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KTM woes

Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on October 25, 2008

When I hear politicians complaining about Malaysia having bad public transport, i’m saying that they’re just being fussy. I did not mind as long as we have it, better than having nothing.

Yes, I do not mind if it is crappy, just not TOO crappy, as long as it can take me back home. But today’s KTM experience really tested my tolerance. I waited for about 40 minutes for the train, while 2 trains have passed at the opposite rail (leading to another direction), and slowly the numbers of people increase. If I can project a message to KTM workers, I’d ask whether the train still exist or not. Delaying too much is totally inconvenient.

Imagine how it would be like when the train arrives! Add up to those all the way from KL Central, or Rawang and beyond. I fought the urge of my darkside to vandalize something. Geez… and when it finally arrive, everyone just cannot wait to get in. Why not give way to those who wanna get out first? If they’re stuck in there, you cannot get in either. I was one of the last to get on, I don’t wanna be like them….. tak sabo2. It happens where stations had a lot of people waiting and going. Some guy once glared at me for ‘not letting him pass’ to get off, but it wasn’t my fault. I was giving way to a girl next to me, then I had to shift to the side to let him and others pass. Geez..

I had to stand all the way from Mid Valley to Seremban @_@. And don’t let me start with the air circulation! I feel nauseous all the way… too much production of carbon dioxide. I was thinking if one day I can change the facilities of the carriage to improve the aeration, fuu, I need to study hard for that.

And with my heavy bag. I had no chance to sit down. And those waiting in Seremban are no different. The train was crowded with people who wants to get off at Seremban, but those who were waiting were just too impatient to let us freely go out first. urgh, it’s not like the train will depart without passengers! Just let the train be emptied first, then you guys can enter. >_>

This is so far my second worst KTM experience. The worst was when the train was under maintainence, and hundreds of people gathered for hours. When the train arrived everyone acts like little children who never learn to be patient or to queue up. I laughed at that scene.

The best part is to ride the train from Seremban. It’s usually empty because the station is the first one. So we can choose seats. Unless I am a little late, I might not pick the best seat. But usually we can sit down la…

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