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Posted in Quiz by vien88 on November 7, 2008

Yeah you guess what this entry is all about~

naw watch the vid obediently. Gurren Lagann Parallel Works part 1.

Kamina, Simon and Viral berganding bahu! ❤  Ok I have Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann quizzes below. Boring2 baca and do the quiz sambil dengar lagu ni (to get in the mood, geddit?)

Which Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Character Are You?

You are darling Simon. You tend to rely on someone like Simon relies on Kamina. That’s alright, but try to step up and lead a little. I’m sure that if you do, you’ll succeed! You may lack some confidence now, but it’ll grow with time. You are a very kind and caring person. You try your hardest to do what is best for everyone. That is why you make very long, lasting friendships. They know that they can trust you and follow you all the way. You can also get caught up in your emotions. That can be very good, or very bad. Your happiness can be spread among those you are with, but if you are sad, that could cause problems. Just try to cheer up and let it go cause you never know what sort of amazing surprise is waiting *cough cough* like Nia *cough cough* And besides, you’re the one who breaks through the heavens.


KOMEN: lol tatau nak kata apa. Tapi aku memang selalu nye low self-esteem, ada masa aku berkeyakinan diri. Yeah, bila aku emo memang jadi cam Simon. I let my presentation group down once because of my personal problems. D:   Amazing surprise…? >////<

Okay let’s filter what type of chara you are this time.

Which Gurren Lagann Man Are You?

He doesnt look THAT wrinkly...but this pic is GAR

He doesn't look THAT wrinkly...but this pic is GAR

>> ROSSIU: rational aloof mastermind
The planner, the intelligent & the realist type of person is so you. Your brain works logical & your mind is pretty conservative. Your impressions to others are serious, unpredictable and cool. You are very careful in everything you do, and to the surroundings around you. This makes your routine & future to be stable, well-planned & promosing. Unless you get too complex into handling & thinking too many things. You should not let stress & complicated problems get into your way. You should also lighten up a bit & learn how to be more laid-back. If people take your advice or follow your organized & strategic lifestyle, it can really improve themselves alot. Strong in standing for your beliefs & applying it all the time makes you a very faithful person. Though you are cynical when it comes to accepting or believing in others. However, it just takes time, and if you found out that others are trustworthy & rational, you will often be by their side. You may seem low profile, quiet or idle, but you are secretly a person who will strive to the top for your goals & benefits. People can either love you or hate you, but one thing’s for sure is that they well know that they need you. Feel grateful & proud.


KOMEN: I like his name… it’s like a cuter version of the name ‘ross’, cos it goes Rossiiiiuuuuuu~  chiuu chiuuu. *ahem* Two Words to describe him: SHADOW KING. I like his role in Kamina City, the way he sacked the ‘president’ (which is also me -_- ) then rule the city using his own beliefs. I think that trick is awesome. From that description… yeah I can take things a bit seriously and doesn’t trust people that much.

k pompuan lak…

Which Gurren Lagann Woman are You?

Lolwhut? Shes paired with Rossiu!

Lolwhut? She's paired with Rossiu!

> KINON: intelligent sophisticated supporter

<no description D: >


KOMEN: Didn’t see much of her in the first part. But she definitely shone in the anti-spiral plot. Suicide bomber! How womanly GAR is that?? And for the world’s sake (and Rossiu’s >///>  ). She’s just a supporting character, but IMO she’s more awesome than Yoko.


Which gurren Lagann Man is for You?

3 3

❤ ❤

VIRAL – the caring unique love
You tend to notice and like guys who are either outcast or different. Badass yet unknown or wicked background of a man is a thrill to you. Forgive him for being rather stiff or new to love, because he’ll most probably never experience any before, or had bad past experience. This is your best opportunity to pollute show him the greatness of it, and make him participate in all your favorite fantasies, hahaha. Just guide him in the areas he lacks experience or knowledge of, and he will feel very blessed to have known and have you in his life. When he really loves you and thinks you’re the one, he will not hesitate to take the relationship further and promise for a bright future for the both of you. You will be extremely surprise that he can be an unexpected loving husband candidate. Also, his tolerance level for you or any storm is very durable. He is what you call one in a million and more than meets the eye.To hell what other people thinks of him, because only you know his true vulnerable self.


KOMEN: Viral is LOVE! He is smexy for a beastman >///>  I half wish his towel drop during the prison fight scene >.<    Walopun tangan pelik and gigi tajam…and very badass… but his dream.. is to have a family. Omg… male tsundere?? KYAAA! \(>w<)/ *fangirlism*  but the major turn-off is neon blue costume in the final battle DX …ew.

now I pretend to be a lesbian…

Which Gurren Lagann Chick is For You?

Kinon again? I luv meself lulz

Kinon again? I luv meself lulz

>KINON: the mature sophisticated love

The lady who are intelligent and looks elegant are your cup of tea. Women who normally wears formal attire or any uniform designs or wears specs are your fetish. You will be proud that your lady is mature and calm in almost any situation. This is because you can’t stand pointless playfulness or childish acts from girls. She may seem shy or distant towards knowing you or anyone at first, unless you’re like an idol figure – then she will be at ease in expressing her thoughts and emotions. Once she heavily admires you, she will reveal as your true supporter to the very end. When in love, she can easily surrender herself to the man she loves. She is the type of woman who will strongly tolerates and sticks to her man, no matter what he is, whether he is complex, negative, troubled, confused or lost. If you think you can’t handle yourself, she will be the one beside you to give you strenght and determination. Since you know she’s your true love, appreciate her and return affections for her so that she will continue to be with you forever.


KOMEN: I’d prefer a mix of her, Yoko and Adiane (…dominatrix =_=|lll). I’ve said before, if i’m a guy, i’d pick cool and strong women archtypes.


So that concludes the TTGL quizzes entry. I’d like to make another post on this anime, exclusive for the review (although it’s a bit late). So I heard there’ll be a TTGL movie?? OMG! Anyone found a news on that please inform me!! And I am yet to watch all the Parallel Works other than the above video. Lastly, sape belum tengok anime ni… MUST WATCH.