was given an image of a beautiful samurai (i guess it’s based on his Dancing Samurai original song). YEAH i tot he was a girl at first, especially with long purple hair. Then there’s a pic of him in a skirt. but his voice…that couldn’t be a husky girl voice! Turns out he is a male that looks like female… OH YES, ME *heart* TRAPs! Anyways, the character designer is Kentaro Miura, mangaka of a dark fantasy manga Berserk.

Currently, I’m trying to find Gackpoid torrent but couldn’t find any. Please… PLEASE INFORM ME, if you find any…


so i shud get drawing my beloved OCs now…

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Hatsune Miku sings UM theme!

Posted in Video by vien88 on October 26, 2008

lari sikit. Kalo original koir tak sibuk lagi ok kot.

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