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My CF08 Story V: Doujin Reviews

Posted in Life, Review by vien88 on December 25, 2008

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ehh…omg…there’s a 5th “My CF-8 Story” series?? Oh yea…i just remembered that I need to do reviews!

I didn’t buy much this year. Most of the ones I bought are over RM10. And the rest of the money went to transportation and meals. At the end of the day, I had RM17 in my pocket. I began with around RM150 ringgit. This is the only time I shop like hell… only stuff regarding otaku… i shop like hell. I don’t shop like hell for clothes during sales like other girls do.

I just finished reading all the doujins I bought from CF today. And gee i kinda regret not buying YonGumi’s new issue… D=

oh don’t limit yer thoughts to doujin = H. that’s like saying anime = H (lol Kosmo!). Malaysia have doujin and doujinshika too, but we are not allowed to sell anything too horny.

I shall review it and recommend the ones I have read.

Final Fantasy Omnibus by Thingamajica

-personally I think this one is the best among this year’s collection. As the title said, it’s a Final Fantasy doujinshi. But…as usual… FFVII – FFX stuff. FF6 and below has no love.. D: (therefore, I will make one for dissidia next year). Anyways…it’s a compilation of about 5 comics. I love the drawings, they looks so professional… so much better than Japanese manga. From their drawing I sorta saw some Malaysian Manga style identity. There’s a prelude of Final Fantasy X comic which tells a story about the Zanarkand War 1000 years before the game. The storyline is well written and really suits the flashback scenes in FFX-2. If you find it difficult to understand what was going on between Shuyin and Lenne, i suggest you read this one. I can say it’s my fave… the rest are cool too~

Fazuu #3 by Fazuu

– I was looking forward to Ayez‘s comic but it looks like she didn’t manage to do one… lol. But I’m quite happy to see Without Motive by kitsune-sin again. The story is about a guy with a pretty face, who moved out from his home to be independent (more like trying to get away from his pervert dad lol). Unfortunately for him, he rented a room in an apartment which is full of girls. Harem anyone? Think again… like what the title says… the story is totally ‘without motive’. From a dude who yearns to confess to this pretty ‘girl’ in his school to a random adventure in a demon world O__o. How f*cked up is that…but that what makes this story unique. Seriously…it’s not something you see everyday. The only negative part is that the panels are pretty confusing…

EXDEE by Graveyard Studio

– I like the emo rabbit story. It’s so cute…and so simple…Kelzero is showing a significant improvement in his drawings. Congrats to him! I like Jid & Ri pirates as well…and it leaves a cliffhanger at the end…dammit… how did a pirate end up with a random girl?? i wanna know more!!

Dream #5 by DreamTeam

– Hwaha…reviewing my own zine. Oh well, since I have not read my teammate’s comic, I might as well just review them. Neo_Emphasis and Sidewinder made a few Guardians comic and the spin-off. Mecha themed… yeah, we barely see mecha in CF anymore. if you need more mecha then buy our stuff cos my boss will draw a lot of them. Unlike his homophillic teammates lol. Again he made another awesome story…but I forgot to offer my proofreading service so there were a few grammar mistakes in the dialog. And also, the comics are a bit confusing… and then there’s HEEragizawa’s Supernatural fancomic…well, basically is a Supernatural spin-off. She’s great at realism but has still so much room for improvement. Last but not least…damn those epic 4komas by VulpineNinja. I assure you, I make yer guts burst into pieces and fragments – that’s my signature ninja skill. Yay… oh one thing I am not satisfied with my boss’ editing is the made-up dialogs and plagiarism pics. Oh why did he do that D:. that is so wrong… we had no idea that he was doing this. I know it’s just for fun but… For your info… i wasn’t playing Dirge of Cerberus or even cursing Shelke T_T. And I don’t…curse like that…(i have my own style). Looks like i need to point my dagger at my boss’ neck to stop him from repeating this hweheh…

gya… whoever who bought dream 5 (or our previous issues), you can leave your review here. PLEASE.

Below is the reviews for BL doujin. FANGIRL MODE BEWARE. Read at your own risk, skip if you please.

Chocolate Fantasy by Various Artists (Gnil, Taciturnic and Tofuji)

– Overall, I’m a little disappointed with this Final Fantasy yaoi anthology. But I have to say that the best one is FOCUS, a Squall x Seifer comic. Although Squall may be OOC here, but the sweetness in the..ahem… epic kiss is just too awesome. It tells a story of what happen before the intro in FFVIII. yay~. The next comic, CHOCOLAT is about Reno x Rufus. Hmm, I think this can be done better with proper writing/plotting. I just can’t detect what is wrong…but it definitely didn’t make me erm… giggle while I read. note that if I manage to giggle girlishly (which is freakin’ rare) or smile that means the BL is good eheh… reno doesn’t look much like Reno. His hair needs some adjustment. Lastly…REMEMBERANCE… a Vincent x Sephiroth comic. I personally dislike this paring, but if the author writes the plot nicely I may be able to accept it… but the plot jsut sound a bit too typical. Even the angst didn’t work too well. And seriously…there seem to be no effort in the drawing..

Caramella by Various Artists

– Too many artists to list. Too many links to list. But allow me to review ’em. For a BL comic, this one is definitely better than the previous one. There are 2 sessions, morning session (read from left to right) and afternoon session (read from right to left). The first comic in morning session is a little confusing… cos i find it hard to differentiate the uke and seme due to the almost similar character design. @_@. My fave would be the afternoon session’s first comic, BELONG by kiDChan (omg!! *worship worship*). it’s just…so…. CUTE! *squeal*. Cos there’s this adorable shota <3, he managed to escape from the seme’s punch by just…crying…ehe~. And Cold Day by Terra isreally funny and cute too,

“dear you, I did so many things just bcoz I wanna make friends with you. Don’t you think I am interesting enough to kill your boredom? ❤

from interesting me.

p/s: I’m not gay”

LOL XD <333

and the illustrations are just…HEAVENLY! *nosebleeds*

and therefore i am inspired to…uh…do what they did…ehe~ just need the motivation… >w<

okaiii that’s about it. till next time.

*kyaa! kyaa! away~*

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DreamTeam coming to ComicFiesta 2008

Posted in Advertisement by vien88 on December 19, 2008

So…what is this… DreamTeam? Sounds like a cheap-ass group name. Yeah… although they could find a better name, they’ve been around for about 6 years, 5 years experience in doujinshi producing business. So the name is stuck… and is perhaps to respect the founder of the group (who is now an important Comic Fiesta staff). ‘Doujinshi’ may refer to fancomics, but the group is more towards…original works.

Here’s their deviantArt url DreamTeam.

Guardians by Neo Emphasis

Guardians by Neo Emphasis

Initially, it has a lot of members…but due to a certain hiatus… the members are cut down into fewer people, with several guest artist offering the contribution. The main comic is done by the Maestro, the big boss; Neo-Emphasis entitled “Guardians”. As for the 5th issue, a newcomer called ‘Sidewinder’ is making its spin-off comic called “Fuuma’s Rage”.

Fuumas Rage by Sidewinder

Fuuma's Rage by Sidewinder

Basically “Guardians” is mecha themed, and is about a war between Humans and the Angels tribe. Mainly focusing on Zanza’s adventure, and later the mascot of DreamTeam, Perola (a half-Angel). Whoops…Gundam or Medabots anyone? Anyway… you just have to check out Neo Emphasis’ mecha designs… and his comics are way awesome too!

Perola by ChibiMie

Perola by ChibiMie

Dark Perola by VulpineNinja

Dark Perola by VulpineNinja

Other members include ChibiMie or OneWinged. Mie onee-san who specialize in chibi stuff. But this year she’s taking a break for her thesis’ sake. HEEragizawa aka DIAMAF, the hag– er… sorcerer, has  a more realistic stroke compared to the rest of us. And last but not least, VulpineNinja, the 4koma expert ;D (buat muka tebal lulz!).

So, tomorrow’s the day. The day we make our 5th comeback. TOMORROW IS GODDAMN COMICFIESTA 2008!!

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