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Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on February 14, 2009

Oleh sebab aku single sekarang, aku takde pape nak cakap pasal boyfren atau girlfren. Erm..nak bernostalgia pasal valentine’s day zaman kapel dulu pon…tarak. Cos takde memori yang indah dengan exbf on 14 Feb for 3 years. Cos he’s like “apa gune wish valentine kalo x dpt jumpe” lulz… ler, stakat wish pon ok. Paling kureng pon bagi hadiah belated ke lukis untuk aku pon boley gak. Tak best langsung. Elok la, or else aku asyik teringat2 kenangan terindah.

Now I shall speak about my favourite couples in anime and video game. Oh no no real life stuff here. I is otaku *megane twinkles*. Take note that they are not in order…

WARNING: Okay read with an open mind… sebab ada mix of hetero and homo couples in one post.
Fave Hetero couples

Tamaki x Haruhi (shes a girl)

Tamaki x Haruhi (she's a girl)

1. Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII series)

  • There’s a debate about who is Cloud’s heroine; Aerith or Tifa. In the official Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork, it may appear that Aerith is the heroine. And that she’s more feminine than Tifa, she’s more likely his main love interest. But I don’t deny that Cloud has feelings for Aerith and even has this necrophillic behaviour towards her (as seen in Advent Children movie). But hey, she’s goddamn dead! probably alive in the lifestream, but still, she’s no longer breathing. That’s why I strongly support Cloud x Tifa, with Tifa being his childhood friend. And lemme remind you that Cloud wants to become a SOLDIER for Tifa. And Tifa isn’t your average heroine…she kicks ass and she’s as sweet as a lady should be.

2. Kenshin x Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)

  • Sape dah tengok Samurai X anime, you’ll probably think it’s weird why it isn’t Kenshin x Kaoru. Well, tell ya what, for those who didn’t read the manga sampai habis or watch the OVA… Tomoe is Kenshin’s first love, and deceased wife. Mula2 they’re pretending to be husband and wife… then they sorta fell in love with each other mysteriously. Er…tapi..tak nampak sangat. Cos Tomoe is an introvert… somehow she reminds me of myself a bit. Shame that they tak sempat have children cos Tomoe sacrificed herself for the one she loves *__* how noble! ❤

3. ZERO x Karin Kouzuki (Code Geass)

  • Agak pelik… not Lelouch x Kallen. But ZERO x Karin. I have this fetish for leader x subordinate relationship. It’s kinda one-sided, but I admire how Karin looks up to zero. Well, I haven’t watched R2 so i dunno what happened between them really.

4. Kuno x Nabiki (Ranma ½)

  • actually, they’re just supporting characters and they’re a minor pair. Well, they did not exactly officially declare themselves as a couple, but they have the potential. Kuno and Nabiki are classmates, and Kuno is after Nabiki’s tsundere sister. Nabiki on the other hand, betrays her sister buy selling her pics to the perverted self-proclaim “Blue Thunder” just for the money. A filler episode in the anime showed that Nabiki is meant for Kuno, but whether it’s true or not remains a mystery. But I like seeing them putting their heads together… besides Kuno is filthy rich, Nabiki should just marry him for the money XD.

5. Seifer x Fuujin (Final Fantasy VIII)

  • Not an official pairing either, but potential in my eyes. This is another leader x subordinate relationship which I fancy so much. Seifer is an arrogant character who failed his SeeD exams a couple of times while being followed around by his cronies; the dumb Raijin and the tough Fuujin. Fuujin suka cakap sepatah2, with a loud voice. She’s probably like Kallen, admiring Seifer from afar. Only once in the game she softens her voice preventing Seifer to go rampage. and that is sweet ^w^

6. Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)

  • Cos I don’t see any chemistry between Sakura and Naruto (probably see some in the 2nd season), I think NaruHina would make a cute couple. Since Hinata is the first person who acknowledged Naruto, doncha think she deserves to be his girlfriend? But I have a bad feeling her fate would end up like Tomoe… or maybe she has to marry Neji intsead >.<

7. Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

  • When opposites attract… and when great minds think alike. Wargrhgrh aku tensen tengok how their relationship progress! Sebab Hiruma is too manly to fall in love, and Mamori pulak…too angelic to stand next to the devil. Anyway…rasanye Mamori satu2 nye awek yg leh handle si Hiruma tuh.

8. Ryo x King (King of Fighters series)

  • Judging on how they first met… it’s kinda weird. They had a battle, then King’s shirt ripped off, then Ryo sorta treats her like a lady. King disguises as a man to participate in Muey Thai contest for her brother but dipandang serong once discovered that she’s a woman. What’s even better, Ryo’s dad approves of King and wants her to become the mother of the next generation’s dojo heir XD.

9. Tamaki Suou x Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Tamaki may have charmed a lot of women, but I can tell that he seems to have sincere feelings towards Haruhi…although it looks more like he’s playing the role of a ‘father’ to her. Which I think is sweet still.

10. Natsu x Erza (Fairy Tail)

  • A potentail paring. I don’t like Natsu being paired up with the whiny Lucy… and he did go as far as eating some destructive power thing to save Erza’s life. Only a real hero would do that to a really strong heroine.

Fave Yaoi Couples

*fujoshi mode on* this is gonna be embarrassing >///>

Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica

1. Balthier x Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)

  • Not even an official pairing… but it’s what fujoshi often do, by pairing guys who are not meant to be a couple. Why I like them…is because of the master x apprentice relationship. Too bad they lack interaction in the game, but fujoshi would of course use their wild imaginations to make it happen!

2. Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)

  • This is the first ever BL pairing that I ever got serious with. Back then I was still innocent, and limit myself to mild shonen-ai. I don’t see much of them in the manga… but since I watched the anime first, there’s a bit of filler in the anime and saw some chemistry between Kakashi and Iruka. I instantly fell in love with both of them ❤

3. Germany/Ludwig x Italy/Feliciano Vargas (Hetalia)

  • one word: CUTE. and they’re new on my top 10 list :3. This is when history gets freakin interesting…

4. Axel x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

  • Cos Axel is so obsessed in taking Roxas back into the organization…and gets excited when Roxas pretends to remember him… and Axel says he’d miss Roxas if he goes away…and what confirms that they’re indeed lovers (pure fangirlism) is when Axel says “He’s the only one who made me feel like I had a heart”. WAHHH *nosebleed*

5. Zack Fair x Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII series)

    6. Itsuki Kujo x Shotaro Kadoma (Hanazakari to Kimitachi e)

    • They are extremely minor characters… so you don’t see much of them. I wish there’s more cos Shotaro is a fcukin’ CUTE shota uke and Itsuki is a fcukin’ SEXY manly seme. I think I kept a pic of half-naked Itsuki >///>. The best scene for the two is during a dance party, where Shotaro had to crossdress as a girl in an evening gown and Itsuki grabs him while saying that the boy is his partner <333 so cute!!

    7. Kamina x Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

    • They are soulmates! brothers! Because Kamina thrusts trusts the cowardly Simon so much, and because Simon so genuinely wants to protect the manly Kamina so much, how can I not love them?? Okay, I may not just like them as a pair, but I also like them as a team. Kamina means a lot to Simon that he made a bunch of statues of him after he died *cries*. Oh how I love seeing them go… GATTAI!!! *thinks dirty* <333

    8. Usagi/Akihiko Usami x Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

    • Dalam banyak2 kapel di sini… they’re the only ones who are official lovers. YES THEY ARE LOVERRRRSSS. Usagi is the (fictional) gay character to begin with, being in love with his best friend for 15 years only to be heartbroken when his best friend announced that he’s going to get married (with a woman la). He’s kinda quick to switch his love to his best friend’s brother when the younger boy cried for him. Yang peliknya… Misaki still can tolerate living with Usagi even after getting molested when they first meet >_>. But apa2 pon… like my friend Jo said, their romance is sweeter than your average romantic comedy couples.

    9. Shin Soujiro x Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)

    • Er… yes, weirdness. I dunno why I see something… lovely aura between them… maybe it’s becos of the rivalry. Even i dunno how to explain… but i’m sure there are better couples than this that I like.

    10. Stein x Spirit/DeathScythe (Soul Eater)

    • Spirit is Stein’s senpai… but he’s more like the dominant one. I still don’t know about their past, but they were partners for 5 years during their student years. Now they are teachers in Shibusen. So why did the fandom of this couple spark? It’s when Stein says to Maka, “So this is the child of the woman who stole my precious experiment”. ahem… experiment..? ;DDD

    Obviously…there are more of them. I just can’t think of who since I abandon a lot of fandoms XD.

    Fave Yuri Couples

    Jo and Meg

    Jo and Meg

    1. Barnette x Jura (Vandread)

    • In Vandread… it’s normal for women to be paired up. In this story, Men and Women lived in different planet. The manlier woman can make the feminine woman pregnant. Weird… there’s no scientific explanation to this. Men on the other hand… well, babies born in factories >_>;;. So… Jura once said she wants to get pregnant (with a guy) but Barnette thought Jura wants her to become the Homme. LOL.

    2. Jo x Meg (Bakuretsu Tenshi)

    • From how they first met to how they had to separate. But it’s kinda annoying to see how Meg seems clingy to Jo. jo doesn’t seem to mind much. Personally, I kinda prefer Jo with that chef guy.

    3. Chie Satonaka x Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

    • Yukiko’s shadow says that Chie is her prince charming… while Chie genuinely wants to protect her best friend Yukiko. *sigh* What more can I say?

    4. Milly Ashford x Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

    • Cos Milly usha Shirley’s boobs lol. Okay…they certainly make a better couple than Lulu x Shirley or Lloyd

    5…. no idea anymoar D:

    I dont have much to explain in yuri cos I don’t fancy it that much…

    End of post. Oh before i forget…and before the day ends. I’d like to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite parings up there. May your love last forever no matter how fictional you guys are ❤

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    Hetalia : When countries are paired up…

    Posted in Review by vien88 on January 31, 2009


    Actually, the title should be.. Hetalia, countries personified.

    So what’s with the cute pic vulpie…? i dunno, it reminds me of those moe girl pics. Which often made me go…ewwww… But this one is EPICLY CUTE cos…they’re all MEN (and a few women). And this story…is about history….*dozes off* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. NOT!

    Axis Powers Hetalia (by Hidekazu Himaruya), a popular webcomic (among the girls apparently), which is about world’s history told in a way where the countries are the characters in human form. Interestingly, the character relationships are based on how the particular countries relate to each other in real life; allies? Enemies? Conquered? All is told in a funny way in APH. Amazing how they portrayed England and America to be brothers at first, and America grew so big, they ended up being seperated. Same goes for China and Japan (lol at the ‘Kanji’ comic strip). So if you’re tired of learning history by the wall of text method, I assure you, you WILL enjoy learning history through a wall of illustrations.

    The artwork, however, doesn’t look as professional as your favourite manga or doujinshi’s style. As most of the comic strips are drawn in a scribbly and doodley way (reminds me of deady’s style). But in certain most important parts of the history, the comic is drawn with more details and effort. The webcomics are seperated into main storylines and extra stories; it ain’t neccessary to read them in order. One problem is sometimes it’s hard to differ from one character to another (I often got confused with England and Russia, Spain and South Italy…the author purposely made Canada and USA look almost similar but at least I can still differentiate). Otherwise, everything..ish just soooo cute! >w<

    for those who are interested, I have only one warning:


    Truth be told, I never expect to see so many of them in APH, but I did suspect since a lot of my ‘fangirling’ friends are crazy of APH… and I tried my best to innocently think it’s just full of bishies…. but I have no regrets. =D  I’m happy to have discovered this webcomic. The day I first read it becomes the day I instantly become a fan of APH. Yesterday, to be precise. …well, of course the main reason is…becos…y’know~ Like my title says… “when countries are paired up” *snickers*…. Hoyeahhh it definitely set my fangirl mode on; it kept me rolling on the bed giggling. >o<  That aside, I think homophobes can enjoy it as well…just for the lulz. I find myself laughing out loud from each substory to another. Worry not, some parts may appear to be romantic but it will end up getting the bubbles burst. And hetero couples DO exist too.

    Man… I really can’t get enough of APH. So I urgently looked for the anime… which is supposed to be released this month… as I lurk and lurk around…

    I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

    I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

    …I discovered that nationalistic groups in Korea protested against its launch by making an online petition, based on the allegations that their country was portrayed in an offensive manner, despite the fact that the anime did not even include Korea. The matter was taken up in the National Assembly in Korea, where the series was denounced as “equivalent to criminal conduct”. These allegations were supported, bizarrely enough, using a mixture of manipulated comic strips and, even more preoccupying, using fanart (that is, illustrations and drawings made by fans, as opposed to official artwork. ( source: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/583853.html? )

    OMGWTF?? The broadcast is cancelled!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dammit… what a disappointment! I’m soooo looking forward to seeing them (you-know-what) animated! Zetsubo Shitta!! *do the despair pose*

    So the fans now are doing Petition! (click to support, ONEGAISHIMAAAAAAAAASU)

    Oyeah, for those who are interested, here’s the index for the comic strips – Axis Powers Hetalia. If you like it, do join the petition. If you don’t… or even if you’re not interested..just…. just freakin sign the petition!! *clasps hands together* do it for me pleeeeeaaasseee~* *sparkly eyes* onegaiii orz…orz orz   >.<

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    Posted in Review by vien88 on January 25, 2009

    Follow-up from the Gakupo Kamui post, where I mentioned about 4 Original Characters that haunted my brain who are dying to be drawn out… I discussed with a friend of mine to come up with their band name and all. That’s when she introduced me to Bremen manga by Haruto Umezawa. It was in the local’s Kreko magazine, but I wasn’t aware of the mag’s existence back then.

    Bremen Manga

    Bremen Manga

    So I lurked for the info…and discovered they took their name from a fairy tale called “Town Musicians of Bremen”, and I remember it was one of my childhood favourites. It’s about an an old rooster, an old cat, an old dog, and an old donkey who aspires to become a band of musicians and also beat the crap out of a band of thieves. Thus, I decided to give it a read. Only 84 chapters, it wasn’t that bad. Managed to finish it in less than a week…well, for ideas and inspirations sake. (one reason is I lack the knowledge of music stuff, despite of being educated with a particular musical instrument before).

    “Rock”, “Freedom” and “Fist-fights” are the themes. I love the storyline and how they met each other. Not much explanation about music stuff though, except for the drumset. But oh well, who cares? the story is more important. But the author could’ve included the lyrics for their song to give more impact. Without them, I was somewhat in the dark throughout the reading process. Throughout the story, the band members dealt with several side characters’ problems and challenges… er…for, character development’s sake?

    Town Musicians of Bremen Statue

    Like the original Town Musicians of Bremen, the character had to deal with a number of bad-guys throughout their road to fame. Why they call themselves Bremen? It’s becase each of the members represents each of the musicians of Bremen..

    • Hino Reiji -> the Rooster due to his mohawk. Despite of looking badass with the mohawk, and also becoming rebellious towards his father, he is actually a nice kid. See how courteous he is in the train! That kinda moved me somehow. btw, he’s the lead gutarist and the lyricist (i wish he was given more justice with his writing skills)
    • Kasuga Romio -> apparently, he is the main protagonist. He suffers amnesia and walks about like a stray dog…thus, he is the DOG. He doesn’t care much of finding out about who he was and his past, instead he moves on like nothing actually happened. He’s not just the vocalist who magically touches people’s hearts, but he is also the ‘catalyst’ of the band. Without him, Bremen wouldn’t have existed.
    • Hayama Ryo -> The sexy drummer Ganguro ‘girl’ that moves like a cat. Well, actually…Ryo is an OKAMA *runs from incoming 40 cm heel drop* (his signature move). Calling him an Okama enrages him and that’s the only time you’d see his manly side (but calling him a she-man is fine -_-;; ). But then, most of the time, he plays the damsel in distress… and seems to have a crush on Romio…? ❤
    • Fujii Ran -> The bassist. So awesum that he can make people who consume butterfly dust drug go extremely wild! But he decided to quit from doing that kind of evil deed as it strays away from sincerely loving music. He may look like an emo, but he’s the most mature person in the group. He dreams to own a Ferrari F-40, and that make him the ‘slow donkey’ who looks up to the ‘fast horse’.

    However, the story ended with some science fiction crap which I personally think was steering away from the main point. Although it has something to do with Romio’s past, but it was too bizzare for a music themed story (the butterfly dust was more than enough). At least the ending wasn’t too draggy. Too much brawling is kinda annoying too, but i guess it needed some shonen spice along the way. I wish most of the fights makes sense. That aside, Bremen is an entertaining manga. it’s worth the read XD

    Now… I should consider to resume reading BECK :3

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