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Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on February 14, 2009

Oleh sebab aku single sekarang, aku takde pape nak cakap pasal boyfren atau girlfren. Erm..nak bernostalgia pasal valentine’s day zaman kapel dulu pon…tarak. Cos takde memori yang indah dengan exbf on 14 Feb for 3 years. Cos he’s like “apa gune wish valentine kalo x dpt jumpe” lulz… ler, stakat wish pon ok. Paling kureng pon bagi hadiah belated ke lukis untuk aku pon boley gak. Tak best langsung. Elok la, or else aku asyik teringat2 kenangan terindah.

Now I shall speak about my favourite couples in anime and video game. Oh no no real life stuff here. I is otaku *megane twinkles*. Take note that they are not in order…

WARNING: Okay read with an open mind… sebab ada mix of hetero and homo couples in one post.
Fave Hetero couples

Tamaki x Haruhi (shes a girl)

Tamaki x Haruhi (she's a girl)

1. Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII series)

  • There’s a debate about who is Cloud’s heroine; Aerith or Tifa. In the official Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork, it may appear that Aerith is the heroine. And that she’s more feminine than Tifa, she’s more likely his main love interest. But I don’t deny that Cloud has feelings for Aerith and even has this necrophillic behaviour towards her (as seen in Advent Children movie). But hey, she’s goddamn dead! probably alive in the lifestream, but still, she’s no longer breathing. That’s why I strongly support Cloud x Tifa, with Tifa being his childhood friend. And lemme remind you that Cloud wants to become a SOLDIER for Tifa. And Tifa isn’t your average heroine…she kicks ass and she’s as sweet as a lady should be.

2. Kenshin x Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)

  • Sape dah tengok Samurai X anime, you’ll probably think it’s weird why it isn’t Kenshin x Kaoru. Well, tell ya what, for those who didn’t read the manga sampai habis or watch the OVA… Tomoe is Kenshin’s first love, and deceased wife. Mula2 they’re pretending to be husband and wife… then they sorta fell in love with each other mysteriously. Er…tapi..tak nampak sangat. Cos Tomoe is an introvert… somehow she reminds me of myself a bit. Shame that they tak sempat have children cos Tomoe sacrificed herself for the one she loves *__* how noble! ❤

3. ZERO x Karin Kouzuki (Code Geass)

  • Agak pelik… not Lelouch x Kallen. But ZERO x Karin. I have this fetish for leader x subordinate relationship. It’s kinda one-sided, but I admire how Karin looks up to zero. Well, I haven’t watched R2 so i dunno what happened between them really.

4. Kuno x Nabiki (Ranma ½)

  • actually, they’re just supporting characters and they’re a minor pair. Well, they did not exactly officially declare themselves as a couple, but they have the potential. Kuno and Nabiki are classmates, and Kuno is after Nabiki’s tsundere sister. Nabiki on the other hand, betrays her sister buy selling her pics to the perverted self-proclaim “Blue Thunder” just for the money. A filler episode in the anime showed that Nabiki is meant for Kuno, but whether it’s true or not remains a mystery. But I like seeing them putting their heads together… besides Kuno is filthy rich, Nabiki should just marry him for the money XD.

5. Seifer x Fuujin (Final Fantasy VIII)

  • Not an official pairing either, but potential in my eyes. This is another leader x subordinate relationship which I fancy so much. Seifer is an arrogant character who failed his SeeD exams a couple of times while being followed around by his cronies; the dumb Raijin and the tough Fuujin. Fuujin suka cakap sepatah2, with a loud voice. She’s probably like Kallen, admiring Seifer from afar. Only once in the game she softens her voice preventing Seifer to go rampage. and that is sweet ^w^

6. Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)

  • Cos I don’t see any chemistry between Sakura and Naruto (probably see some in the 2nd season), I think NaruHina would make a cute couple. Since Hinata is the first person who acknowledged Naruto, doncha think she deserves to be his girlfriend? But I have a bad feeling her fate would end up like Tomoe… or maybe she has to marry Neji intsead >.<

7. Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

  • When opposites attract… and when great minds think alike. Wargrhgrh aku tensen tengok how their relationship progress! Sebab Hiruma is too manly to fall in love, and Mamori pulak…too angelic to stand next to the devil. Anyway…rasanye Mamori satu2 nye awek yg leh handle si Hiruma tuh.

8. Ryo x King (King of Fighters series)

  • Judging on how they first met… it’s kinda weird. They had a battle, then King’s shirt ripped off, then Ryo sorta treats her like a lady. King disguises as a man to participate in Muey Thai contest for her brother but dipandang serong once discovered that she’s a woman. What’s even better, Ryo’s dad approves of King and wants her to become the mother of the next generation’s dojo heir XD.

9. Tamaki Suou x Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Tamaki may have charmed a lot of women, but I can tell that he seems to have sincere feelings towards Haruhi…although it looks more like he’s playing the role of a ‘father’ to her. Which I think is sweet still.

10. Natsu x Erza (Fairy Tail)

  • A potentail paring. I don’t like Natsu being paired up with the whiny Lucy… and he did go as far as eating some destructive power thing to save Erza’s life. Only a real hero would do that to a really strong heroine.

Fave Yaoi Couples

*fujoshi mode on* this is gonna be embarrassing >///>

Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica

1. Balthier x Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)

  • Not even an official pairing… but it’s what fujoshi often do, by pairing guys who are not meant to be a couple. Why I like them…is because of the master x apprentice relationship. Too bad they lack interaction in the game, but fujoshi would of course use their wild imaginations to make it happen!

2. Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)

  • This is the first ever BL pairing that I ever got serious with. Back then I was still innocent, and limit myself to mild shonen-ai. I don’t see much of them in the manga… but since I watched the anime first, there’s a bit of filler in the anime and saw some chemistry between Kakashi and Iruka. I instantly fell in love with both of them ❤

3. Germany/Ludwig x Italy/Feliciano Vargas (Hetalia)

  • one word: CUTE. and they’re new on my top 10 list :3. This is when history gets freakin interesting…

4. Axel x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

  • Cos Axel is so obsessed in taking Roxas back into the organization…and gets excited when Roxas pretends to remember him… and Axel says he’d miss Roxas if he goes away…and what confirms that they’re indeed lovers (pure fangirlism) is when Axel says “He’s the only one who made me feel like I had a heart”. WAHHH *nosebleed*

5. Zack Fair x Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII series)

    6. Itsuki Kujo x Shotaro Kadoma (Hanazakari to Kimitachi e)

    • They are extremely minor characters… so you don’t see much of them. I wish there’s more cos Shotaro is a fcukin’ CUTE shota uke and Itsuki is a fcukin’ SEXY manly seme. I think I kept a pic of half-naked Itsuki >///>. The best scene for the two is during a dance party, where Shotaro had to crossdress as a girl in an evening gown and Itsuki grabs him while saying that the boy is his partner <333 so cute!!

    7. Kamina x Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

    • They are soulmates! brothers! Because Kamina thrusts trusts the cowardly Simon so much, and because Simon so genuinely wants to protect the manly Kamina so much, how can I not love them?? Okay, I may not just like them as a pair, but I also like them as a team. Kamina means a lot to Simon that he made a bunch of statues of him after he died *cries*. Oh how I love seeing them go… GATTAI!!! *thinks dirty* <333

    8. Usagi/Akihiko Usami x Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

    • Dalam banyak2 kapel di sini… they’re the only ones who are official lovers. YES THEY ARE LOVERRRRSSS. Usagi is the (fictional) gay character to begin with, being in love with his best friend for 15 years only to be heartbroken when his best friend announced that he’s going to get married (with a woman la). He’s kinda quick to switch his love to his best friend’s brother when the younger boy cried for him. Yang peliknya… Misaki still can tolerate living with Usagi even after getting molested when they first meet >_>. But apa2 pon… like my friend Jo said, their romance is sweeter than your average romantic comedy couples.

    9. Shin Soujiro x Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)

    • Er… yes, weirdness. I dunno why I see something… lovely aura between them… maybe it’s becos of the rivalry. Even i dunno how to explain… but i’m sure there are better couples than this that I like.

    10. Stein x Spirit/DeathScythe (Soul Eater)

    • Spirit is Stein’s senpai… but he’s more like the dominant one. I still don’t know about their past, but they were partners for 5 years during their student years. Now they are teachers in Shibusen. So why did the fandom of this couple spark? It’s when Stein says to Maka, “So this is the child of the woman who stole my precious experiment”. ahem… experiment..? ;DDD

    Obviously…there are more of them. I just can’t think of who since I abandon a lot of fandoms XD.

    Fave Yuri Couples

    Jo and Meg

    Jo and Meg

    1. Barnette x Jura (Vandread)

    • In Vandread… it’s normal for women to be paired up. In this story, Men and Women lived in different planet. The manlier woman can make the feminine woman pregnant. Weird… there’s no scientific explanation to this. Men on the other hand… well, babies born in factories >_>;;. So… Jura once said she wants to get pregnant (with a guy) but Barnette thought Jura wants her to become the Homme. LOL.

    2. Jo x Meg (Bakuretsu Tenshi)

    • From how they first met to how they had to separate. But it’s kinda annoying to see how Meg seems clingy to Jo. jo doesn’t seem to mind much. Personally, I kinda prefer Jo with that chef guy.

    3. Chie Satonaka x Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

    • Yukiko’s shadow says that Chie is her prince charming… while Chie genuinely wants to protect her best friend Yukiko. *sigh* What more can I say?

    4. Milly Ashford x Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

    • Cos Milly usha Shirley’s boobs lol. Okay…they certainly make a better couple than Lulu x Shirley or Lloyd

    5…. no idea anymoar D:

    I dont have much to explain in yuri cos I don’t fancy it that much…

    End of post. Oh before i forget…and before the day ends. I’d like to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite parings up there. May your love last forever no matter how fictional you guys are ❤

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    Persona 4!!

    Posted in Review by vien88 on January 26, 2009

    You know, I tried hard to finish Persona 4 from the middle of December to before new year starts. But failed. But now I proudly announce that I HAVE FINISHED THE GAME! ❤

    And now for some reviews.. :3

    Persona 4

    Persona 4

    Firstly, a brief summary about the game…

    A city boy (whom I named “Rui Akita” after one of my Original characters. In the official manga, he is called Seta Souji…so allow me to call him that from now on) was sent by his parents to a rural town called Inaba to live with his uncle. Not because he was punished for being a delinquent or anything…his parents had to work overseas or something like that. Kekurangan kasih sayang..I know, but at least almost everyone he acquainted with in Inaba loves him.

    Coincidently, as soon as he started living in this small town, a murder happened. Then along came another… somehow it has a connection with the TV. The urban legend says that you’ll see your ‘soulmate’ when you watch the TV screen with the power off at midnight as it rains. However, what you thought was fun turns out to be something much worse than nasty.

    This game is not a mere RPG… it’s a role play + mystery + dating sim game! you don’t see that everyday… well, maybe except for Persona 3 – minus the mystery part. What I can say is P4 is like a drastic improvisation of P3, and it’s not such a bad thing. Cos you may not actually see how the improvisation part works because P4 seems so fresh…!

    Now the gameplay..let’s start with the battle system. Again, like in P3, the battle system was introduce rather late unlike most RPGs. That was kinda disappointing because I’d rather go through some tutorials first than enduring through a series of teen flick moments. But then, the system awesum-ness erased that first impression. The ONE MORE thing made some sense at least, All-Out attack is as fun as ever (In P3, it gets boring as the game progresses)…and the best part is… YOUR PARTY MEMBERS ARE VERY HELPFUL! ❤  In P3, your party members can be really stupid cos they had to depend on Artificial Intelligence. P4 characters not only depend on AI, but we can also give direct commands to them (No more uneccessary Mind Charges for you…). Honestly, this ‘helping out each other’ really makes the battle more interesting…and makes everyone look more realistic.

    The ‘Dating Sims’ part… Social Link, also a culture taken from P3. You can interact with a bunch of characters with associated Arcana (tarot cards) to make your Personae stronger. I failed to max out everyone’s social link though, but I feel kinda guilty for not interacting with everyone because all the characters are freakin’ interesting compared to those of P3. (yes, i compare with P3 a lot for some reason) They are not too cliche, complex and needed to be handle with care (silap cakap sikit then it’s REVERSE for you). At least this time you can actually choose your girlfriend than automatically become a couple with girls who love you although you don’t really like them (in p3)

    Just like previous Shin Megami Tensei games, P4 is back with the Lunar system… or the Calender. This is when you can train yourself to organize your schedule lol. Because… certain big bosses needed to be defeated before a particular date…but this time it is determined by the wheather. P4 is more realistic in terms of wheather, cos it may be sunny, cloudy, rainy and foggy. You have to frequently check the forecast so that you’re not too late to…er…save people XD. or else…GAME OVER!

    As a mystery game, there’ll be a point where you have to choose the correct answer/option in order to move on. Depending on your choices, you may get bad ending, normal ending and true ending (i actually saw all 3 and restart till i get the good one XD).

    This time you can do more stuff around town than just eating at a diner…you can also play with some rusty dials during the rain! NOW THAT IS FUN!! =___=    ….no the fun part is you get to take on some part time jobs! Social link + Money + status increase! it’s a 3 in 1 process >3. Other than that… you can also go fishing! Wow…so much activity to do…so little time. He’s lucky he can do more stuff than becoming a lazy-ass like Arisato Minato (P3 Protagonist) =P

    Story Analysis

    It’s nothing like your Final Fantasy RPG where you go through an epic plot and epic battles etc. It’s like..you going to school following a consistent daily routine. But somewhere in between normal teenagers activities, you get to have a dungeon adventure INSIDE the TV. But in order to hang out inside the TV world, you have to become a nerd.. I mean, you gotta wear some anti-fog pair of spectacles. It should clear you vision… heck, I am Meganekko myself. (and the best part is that I played this game using a flat-screen TV like theirs XD). Like I said earlier, the story revolves around the urban legend about the TV.

    Then here comes some mystery… we seriously have NO IDEA what is going on, who was behind it, why is it happening, where is it gonna lead to and how does things work (but if you play P3, you may get the idea). In P3, there are already recorded explanations about the ‘other world’, the shadows and the Personae. But here, the characters are discovering things on their own without a need of professional help. Intriguing. And what makes P4 more loveable is that we have no idea who the bad guys are. Is it this guy? Or that guy? So many twists makes P4 an interactive detective novel with a speck of supernatural stuff.

    Relationships with playable and non-playable characters are a hell lot better than the previous game. No more cheezyness and nuisance. My personal fave character to social link with is the main character’s cousin, Nanako. I usually dislike little girl petty problems, but Nanako seems like she’s in between childish and mature stage that makes it acceptable for me. Most of the cutscenes involving Nanako have a huge impact. Huge enough to make me wanna wail like a hungry baby. In conclusion, I love Nanako.

    When it comes towards the end, I honestly feel like I don’t have the will to finish this game. It’s not because of fear of the final boss, but it’s just that I love this game so much I don’t want it to end! I feel like I still need lotsa things to do as the protagonist before the game ends (like maxing out all social links and doing more part-time jobs). When the game ends, meh…it was unsatisfactory. I wanted to see more…maybe something like what each of the individuals do. But the ending went by just like THAT.

    i’m gonna play this game again. Period.

    on to some character analysis…

    The Characters

    The Protagonist

    The Protagonist. The strong and silent type ;3, just like the previous main characters. Like those before him, he is the ‘wild card’ who can use more than one Personae. His initial Persona is Izanagi (in the pic behind him), taken from the Japanese mythology… and the game actually took a lil bit of reference from the original myth. Including…Izanami.

    Yosuke Hanamura – your comic relief character, equivalent to Junpei (P3)… no, actually, he is MUCH better than Junpei! Junpei is just funny and useless except in battles, but Yosuke is not only amusing but also very productive in this mystery solving business. Aaaand he’s your BEST best friend to ever have~ As a son of some big shopping mall manager (JUNES!), he’s often the victim of a couple of lazy-ass employees and a subject of anti-Junes’ gossip. Enough of that…the part that annoys me the most about him is the fact that he is somewhat ‘necrophilic’ lol! In battle, he’s pretty much as useful as Junpei but I depended more on his magic.

    His Persona is Jiraiya… no, it has nothing to do with that dead Sannin in Naruto. Really. In fact, both Jiraiya from Naruto and P4 were adapted from Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari, a Japanese folktale. Jiraiya is a ninja who can shapeshift into a giant toad. I guess that explains the frog-like design of the Persona. After the social link with him is maxed, Jiraiya evolved into Susano-o, the Shinto god of the sea and storms (is it me, or did the design just remind you sooo much of Viral from Gurren Lagann??)

    Chie Satonaka – A cheerful tomboy who sincerely wants to protect her best friend, Yukiko…and the guy she likes. >///> Well, my first impression of her was… “what an annoying bitch”. But the more I learn about her, the more I like her. Mainly…because she sorta reminds me of myself…in a way. So for that reason alone, I made the protagonist choose her as a girlfriend… also because…I hate all those wimpy female stereotypes (actually, most of the girls in p4 are okay). I think a strong and independent girl like Chie deserves to be loved too! In battle, I don’t favour her much because of her weak magic. Depending on physical attacks doesn’t help much either as it sacrifices your HP a lot.

    Her initial persona is Tomoe, what I can find about ‘tomoe’ is that it’s a Japanese abstract design that look like a swirl..or more like 3 commas forming a circle. Example; SHARINGAN. Because of Chie’s love for Kung Fu, not only does she uses Kung Fu moves (i wonder where she take martial art classes..), even Tomoe’s outfit reminds you of Bruce Lee’s. When her Social Link is maxed, Tomoe evolves into Suzuka Gongen. Too bad I can’t find info on that right now D:

    Yukiko Amagi – She is popular at school, but she unconciously rejected boys who pursue her. But I don’t see anything interesting in her other than just being a plain pretty face. Getting to know her better, she’s not your stereotype ‘lady’. When she gets into a laughing fit then she’s unstoppable! But all the way through the game, I still think she can be rather boring. Yet I’m glad that there are cutscenes that shows her immature side where she sulked because of Teddie’s mischievousness XD. I usually use her as the healer in battle.

    Her initial Persona is Konohana-sakuya…and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGN in spite of being pink and flowery. I love the way she calls “Konohana-Sakuya!” whenever she summons her persona. Anyways, Konohana-Sakuya, in Japanese myth is the blossom princess and also an avatar of delicate earthly life. Although ‘Yukiko’ means ‘Snow Child’, her elemental attribute is fire. Her persona evolves into Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun. Amaterasu’s main colour is yellow…but I guess the game stressed out her Sun-goddessness so much it kinda blinded my eye whenever she is summoned (belum cerita Horus lagi!).

    Kanji Tatsumi – He is my wallpaper in my laptop and handphone…because… I LOVE HIM <3. He is a misunderstood rebel, who has a soft heart. I mean, don’t be fooled by the skull print on his shirt, but he’s an artistic fella. A male tsundere…? Almost gay i tell ya… and he’s like a cute lil brother to the main character. To see him blush is just PRICELESS. That’s it! He made it to my top fave male character list! But as a character, he’s kind of an airhead and prefers to do things with his fist… not as thoughtful as Yosuke. And I’m glad to know he’s the type of guy who likes girls with a bit masculinity in her. In battle, I prefer using Kanji over Chie when it comes to physical assault. I notice Kanji stores Higher HP for the sake of his Physical attacks.

    His initial persona is Take-Mikazuchi; Also from Japanese myth – One of the sons of Okuninushi. When Amatsukamis decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Takemikazuchi to conquer Takeminakata. Take-Mikazuchi’s design looks like some punk mecha with skeleton design. After that, it will evolve to Rokuten Maoh… no information found yet. But one thing is for sure… it reminds me sooo much of Gurren Lagann XD

    Teddie – P4 mascot! It’s a myseterious being that look like some mascot suit that you’ll find inside the TV world. He doesn’t look like a bear to me…but he refers himself as a bear named Teddie (“Figures”, said Yosuke XD). Teddie is cuter than Koromaru (P3) and at least has a big role than just being a side-character pet. And wait till you see his..human form O__o (Tamaki from Ouran anyone?). Some special cutscenes with Teddie are so touching that it almost made me cry. KUDOS Atlus, you made the game a genius! Back to Teddie, he supports the characters in battle by memorizing the shadow’s weaknesses, but he’s even more useful in the battlefield. Well, cos you guys get some major healing magic for the first time.

    Initial Persona – Kintoki Douji was taken from a Japanese folklore’s folk hero called Kintaro. Kintaro is said to weild a tomahawk axe, and that explains why the persona design is holding a tomahawk missle. His persona will then evolve to Kamui. Kamui is the Ainu (a tribe somewhere in northen Japan) word for spiritual divine being in their mythology.

    Rise Kujikawa – A former teen idol, now working at her grandmother’s tofu shop. She doesn’t seem ditzy during the first meet, nor is she ever ditzy as we get to know her. But as expected by judging from her looks, she’s a cheeky one. Somehow I think she’s a lot better character than Yukari (P3). And as a support party member, replacing Teddie, she’s wayyy much better than Fuuka (P3), in terms of speech, voice and personality.

    Her persona is Himiko, a shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Japan during the 248 AD. Since she is in charge of scanning the TV world and shadow’s weakness, the design consisted of… a satelite. LOL. Okay that kinda makes sense if you ask me XD. Then let’s add up TWO more satelites when the persona evolve in to Kanzeon, the Goddess of Mercy in Taoist mythology (i believe she made appearences in Journey to the West).

    Naoto Shirogane – How am I supposed to avoid spoiler to describe this person?? Geez…this is the so called ‘detective prince’ that only talks in literature language despite of being young..younger than the main character even. Coming from a family of detective, Naoto-kun’s whole life is dedicated to making deductions (lol am I making any sense here?). This is another exotic character that I admire cos Naoto is very much UNlike any other typical characters – only the speech style and intonation are turn-offs. In battle, at least the persona does not have any weakness, but too bad it lacks magic. However the non-elemental magic can cause a lot of damage to a particular shadow. Otherwise, more or less not too helpful as a party member.

    This person’s persona is called Sukuna-Hikona, the Japanese deity of Medicine. After maxing out the social link, the persona evolves to Yamato Takeru (the Brave of Yamato). This is a title given to a prince of Osu who defeated his enemies in his father’s name. When he died he turned into a white bird, hence the appearence of the Persona. Both Sukuna-Hikona and Yamato Takeru are designed to be small, just like the person who weilds it.


    Okay, this is my favourite part~

    Overall, I love the soundtracks! Comparing with P3 (again!), I’m more satisfied with P4’s background music. P3 has too much funk and techno, they bleed my ears all the way. Can’t believe I managed to endure it. I have several faves in P3 soundtrack especially Subeto no hito no Tamashii no Tatakai, played during the final battle. It’s so epic! That is where P4 final battle failed to compete with…lol weird… orchestra song =__=.

    Just like P3’s Kimi no Kioku, I’m also in love with P4’s Never More.

    So anyways, at least P4’s music is nice to listen to. Each dungeon has their own type of music too, and different kind of melody.

    ….i think that’s all. I spent a lot of time writing this crap lol. Goodnight… I’m off to watch some anime!

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    The Crossroads

    Posted in Music by vien88 on November 18, 2008

    OverClocked Remix is a store of various video game soundtrack remixes. I often lurk around there to find rearranged tracks and medleys of my favourite game (more particularly my favourite tracks). There are too many to list down though. At first I thought the remixes will sound more like those techno/dance remix like how the popular songs turn into…often heard in the radio. Apparently, not all are like that. Remixers took the effort to “re-record” the soundtracks using the instruments of their desire :3

    And even adding lyrics!!

    Here’s one of my faves (Remixer: Jovette Rivera)

    The Crossroads

    I got the beat to lay the funk down,
    Come on step inside a my town,
    Hold your breath and don’t think
    There’s a new world ready to lay at your feet.

    If I gotta give some point
    To the new man trying to run on my joint,
    Grab some traction, run and hide,
    Betcha catch you now
    Gonna meet you on the dark side.

    VERSE 1B
    You are the one keeping me
    From doing what I
    Do but now I see you too
    So I’ll give it back to you

    You can’t believe everything you hear
    And you cannot see everything that’s near
    But if I believe you’re gone
    Then you’ll disappear
    Still you reappear

    VERSE 2
    I’m at the point of no break
    Gimme a dime and I’ll make
    A million shine but it’s gonna take time
    There ain’t no time to be fake
    Gimme an inch and I’ll take
    A mile long high better reach up to the sky.

    VERSE 2B
    Things steadily heavily
    Being pushed on top of me
    Readily constantly
    So close that I can hear you breathe.

    Each and every day’s the same
    Life has left you nothing new
    Turn around and you
    Will see what has become of you.
    Your visions of
    Immortality or love
    Left you at the crossroads of
    What to choose.

    FF7 fans, recognize the song? The intro wasn’t that awesome. Kinda reminds you of aliens… But it gets better from 0.36 ….so…FF7 fans, do you recognize the song? :3

    Sorry I couldn’t find a better vid. A Cid and Vincent AMV (not CidxVincent, mind you :3 ). The sound quality in this vid doesn’t do justice to the remix, so I suggest you to stream it here and you may download it if you wish. The vocals are just great. ❤  And the “Bridge” is definitely EPIC. I had this tune in my head for days after listening to this. Sometimes it just crossed my mind and makes me feel like i just HAD to relisten to it.

    I wish I could master various musical instruments. But I guess my talent goes to drawing and writing. well, we’ve got fanartists, fanfic writers… AMV makers… perhaps it is time to give way for musically oriented fans for a change :3.

    More to come~

    Melayu Jarang Main Game versi Jepun

    Posted in Life by vien88 on November 17, 2008

    Biasanya game dari Jepun akan diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Inggeris selepas beberapa bulan game tu dikeluarkan. Ada budaya di kalangan kaki game/gamers membeli dan main video game yang dalam versi Jepun. Ada sebabnya. Satu, tak sabar2. Satu lagi nak dengar suara seiyuu/voice actor terkenal yang memegang watak2 yang tertentu. Kadang-kala voice actor dalam versi Bahasa Inggeris tidak begitu hebat. Aku tak nafikan aku salah seorang yang beli game versi Jepun, tapi alasan aku sebab tak sabar2 dan sebab terlalu minatkan watak hero dalam game itu.

    Oh ye, perlu diingatkan bahawa entry kali ini bukanlah artikel atau analisa yang serius. Jika tidak berminat dengan coretan kehidupanku, sila tekan ‘back’, tutup ‘tingkap’ atau proceed ke laman sesawang lain (lol sesawang~).

    Balak 3D aku <3

    Balak 3D aku ❤

    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (PS2), salah satu spin-off dari game Final Fantasy VII (PS), di mana watak fevret aku, Vincent Valentine dilantik menjadi hero kali ini <3. Sungguhpun dah cuba main versi Jepun, tetapi aku tak habis main lagi. Aku ter-stuck kat satu stage, tak ingat yang mana. Lagi satu aku dapat tahu aku tertingal side-quests yang tertentu. Tu la, tak faham baca kanji menggatal nak main Jepang punye lol~

    Bila keluarnya versi Bahasa Inggeris, aku beli juga. Main punya main, tapi ni pon tak habis jugak. Hmm, walaupun Vincent watak kegemaran aku, malangnya game Dirge of Cerberus ni tak brapa best. Lagi satu masalah, aku ni kalo game tembak-menembak ni lemah sikit. Satu lagi aku bengang ialah kehadiran Shelke (sorry mana-sama >.<) … sukati je nak rampas balak orang!! (oops, macam pernah je aku lafazkan ayat tu sebelum ni, kehkeh)

    Balik ke pangkal jalan…

    Sebenarnya ada satu citer ni yang buat aku rasa…entah. Bangga kot. XD tapi aku betul2 rasa terharu~


    Alkisah seorang ninja wannabe yang baru dapat tau bahawa game Sengoku Basara X sudahpun keluar semingu selepas tarikh yang ditetapkan.

    Sengoku Basara X

    Sengoku Basara X

    Aku lah tu >_>. Aku pun pergi lah ke kedai game yang terdekat (disclosed for personal reasons X3) tanya ada ke tak. Amoi di belakang kaunter tu kata “Sudah habis stok. Japanese games biasanya cepat habis. Next week ada stok baru, so datang la next week”.

    Eloklah stok baru aku akan datang. Tapi sudah ‘next week’ pun aku datang. Beberapa minggu selepas tu pun aku tak kembali ke kedai itu. Aku ada lepak di kawasan tu dengan member, tapi bila dah lepak dengan member langsung tak ingat pasal fandom. Lagi2 kawan tak minat game macam aku.



    Sebelum aku teruskan, aku nak cerita sikit pasal Sengoku Basara. Mesti ada di antara korang yang pelik kenapa aku tak tunggu versi BI. Well, sejarahnya aku main game “Devil Kings” dahulu, yang dikatakan Sengoku Basara (siri pertama) versi Bahasa Inggeris. Namun, kipas-susah-mati SB sebulat2nye reject kenyataan bahawa Devil Kings = Sengoku Basara. Pada mulanya aku tak faham, tapi bila analisa betul2, baru aku tahu apa maksud mereka.

    Memang Devil Kings diterbitkan dari ‘original’ Sengoku Basara, tetapi, nama2 watak yang sepatutnya dalam Bahasa Jepun kesemuanya sudah tukar ke nama ‘omputih’. Story Mode tiada dalam DK, tapi dalam SB ada. Dengar kata suasana/environment dalam DK di-western-kan sedikit. Kemudian aku dapat tahu bahawa SB adalah game yang ‘based on a true story’ sebab menggunakan nama2 tokoh zaman Sengoku. Tapi Story bagi setiap karakter dalam adaptasi game ni banyak twist daripada sejarah sebenar.

    Oleh sebab DK gagal memenangi hati peminat (oleh kerana voice acting yang teruk. Tapi bagi aku ok je), CAPCOM terus tak mahu buat versi Bahasa Inggeris untuk sekuel SB, iaitu Sengoku Basara 2. Aku pun beli je la, Jepun pun Jepun la, asalkan ada panduan dari GameFAQs. Dialog dan cerita buat2 faham. Kadang2 tu macam faham betul2 je. Apa2 pun, yang penting game ni BEST. Sangat best kalo tujuan anda main nak lepaskan tension. Sebab ni game Hack & Slash, banyak action dan bunuh2 orang sampai dapat combo 30,000 hits (setakat ni watak Nohime je yang mampu capai tahap ni. Ye la, sbb dia pakai pistol =_= ). Bukan tu je, skema warna setiap watak sangat cantik dan menarik. Gameplay pun mudah dan straight forward, tidak perlu fikir banyak sangat strategi, oleh itu kalo tak faham Jepun pon masih boleh capai kemenangan. Seriously, lagi mudah daripada Sengoku Musou (aka Samurai Warriors) yang menggunakan tema yang sama.<review>


    Alamak jadi review pulak.

    Ok balik ke cerita aku >///<

    OK, semalam aku pergi balik ke kedai tu oleh sebab adik yang baru kawen dengan PSP nye nak beli game baru. Alang2 kat situ, tetiba teringat pasal SBX. Aku pun tanya la Amoi yang aku jumpa hari tu (ntah ingat ke tidak aku, tapi aku selalu je pergi kedai tu). Dia suruh aku tunggu sebentar, dia nak cek. Lepas tu dia keluarkan bekas plastik DVD SBX.

    “Hari tu saya ingat ada orang minta game ni, tapi tak cam muka,” katanya “sekarang saya ingat, awak yang minta”.

    Aku “Oh ye ke?”

    Amoi tu angguk. Katanya lagi “Saya sengaja simpan untuk awak. Ni last copy”


    aku rasa serba salah yang dia simpan untuk aku, kalo orang mintak SBX mesti dia kena tipu customer. Aku pun tanya lah “Kenapa you simpan untuk saya?”

    Jawapan yang diberi, buatkan aku rasa sungguh terharu…. “Sebab jarang orang Melayu beli Japanese game”


    Biar betikkkkk takkan la aku sorang je Malay yg beli game versi Jepun. Mie Onee-san selalu je, pastu ada Gforummer bernama KinZaibatsu dah habis main dah pun Persona 4 (JPN) – versi BI kuar Disember ni!! Ataupun aku ni salah seorang Malay yg beli game Jepun (dari kedai tu) dari bilangan yang sangat kecil? Pergh, apa2 pun aku rasa bertuah dapat last copy DVD SBX, yang di-reserve khas untuk aku 😀

    Pastu nak kaver rasa bangga tu aku cakapla kat dia, “erm sebab game ni takkan kuar dlm English, so saya beli je la yg Jepun”. malas la nak mengaku aku tak faham/tak pandai baca Jepun sebenarnye >w<

    Hwahahah lepas ni boleh la bodek2 diorang. Mana tau dapat spesel priveledge ke (diskaun ke~). Mengharap siot aku ni. XD  aku fikir nak part time job kat situ kalo ada rezeki.



    Tapi aku tak dapat main lagi sebab masih di kolej kediaman. PS2 kat rumah (kan best aku leh bawak TV dan PS2 skali cam member si ragey buat.Tapi aku tak benarkan adik aku main ni lagi, aku simpan dulu hwoho. Gi la rogol PSP tu puas2.

    Satu lagi kegembiraan yang baru dialami:


    dan juga pagi tadi paper yang disangka susah jadi senang oleh sebab usaha kita buat study group dari malam sampai siang (hwehe saje nak buat bunyi gempak). Alhamdulillah dapat jawab dengan mudah walaupun masih ada lubang2. Kami yang terlibat dalam diskusi keluar dengan perasaan puas hati. :3

    Time to enjoy sementara tunggu result keluar. Aku harap pointer aku naik kali ni, demi tercapai hasratku nikah dengan Nintendo DS!! XD

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    The Silent Protagonist

    Posted in Quiz by vien88 on November 5, 2008

    Quiz: What RPG/Anime stereotype are you? (Protagonist Version)



    Strong Silent
    You are the silent hidden one. You don’t often appear around people, and when you do it is normally only breifly and to make a point. You are most likely very powerful and fairly intelligent. You don’t get along well with others, by your own choice, and often don’t talk unless absolutely necessary. You rarely show emotion. You may find someone you get along with in the future.


    Pic: Serge from Chrono Cross. A silent Protagonist.

    lol ayat last tu… sape agaknye~

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    Final Fantasy Job Class

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    Final Fantasy job Class Quiz


    A mysterious fighter who mimes allies’ movements

    different, versatile, untouchable.


    lolwhut? i was expecting ninja >.<   aku bukan copycat!! But I have to admit that the Mimic ability is useful in boss battles.

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    Kimi no Kioku

    Posted in Music by vien88 on October 29, 2008

    Kimi no Kioku (Persona 3) by Kawamura Yumi

    Listen to the song (sorry no video). then try to sing along.

    kaze no koe hikari no tsubu madoromu kimi ni sosogu
    wasurenai yasashii hohoemi kanashisa kakushita hitomi wo
    negau koto tsurakutemo tachimukau yuuki kimi ni moratta
    dakara yukune yume no naka mezametara mata aeruyo
    tooi kioku mune ni hime utau
    hakanaku tayutau sekai wo kimi no te de mamottakara
    imawa tada tsubasa wo tatande yukkuri nemurinasai
    eien no yasuragi ni tsutsumarete love through all eternity
    yasashiku mimamoru watashi no kono te de nemurinasai
    waratteta naiteta okotteta kimi no koto oboeteiru
    wasurenai itsumademo kesshite until my life is exhausted
    kousaten kikoetekita kimi ni yoku nita koe
    furimuite sora wo aogi miru koboresouna namida koraete
    ashita koso itsunohika
    mou ichido kimi ni aeru to shinji hitori mayoi
    ame no yoru hareta asa machitsuzukete
    wasurenaiyo kakenuketa yoru wo
    mabayuku kagayaku hitotoki minna to issho datta
    kakegae no nai toki to shirazuni watashi wa sugoshite ita
    imawa tada taisetsu ni shinobuyou I will embrace the feeling
    kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita
    itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte sugu yoko de waratteita
    nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo I will never leave you
    hakanaku tayutau sekai wo kimi no te de mamottakara
    imawa tada tsubasa wo tatande yukkuri nemurinasai
    eien no yasuragi ni tsutsumarete love through all eternity
    yasashiku mimamoru watashi no kono te de nemurinasai
    waratteta naiteta okotteta kimi no koto oboeteiru
    wasurenai itsumademo kesshite until my life is exhausted
    mabayuku kagayaku hitotoki minna to issho datta
    kakegae no nai toki to shirazuni watashi wa sugoshite ita
    imawa tada taisetsu ni shinobuyou I will embrace the feeling
    kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita
    itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte sugu yoko de waratteita
    nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo I will never leave you

    My sis and I were trying to do that a few days ago… IT WAS HARD. Getting literally exhausted at the end of each sentence XD. Yang boleh ikut lirik BI je lol~

    btw it’s a nice song. It’s from the game Persona 3. Cepat beli, platform PS2. Persona 4 Eng version kuar December ni!!

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