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What’s with Kids Nowadays?

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 29, 2009

I chat with my cousin last night, she’s just 12 (going on 13) and her views about love is mature enough to make her vow not to have any boyfriends until she is an adult. Hopefully she’ll stick to the plan, unlike me, who vowed the same thing when I was her age but ended up falling in love with someone when I was still at school. Later, it ended with one hell of a break-up – which now I think it’s a good omen for myself.

Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

disclaimer: Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

Anyways, one reason why she doesn’t want to have boyfriends is because she is sick of listening to her friend’s complaints about her boyfriend. So comes the question, if you cannot stand him, then why jump into a relationship? I see kids as young as 12 these days just wanna date for the fun of it…they think it’s a “cool trend”, seeing how late teens do and assuming that they’re already adult enough to be involved in romance.

Hell no, kids. You’re wayyyy to young for girlfriends or boyfriends. Okay, maybe having a crush isn’t wrong, but you’re ruining your future once you get your love returned.

Some aspiring whore prodded my cousin to FIND a boyfriend. I LOL’d. I told my cousin to tell this friend of hers lotsa things… like being in a relationship at this age is not appropriate, and teenage guys are just looking for ‘fun’…and that this type of player attitude for girls have no future (my grandma says this). “Sampai bila ko nak jadi mainan lelaki? Besar nnt nak jadi apa? Pelacur?” Forgive my foul mouth, but my cousin actually copypasted that to the ho-in-training’s YM and she got pissed.

Then my cousin give me some details about her… at the age of 12, already knows how to play switching boyfriends for more than 10 times and going out with random anonymous guys from the internut. She dated somebody twice her age too. HWAHA, kids, that is NOT what you call ‘cool’. That’s NAIVE…you think having some pakcik as a boyfriend is awesum?? Geez, seriously… this girl has never heard of pedobears roaming about.

Now kids…your parents didn’t send you to school for nothing. As you step into school, they say goodbye to you with full of hope; “My child will bring greater good for the future”. They silently pray that you work hard for yourself and their sake. They hope you focus on your studies.. they did not send you to school to find your so-called future husband/wife (they’d just pick some random bride/groom for you if they want you to get married so badly). Seriously, don’t make them waste their money on your school fees by becoming lovestruck yer whole life. Think of your future and what you wanna do, not how happy you want to be during the present (unless u just simply wanna be a normal housewife…then i have nothing to say).

And they should monitor their kids in internut usage as well. (cos mine have no idea about my dose of ‘guilty pleasure’ i find in the net >w> )

I’m not saying this as a holier-than-thou person, i’m saying this as a young adult who already went through the adolescent phase.

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