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Antique Bakery (anime)

Posted in Review by vien88 on February 17, 2009

One day I randomly lurked for pics and suddenly found an interesting pic of a dude in chef costume with another dude in waiter costume. It was tagged, “Antique Bakery”.

I found the manga and read it…and got fascinated seeing four handsome men working in a western cake store. EMPAT jejaka tampan dalam satu kedai. Mana tak heaven tuh *___*. Mana ada kedai bakery kat midvalley bagi servis camtuh! It’s like a meido cafe for women; cakes served by really hot guys. DO WANT. Ahhaah lagi best masa scene… 4 orang did this natural pose masa customer datang. Terus jatuh hati customer (pompuan) tuh, sampai sanggup bayar lebih nak beli cake >O<. But the manga translation is not finished yet… so I decided to watch the Jdrama first, but the Jdrama tak habis download. And next my dream come true cos I found the anime!

The anime excluded a few unneccessary things, and presented the story in a slightly different way. Plotline is the same I think (lama tak baca manga), but the way it was presented agak membosankan. Jdrama lagi syok tengok interaksi dengan customer… but kalo bab character relationship, aku prefer yang dalam anime. Cos agak… slashable ahyahyahya… >///>. Hanya ada 12 episod, and it ended up with the main character finally accepting reality. Aiks… camtu je. There wasn’t a huge ‘bang’ that made them wanna move on although there is a certain climax. Yang tak brapa bagi impact sgt pon.

Character Analysis tiem

1. Tachibana Keiichiro

  • 30+ dude yang kaya raya for ‘some reason’ decided to open a small cake house decorated with antique furnitures. He had a stable carreer before this in a huge company, but when he decided to open this shop, his parents did not protest. Cam manja sangat kat dia je lol. Okay… the anime didn’t exactly show a solid reason why he sungguh2 wanna open this shop so that’s kind of a minus point. In the manga, he took extra lessons with the genius pattisier to hafal all the ingredients of each pastries. Ironically, he doesn’t fancy cakes… he fears cake, more like it.. for ‘some reason’. And for ‘some reason’, dia agak homophobic. And he has this awesome salesman skills that can attract customers (especially women), I think I myself would be a victim >0<.

2. Ono Yuusuke

  • Unshamefully introduced himself as “devilish gay” to Tachibana, just to warn him that his weird charm had cause a lot of trouble in his previous jobs. Even straight men can fall for him, so he fears getting fired because of his weird aura. Lucky him, his charm takde efek kat Tachibana. And actually, he used to be in love with Tachibana during high school but was heartlessly rejected (cos of the ‘some reason’ Tachibana has). Since then he…start… going out with… different kind of men… and end up… susah nak interact dengan perempuan >///>. Anyways, I like the anime Ono cos he has more character and naughty thoughts… while Ono in the Jdrama is agak expressionless and boring.

3. Kanda Eiji

  • A former light-weight boxer champion… who just had to quit his boxing carreer, and immediately went to work as pattisier in the cake house. Why? Cos he likes cake!s Dia siap merayu kat Ono nak jadi apprentice, and lucky for both of them (and tachibana), Eiji is not Ono’s type XD. Dalam manga cakap Ono tak minat dia cos Ono tak minat younger guys. Anyways… he’s the cutest among the four, both in anime/manga and Jdrama. Eiji appears to be very enthustiastic about becoming a pattisier… but in the Jdrama we are able to see his kesungguhan even more. Since cakes are secong to boxing, he’d do anything to get back into the ring.

4. Kobayakawa Chikage

  • Tachibana’s childhood friend, a son of Tachibana’s housekeeper. Although he is older than his “young master” (Tachibana), dia agak dumb… tapi he’s a reliable company for Tachibana, as a kid till his adult years. He’s the only guy Tachibana can hug (awww), and he was always by his waka‘s side ever since… the ‘some reason’ thingy. Sampai la besar dia riso kan waka nye. Ohahahha >///< He’s sweet, naive but really clumsy. And.. and… he kinda sanggup tolong some 40 year old woman to become pregnant >_>. Yeap, he may not look like it, but he is a dad already. Oyes, important point lupe… dia pakai sunglasses. He needs it cos he has bad eyesight or sensitive eyes ke hape. Jdrama version – he’s goddamn handsomuuu~  Both in anime/manga and Jdrama, he’s just an adorable adult… Honestly, I’d like to see more of him with Tachibana *blushes*

Animation wise… a bad combo of 2D and 3D animasi but i put that aside of course. Opening theme is kinda funky for an antique themed show, but that’s okay. BGM is not that memorable, yang paling aku ingat is probably the cover of a classical song. And some… pipe organ track.

Erm not much to say for a very short series… Maybe I can review more about the Jdrama. Hmm, I wonder if I can find the Kdrama version of Antique.. >w<

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Favourite Couples

Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on February 14, 2009

Oleh sebab aku single sekarang, aku takde pape nak cakap pasal boyfren atau girlfren. Erm..nak bernostalgia pasal valentine’s day zaman kapel dulu pon…tarak. Cos takde memori yang indah dengan exbf on 14 Feb for 3 years. Cos he’s like “apa gune wish valentine kalo x dpt jumpe” lulz… ler, stakat wish pon ok. Paling kureng pon bagi hadiah belated ke lukis untuk aku pon boley gak. Tak best langsung. Elok la, or else aku asyik teringat2 kenangan terindah.

Now I shall speak about my favourite couples in anime and video game. Oh no no real life stuff here. I is otaku *megane twinkles*. Take note that they are not in order…

WARNING: Okay read with an open mind… sebab ada mix of hetero and homo couples in one post.
Fave Hetero couples

Tamaki x Haruhi (shes a girl)

Tamaki x Haruhi (she's a girl)

1. Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII series)

  • There’s a debate about who is Cloud’s heroine; Aerith or Tifa. In the official Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork, it may appear that Aerith is the heroine. And that she’s more feminine than Tifa, she’s more likely his main love interest. But I don’t deny that Cloud has feelings for Aerith and even has this necrophillic behaviour towards her (as seen in Advent Children movie). But hey, she’s goddamn dead! probably alive in the lifestream, but still, she’s no longer breathing. That’s why I strongly support Cloud x Tifa, with Tifa being his childhood friend. And lemme remind you that Cloud wants to become a SOLDIER for Tifa. And Tifa isn’t your average heroine…she kicks ass and she’s as sweet as a lady should be.

2. Kenshin x Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)

  • Sape dah tengok Samurai X anime, you’ll probably think it’s weird why it isn’t Kenshin x Kaoru. Well, tell ya what, for those who didn’t read the manga sampai habis or watch the OVA… Tomoe is Kenshin’s first love, and deceased wife. Mula2 they’re pretending to be husband and wife… then they sorta fell in love with each other mysteriously. Er…tapi..tak nampak sangat. Cos Tomoe is an introvert… somehow she reminds me of myself a bit. Shame that they tak sempat have children cos Tomoe sacrificed herself for the one she loves *__* how noble! ❤

3. ZERO x Karin Kouzuki (Code Geass)

  • Agak pelik… not Lelouch x Kallen. But ZERO x Karin. I have this fetish for leader x subordinate relationship. It’s kinda one-sided, but I admire how Karin looks up to zero. Well, I haven’t watched R2 so i dunno what happened between them really.

4. Kuno x Nabiki (Ranma ½)

  • actually, they’re just supporting characters and they’re a minor pair. Well, they did not exactly officially declare themselves as a couple, but they have the potential. Kuno and Nabiki are classmates, and Kuno is after Nabiki’s tsundere sister. Nabiki on the other hand, betrays her sister buy selling her pics to the perverted self-proclaim “Blue Thunder” just for the money. A filler episode in the anime showed that Nabiki is meant for Kuno, but whether it’s true or not remains a mystery. But I like seeing them putting their heads together… besides Kuno is filthy rich, Nabiki should just marry him for the money XD.

5. Seifer x Fuujin (Final Fantasy VIII)

  • Not an official pairing either, but potential in my eyes. This is another leader x subordinate relationship which I fancy so much. Seifer is an arrogant character who failed his SeeD exams a couple of times while being followed around by his cronies; the dumb Raijin and the tough Fuujin. Fuujin suka cakap sepatah2, with a loud voice. She’s probably like Kallen, admiring Seifer from afar. Only once in the game she softens her voice preventing Seifer to go rampage. and that is sweet ^w^

6. Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)

  • Cos I don’t see any chemistry between Sakura and Naruto (probably see some in the 2nd season), I think NaruHina would make a cute couple. Since Hinata is the first person who acknowledged Naruto, doncha think she deserves to be his girlfriend? But I have a bad feeling her fate would end up like Tomoe… or maybe she has to marry Neji intsead >.<

7. Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

  • When opposites attract… and when great minds think alike. Wargrhgrh aku tensen tengok how their relationship progress! Sebab Hiruma is too manly to fall in love, and Mamori pulak…too angelic to stand next to the devil. Anyway…rasanye Mamori satu2 nye awek yg leh handle si Hiruma tuh.

8. Ryo x King (King of Fighters series)

  • Judging on how they first met… it’s kinda weird. They had a battle, then King’s shirt ripped off, then Ryo sorta treats her like a lady. King disguises as a man to participate in Muey Thai contest for her brother but dipandang serong once discovered that she’s a woman. What’s even better, Ryo’s dad approves of King and wants her to become the mother of the next generation’s dojo heir XD.

9. Tamaki Suou x Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Tamaki may have charmed a lot of women, but I can tell that he seems to have sincere feelings towards Haruhi…although it looks more like he’s playing the role of a ‘father’ to her. Which I think is sweet still.

10. Natsu x Erza (Fairy Tail)

  • A potentail paring. I don’t like Natsu being paired up with the whiny Lucy… and he did go as far as eating some destructive power thing to save Erza’s life. Only a real hero would do that to a really strong heroine.

Fave Yaoi Couples

*fujoshi mode on* this is gonna be embarrassing >///>

Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica

1. Balthier x Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)

  • Not even an official pairing… but it’s what fujoshi often do, by pairing guys who are not meant to be a couple. Why I like them…is because of the master x apprentice relationship. Too bad they lack interaction in the game, but fujoshi would of course use their wild imaginations to make it happen!

2. Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)

  • This is the first ever BL pairing that I ever got serious with. Back then I was still innocent, and limit myself to mild shonen-ai. I don’t see much of them in the manga… but since I watched the anime first, there’s a bit of filler in the anime and saw some chemistry between Kakashi and Iruka. I instantly fell in love with both of them ❤

3. Germany/Ludwig x Italy/Feliciano Vargas (Hetalia)

  • one word: CUTE. and they’re new on my top 10 list :3. This is when history gets freakin interesting…

4. Axel x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

  • Cos Axel is so obsessed in taking Roxas back into the organization…and gets excited when Roxas pretends to remember him… and Axel says he’d miss Roxas if he goes away…and what confirms that they’re indeed lovers (pure fangirlism) is when Axel says “He’s the only one who made me feel like I had a heart”. WAHHH *nosebleed*

5. Zack Fair x Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII series)

    6. Itsuki Kujo x Shotaro Kadoma (Hanazakari to Kimitachi e)

    • They are extremely minor characters… so you don’t see much of them. I wish there’s more cos Shotaro is a fcukin’ CUTE shota uke and Itsuki is a fcukin’ SEXY manly seme. I think I kept a pic of half-naked Itsuki >///>. The best scene for the two is during a dance party, where Shotaro had to crossdress as a girl in an evening gown and Itsuki grabs him while saying that the boy is his partner <333 so cute!!

    7. Kamina x Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

    • They are soulmates! brothers! Because Kamina thrusts trusts the cowardly Simon so much, and because Simon so genuinely wants to protect the manly Kamina so much, how can I not love them?? Okay, I may not just like them as a pair, but I also like them as a team. Kamina means a lot to Simon that he made a bunch of statues of him after he died *cries*. Oh how I love seeing them go… GATTAI!!! *thinks dirty* <333

    8. Usagi/Akihiko Usami x Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

    • Dalam banyak2 kapel di sini… they’re the only ones who are official lovers. YES THEY ARE LOVERRRRSSS. Usagi is the (fictional) gay character to begin with, being in love with his best friend for 15 years only to be heartbroken when his best friend announced that he’s going to get married (with a woman la). He’s kinda quick to switch his love to his best friend’s brother when the younger boy cried for him. Yang peliknya… Misaki still can tolerate living with Usagi even after getting molested when they first meet >_>. But apa2 pon… like my friend Jo said, their romance is sweeter than your average romantic comedy couples.

    9. Shin Soujiro x Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)

    • Er… yes, weirdness. I dunno why I see something… lovely aura between them… maybe it’s becos of the rivalry. Even i dunno how to explain… but i’m sure there are better couples than this that I like.

    10. Stein x Spirit/DeathScythe (Soul Eater)

    • Spirit is Stein’s senpai… but he’s more like the dominant one. I still don’t know about their past, but they were partners for 5 years during their student years. Now they are teachers in Shibusen. So why did the fandom of this couple spark? It’s when Stein says to Maka, “So this is the child of the woman who stole my precious experiment”. ahem… experiment..? ;DDD

    Obviously…there are more of them. I just can’t think of who since I abandon a lot of fandoms XD.

    Fave Yuri Couples

    Jo and Meg

    Jo and Meg

    1. Barnette x Jura (Vandread)

    • In Vandread… it’s normal for women to be paired up. In this story, Men and Women lived in different planet. The manlier woman can make the feminine woman pregnant. Weird… there’s no scientific explanation to this. Men on the other hand… well, babies born in factories >_>;;. So… Jura once said she wants to get pregnant (with a guy) but Barnette thought Jura wants her to become the Homme. LOL.

    2. Jo x Meg (Bakuretsu Tenshi)

    • From how they first met to how they had to separate. But it’s kinda annoying to see how Meg seems clingy to Jo. jo doesn’t seem to mind much. Personally, I kinda prefer Jo with that chef guy.

    3. Chie Satonaka x Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

    • Yukiko’s shadow says that Chie is her prince charming… while Chie genuinely wants to protect her best friend Yukiko. *sigh* What more can I say?

    4. Milly Ashford x Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

    • Cos Milly usha Shirley’s boobs lol. Okay…they certainly make a better couple than Lulu x Shirley or Lloyd

    5…. no idea anymoar D:

    I dont have much to explain in yuri cos I don’t fancy it that much…

    End of post. Oh before i forget…and before the day ends. I’d like to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite parings up there. May your love last forever no matter how fictional you guys are ❤

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    BECK/Mongolian Chop Squad

    Posted in Music, Review by vien88 on January 31, 2009

    As promised after the end of reading Bremen, I decided to resume my consumption of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. I used to read the manga…but then, I feel like I wanted to quickly go through the story, I watch the anime instead. Cos I have only one week of holiday with assignments to finish (which I have not done yet!). Reading the manga might slow me down (as it has been..) because of the connection. And also, by watching the anime you get to know how the songs sound like.

    Unfortunately, I found way to many English versions of BECK in Youtube. It’s not like the English version is bad, but somehow it made the anime seem kinda slow and boring. It wasn’t until I reach episode 20+ when I accidentally found the Japanese version argh! So I previewed the first Episode of Japanese version (with English subs), well, at least it has more ‘life’ to their expressions.

    Storywise…it’s pretty much realistic. You don’t get to see the loser for a main character instantly become talented musician. Instead, we get to see how he slowly improves in playing the guitar. Which took him about one year to actually master. Impressive… There’s no GAR in the story…as you can see the person who was initially enthustiastic about forming the ultimate band almost gave up, but thanks to the protagonist persistence (and awesome lyrics + vocals), the band made it big.

    When it comes to romance, too bad there was a lack of expression (i dunno if it’s bcos of the dub or the low quality of an animation), so I couldn’t feel what the characters feel… jealous? Shy? Embarrassed? Awkward..? I dunno…sure it’s no shojo genre, but still… this part should give a lot of impact.

    Another thing… the author seem to have a grudge against bubble-gum pop, visual kei (or anything bishie-licious) and metal. Well, I have to say I that I agree, but that’s a lil bit of a one-sided opinion. I mean, oh well…maybe cos I like visual kei…not only because they’re pretty, but their songs are not that bad. But in BECK, the author purposely showed a bad example of pretty boy rock band ahaha XD

    The band name was named after a dog called BECK….

    Probably the only thing that is unrealistic...

    BECK or Mongolian Chop Squad known in the USA is a five-piece rock band, the members are;

    • Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka – The protagonist and also the last member for BECK. He plays the second guitar and takes the role of the vocalist for slower songs. He started off as a nobody…until he met Ryusuke Minami, his life changed as he got himself involved in music. He learned how to play the guitar from an old ex-olympic swimmer (also his swimming instructor). He had a crush on a childhood friend, but was merely an unrequited love as she thinks of him as a little brother.Later, he developed a relationship with Ryusuke’s younger sister. Koyuki may seem like a typical coward, but he’s different from Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21) – he has a strong determination and even dared himself to perform on stage..alone.
    • Ryusuke “Ray” Minami – The founder of the band, the lead guitarist and the owner of Beck (the dog). He first met Koyuki when Koyuki saved Beck from a bunch of rowdy kids. Ryusuke lent Koyuki one of his guitars which eventually becomes the cause of all the trouble. But if that didn’t happen, there’s no amazing Beck as you see to the end. He’s close friends with one of the band members of “The Dying Breed” (hails from USA). Ryusuke is the one night stand type of guy, and though he went out with random girls, the band is always his top priority. Unless it’s about the rock band or music, he doesn’t care much about other people… nor about being friends. His favourite guitar, Prudence (or Lucille in the manga) has her own backstory.
    • Yoshiyuki Taira – The bassist and the first person to be recruited into Ryusuke’s band. I don’t see much of his character in the anime, but he’s the most rational person among the five. He even questioned Ryusuke’s decision about taking in two newbies into the band and doubts their skillfulness. He’s too good of a bassist that Ryusuke and his rival fought over him.
    • Tsunemi Chiba – The vocalist for fast-paced songs (and rap) and also the one responsible for naming the band, after staring at the dog for a few moments. Taira agreed to join Ryusuke only if Chiba is recruited as well. Chiba is loud and crazy! But ironically, he’s the class president and also the top student in his high school. To my surprise, he’s like the protective big brother type, where he voluntarily dealt with anyone who bullies Koyuki.
    • Yuji “Saku” Sakurai – The drummer, who joined the band along with Koyuki. When Koyuki suffers a massive silent treatment by the school bully, he was the only one who talked to Koyuki (since he’s a transfer student, he probably had no idea what was going on lol). He’s a strong character, he didn’t feel threatened when the bullies confront him for talking to Koyuki. And..yeah… he’s the only person who stick with Koyuki all the way… >///>

    Other characters…malas nak citer ahahah. go here la… List of Beck characters

    Cos i wanna talk about their music. Er…i’m not much of a fan of random rapping (In terms of Rock + Hip-hop, I only like Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda’s rap cos they make sense) so most of their fast paced songs aren’t my cup of tea. But I’m currently addicted to Like a Foojin, By Her and Brainstorm. As for their slower songs, I dunno why they remind me of some…local indie band..or issit Indon band? I’m confused… but yeah, they do remind me of either one. It would be a turn of if it wasn’t for their lyrics. Srsly, i notice Japanese songs have much more beautiful lyrics than English songs and Malay/Indon. Er…of course I may not understand Japanese, but when I read the translations, I simply fell in love.

    The Opening theme, HIT IN THE USA by Beat Crusaders is a worthy song as an intro for each episode. I don’t get tired of listening to it. So…I downloaded some of the BECK songs that i like… and was a lil disappointed that the Japanese versions had a lot of mispronunciations that slightly made the song go bad. So I lurked for the English versions, which sounded a lot better.

    Okay, I can’t hold back anymore. I love this song (below)!! This is the English version of Slip Out (Little more than before) – vocals by Greg Ayres. Lyrics and mucis by Takuma (but the English version altered a few lines). My first impression of the song is… “omg…rock jiwang lulz…”. But listening to it while reading the lyrics, I think it has a powerful general message that I think everyone should indulge to. =)

    I don’t know since when I changed to such a cold, cold-hearted guy
    I have to thaw this frozen, icy, lonely heart of mine,
    I like being wrapped with warmness more than anything else for sure
    I’m gonna make my coming days and fill them with laughter and joy

    I let myself down but being crueler than I thought I would be
    I’m just a loser learning to care for the soul inside of me
    I don’t give my heart to no one cause I don’t wanna waste my time
    I tried to love this loneliness to slip out from where it hides.

    Sorrow is what I hate but it’s grown my sensations
    Regrets taught me how to make any hard decisions
    Peace is always by my side but I’ve never felt it once
    Love is not a word reserved only for the sweet romance

    Well, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared to death
    And I’m scared to keep on going on my way
    Well, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared to death
    And I’ll tell myself I’m special till the end

    Recalling my torn, broken, aching heart of these long days
    And all the memories I wanted to forget for making waves
    Recalling, breaking, aching, crying, making sure I see
    And I take all and grin at my future on the way.

    So far…this is one of the few songs I dared myself to sing out loud (because I usually never do).

    I shud consider reading the manga…cos the ending is not so satisfactory. D:

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    Ayakashi : Samurai Horror Tales

    Posted in Review by vien88 on December 7, 2008

    First saw the advertisement in Animax…but I missed the show cos I was stuck in Hostel. I bought the DVD to make it easier (malas nak tunggu download. Download Code GEass R2 pon dah menyeksakan). Yang menarik minat aku untuk tengok Ayakashi ni ialah disebabkan oleh my idol, Yoshitaka Amano (popular dengan Vampire Hunter D dan Final Fantasy series) selaku character designer bagi anime ini. Bila aku research sikit pasal anime ni, rupanya terbahagi kepada 3 story, each story mempunyai karakter designer yang berbeza serta pengarah yang berbeza…and possibly different animators.

    Ini anime yang dihasilkan oleh studio Toei Animation, mengisahkan 3 cerita iaitu “Yotsuya Kaidan”, “Tenshu Monogatari” dan “Bakeneko”. Setiap cerita juga mempunyai animasi OP dan ED yang tersendiri walaupun lagu kekal yang sama. OP oleh Rhymster dgn lagu ‘Heat island’ (dalam video atas tu) manakala ED ialah ‘Haru no Katami’ oleh Chitose Hajime. Baiklah, izinkan ku mulakan review.

    Aku boleh katakan cerita ni, disebalik tema horror, ianya memaparkan sifat kerakusan lelaki dan penindasan terhadap wanita. Bukan nak kutuk, tapi menunjukkan sesuatu realiti dan juga boleh diambil sebagai pengajaran. Nak mudah…aku kena review satu per satu.

    WARNING: May include spoiler!!


    Yotsuya Kaidan

    Yotsuya Kaidan

    Director: Tetsuo Imazawa

    Character Designer: Yoshitaka Amano  ❤

    Dengan watak2 bermata kuyu dan muka sedih, memanglah trademark Yoshitaka Amano. Yotsuya Kaidan, atau Yotsuya Ghost Story adalah adaptasi dari sebuah cerita hantu klasik Jepun yang ditulis oleh Tsuruya Nanboku, penulis untuk persembahan kabuki (sape taktau apa bendalah ni sila google) pada tahun 18-an.

    Alkisah seorang ronin (samurai yang tiada tuan) yang sudah berkahwin dengan seorang wanita jelita, namun dipisahkan oleh bapa wanita ini kerana didapati ronin tersebut pernah buat keje jahat. Demi kembali ke wanita yang disayanginya, dia sanggup membunuh mertuanya dan menipu isterinya bahawa dia “akan membalas dendam untuk ayah”.

    Pada waktu yang sama, adik kepada wanita ini kehilangan tunangnya akibat perasaan iri hati seorang jantan gatal. Jantan gatal ini juga ‘janji’ kepada adik wanita ini bahawa dia akan menjejak pembunuh tunangnya.

    Balik ke wanita jelita itu…sebaik sahaja dia melahirkan anak, dia jatuh sakit… dan perasaan sayang si ronin itu berkurangan akibat tension dengan kehidupan miskin. Luck was on his side, apabila seseorang yang kaya ingin ronin nikah sama anaknya (walaupun sudah tahu ronin itu dah berpunya) dan pihaknya telahpun buat rancangan untuk get rid of isteri pertama.

    Isteri pertamanya mengambil ‘ubat’ yang diberi oleh anak orang kaya (dengan harapan cepat pulih) tu lalu mukanya menjadi cacat. Ronin itu kembali, menyatakan hasratnya untuk mengahwini anak orang kaya itu pada malam itu juga. OH MY GOD, kenapa macam pernah lalui cerita tragic ini LOLOLOL. Oleh sebab patah hati, isteri pertamanya terbunuh diri…

    Kekecohan berlaku sebaik sahaja mayatnya dicampak ke dalam sungai, sekali dengan seorang hamba ronin itu. Mulalah satu sumpahan, yang menyebabkan 18 orang mati di kalangan keluarga Ronin dan orang kaya itu. Dikatakan keluarga ronin dan orang kaya itu sudah dihapuskan; tiada waris langsung. Dikatakan sesiapa yang mengadaptasi cerita ini akan menimpa nasib malang juga… termasuklah si tukang bagi review ARGH!! O_O|llll

    Ada lagi cerita sebenarnya, aku malas nak spoil bebanyak. So kita lihat si Ronin ni jadi Melayu basi bila dia tinggalkan anak dan isterinya demi perempuan yang lagi muda, cantik dan kaya. Padan muka dia kena sumpahan, jadi gila nampak khayalan si mati sana sini. Overall… bab rasuk2 dan jelmaan hantu memang freaky (kalau jadi live action J-Horror mesti lagi seram). Walaupun tema ‘balas dendam’ tidak digalakkan… tapi kesimpulannya… jangan la jadi cam Ronin bangkai ni.

    2. Tenshu Monogatari

    Tenshu Monogatari

    Tenshu Monogatari

    Director: Hidehiko Kadota

    Character Designer: Yasuhiro Nakura

    Juga dikenali sebagai “Goddes of Dark Tower” diadaptasi dari drama pentas yang bertajuk Tenshu Monogatari oleh Kyoka Izumi. Terdapat dua bangsa di dunia ini iaitu manusia dan dewa (more like demons in a form of goddesses). Manusia dan dewi diharamkan bercinta…tapi seperti yang diagak, cerita ni mengisahkan manusia lelaki yang jatuh cinta dengan dewi dari mahligai yang dok terceruk di tengah2 hutan. Expect some “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me” theme (courtesy of BackStreet Boys). Ala2 shojo manga… Oh tiada halangan dalam percintaan…


    think again. Malangnya lelaki ini pun tergolong dalam kategori Melayu Basi kerana dia pun sudah mempunyai tunang (who in the middle of the story became his wife). Aduh… boleh ku kata cerita ni romantik kalo hero dia bukan lelaki yang curang. *mata guling* Tema satu lagi ialah cinta pandangan pertama, oleh kedua2 pihak. Baru kenal, dah syok. Hanya kerana rupa. Dewi tu lagi..ugh…jauh lagi lawa drp tunang dia…and langsung takde moe factor 😛

    Peperangan antara manusia dan para dewi bermula apabila didapati burung kepada Tuan lelaki ini berada di mahligai dewi itu. Ini pun dimangkin oleh isteri lelaki itu. Good girl~! Ya, sebenarnya Lord ini cuma nak kembali Falcon-nya, that’s how all the story is unfold. Nak tau kesudahannya tengok sendiri la.

    Grafik bagi animasi cerita ini kurang menarik, walaupun berwarna-warni. Nampak cam kartun sangat. Nampak kurang realistik walaupun wujudnya watak2 dewi. Lagipun kadang2 karakter nampak cacat.

    Pengajaran cerita ni… entah… tak tahu la. Dengan adanya watak yang curang cerita ini dah bagi aku impresi yang negatif. But maybe aku boleh cakap… Hiduplah dengan harmoni walaupun bangsa berbeza. PERPADUAN TERAS KEJAYAAN. ’nuff said.

    3. Bakeneko



    Director: Kenji Nakamura

    Character Designer: Takeshi Hashimoto

    Cerita original oleh pengarah dan Michiko Yokote, juga dikenali sebagai ‘Goblin Cat’. Nak panggil Cat Demon pun boleh.

    Fevret aku daripada 3 cerita Ayakashi; dari segi grafik, animasi dan penceritaan. (+ NEKO!! ❤ ) Grafik macam dalam anime Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo manakala animasi macam dalam game Okami, ala Sumi-e gitu. Sepatutnya Yotsuya Kaidan dan Tenshu Monogatari pun guna stail gini, baru la gempaq.

    Sepanjang cerita ini, babak yang menyeramkan ialah apabila watak jadi gila secara tetiba. Walaupun agak freaky, tapi ekspresi mereka sangat lucu. Macam nak neutralize tema horror bagi cerita ni. Ah, i think ada satu point dlm citer ni yg menyebabkan aku dgn adik aku guling2 sambil menjerit…tapi tak ingat nape O__o

    Ceritanya… pasal cucu kepada ketua sebuah keluarga samurai yang akan kahwin pada hari kejadian. Secara misteri, cucunya meninggal dunia. ‘Kebetulan’ pula, seorang penjual ubat selamba sahaja masuk kawasan diorang untuk menjalankan perniagaan tetapi ditangkap pula oleh keluarga itu. Dia dituduh menyebabkan kematian pengantin, tapi tujuan dia kemari ialah untuk menghapuskan roh yang mendiami rumah itu.

    Namun, dia kena tahu alasan sebenar mengapa roh itu menyerang keluarga samurai ini untuk menghapuskannya. Pasti ada sebab. Korek punya korek, akhirnya ketua keluarga mengaku apa silap yang telah dia lakukan.

    Menculik seorang pengantin dan membawa ke tempat kediamannya. Dia kata perempuan tu merelakan diri kepada nya… tapi…

    ….pedang yang sepatutnya boleh ditarik keluar selepas kebenaran diketahui masih kekal dalam bekasnya. Nampaknya…cerita sebenar kita tak tahu lagi. Hinggalah seekor roh kucing ini mengamuk dan menunjukkan segala flashback yang dilalui oleh pengantin itu. Rupa2nya… dia jadi hamba… ops, let me emphasize that… dia jadi “HAMBA” bagi lelaki dalam keluarga samurai yang jahil tersebut.

    Bakeneko berniat baik, berasa tanggungjawab untuk membalas dendam perempuan itu (yang pernah menyayanginya) selepas dibunuh secara kejam. Sungguhpun begitu, si penjual ubat terpaksa menghapuskannya juga.

    Pengajarannya… jangan menindas wanita. Kalo tak… ada penunggu kucing menghantui kamuuuu…


    Hmm nak rate anime ni…? maybe aku bagi… 3.5 out 5. Takde la best sangat cam TTGL tuh, but 11 episodes is worth a watch. OP dan ED best, bgm pun boleh tahan.

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    ..Orang Gaji..

    Posted in Quiz by vien88 on November 9, 2008

    I couldn’t find anymore good quizzes out there. So I randomly tried this one… there aren’t many choices. (I’ve yet to see anime with a bunch of maids in it)

    The Maid Quiz

    (the real title is kinda weird)

    Obediant Maid
    You are very devoted and what not. You tend to go out of your way to do things for your employer, and he loves having you around because of that. you’d probably work for a really hot single guy who lived in a mansion all by his lonesome. You do anything he tells you to do and you don’t even mind the “naughty” things he likes you to do, but oh well, your cute!


    ….usually i’m stubborn, but in some situations…. I could be obedient…

    hot single guy takpe…. |3

    …but naughty things?!?!!? WTH@#$%^&!!!??


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    Posted in Quiz by vien88 on November 7, 2008

    Yeah you guess what this entry is all about~

    naw watch the vid obediently. Gurren Lagann Parallel Works part 1.

    Kamina, Simon and Viral berganding bahu! ❤  Ok I have Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann quizzes below. Boring2 baca and do the quiz sambil dengar lagu ni (to get in the mood, geddit?)

    Which Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Character Are You?

    You are darling Simon. You tend to rely on someone like Simon relies on Kamina. That’s alright, but try to step up and lead a little. I’m sure that if you do, you’ll succeed! You may lack some confidence now, but it’ll grow with time. You are a very kind and caring person. You try your hardest to do what is best for everyone. That is why you make very long, lasting friendships. They know that they can trust you and follow you all the way. You can also get caught up in your emotions. That can be very good, or very bad. Your happiness can be spread among those you are with, but if you are sad, that could cause problems. Just try to cheer up and let it go cause you never know what sort of amazing surprise is waiting *cough cough* like Nia *cough cough* And besides, you’re the one who breaks through the heavens.


    KOMEN: lol tatau nak kata apa. Tapi aku memang selalu nye low self-esteem, ada masa aku berkeyakinan diri. Yeah, bila aku emo memang jadi cam Simon. I let my presentation group down once because of my personal problems. D:   Amazing surprise…? >////<

    Okay let’s filter what type of chara you are this time.

    Which Gurren Lagann Man Are You?

    He doesnt look THAT wrinkly...but this pic is GAR

    He doesn't look THAT wrinkly...but this pic is GAR

    >> ROSSIU: rational aloof mastermind
    The planner, the intelligent & the realist type of person is so you. Your brain works logical & your mind is pretty conservative. Your impressions to others are serious, unpredictable and cool. You are very careful in everything you do, and to the surroundings around you. This makes your routine & future to be stable, well-planned & promosing. Unless you get too complex into handling & thinking too many things. You should not let stress & complicated problems get into your way. You should also lighten up a bit & learn how to be more laid-back. If people take your advice or follow your organized & strategic lifestyle, it can really improve themselves alot. Strong in standing for your beliefs & applying it all the time makes you a very faithful person. Though you are cynical when it comes to accepting or believing in others. However, it just takes time, and if you found out that others are trustworthy & rational, you will often be by their side. You may seem low profile, quiet or idle, but you are secretly a person who will strive to the top for your goals & benefits. People can either love you or hate you, but one thing’s for sure is that they well know that they need you. Feel grateful & proud.


    KOMEN: I like his name… it’s like a cuter version of the name ‘ross’, cos it goes Rossiiiiuuuuuu~  chiuu chiuuu. *ahem* Two Words to describe him: SHADOW KING. I like his role in Kamina City, the way he sacked the ‘president’ (which is also me -_- ) then rule the city using his own beliefs. I think that trick is awesome. From that description… yeah I can take things a bit seriously and doesn’t trust people that much.

    k pompuan lak…

    Which Gurren Lagann Woman are You?

    Lolwhut? Shes paired with Rossiu!

    Lolwhut? She's paired with Rossiu!

    > KINON: intelligent sophisticated supporter

    <no description D: >


    KOMEN: Didn’t see much of her in the first part. But she definitely shone in the anti-spiral plot. Suicide bomber! How womanly GAR is that?? And for the world’s sake (and Rossiu’s >///>  ). She’s just a supporting character, but IMO she’s more awesome than Yoko.


    Which gurren Lagann Man is for You?

    3 3

    ❤ ❤

    VIRAL – the caring unique love
    You tend to notice and like guys who are either outcast or different. Badass yet unknown or wicked background of a man is a thrill to you. Forgive him for being rather stiff or new to love, because he’ll most probably never experience any before, or had bad past experience. This is your best opportunity to pollute show him the greatness of it, and make him participate in all your favorite fantasies, hahaha. Just guide him in the areas he lacks experience or knowledge of, and he will feel very blessed to have known and have you in his life. When he really loves you and thinks you’re the one, he will not hesitate to take the relationship further and promise for a bright future for the both of you. You will be extremely surprise that he can be an unexpected loving husband candidate. Also, his tolerance level for you or any storm is very durable. He is what you call one in a million and more than meets the eye.To hell what other people thinks of him, because only you know his true vulnerable self.


    KOMEN: Viral is LOVE! He is smexy for a beastman >///>  I half wish his towel drop during the prison fight scene >.<    Walopun tangan pelik and gigi tajam…and very badass… but his dream.. is to have a family. Omg… male tsundere?? KYAAA! \(>w<)/ *fangirlism*  but the major turn-off is neon blue costume in the final battle DX …ew.

    now I pretend to be a lesbian…

    Which Gurren Lagann Chick is For You?

    Kinon again? I luv meself lulz

    Kinon again? I luv meself lulz

    >KINON: the mature sophisticated love

    The lady who are intelligent and looks elegant are your cup of tea. Women who normally wears formal attire or any uniform designs or wears specs are your fetish. You will be proud that your lady is mature and calm in almost any situation. This is because you can’t stand pointless playfulness or childish acts from girls. She may seem shy or distant towards knowing you or anyone at first, unless you’re like an idol figure – then she will be at ease in expressing her thoughts and emotions. Once she heavily admires you, she will reveal as your true supporter to the very end. When in love, she can easily surrender herself to the man she loves. She is the type of woman who will strongly tolerates and sticks to her man, no matter what he is, whether he is complex, negative, troubled, confused or lost. If you think you can’t handle yourself, she will be the one beside you to give you strenght and determination. Since you know she’s your true love, appreciate her and return affections for her so that she will continue to be with you forever.


    KOMEN: I’d prefer a mix of her, Yoko and Adiane (…dominatrix =_=|lll). I’ve said before, if i’m a guy, i’d pick cool and strong women archtypes.


    So that concludes the TTGL quizzes entry. I’d like to make another post on this anime, exclusive for the review (although it’s a bit late). So I heard there’ll be a TTGL movie?? OMG! Anyone found a news on that please inform me!! And I am yet to watch all the Parallel Works other than the above video. Lastly, sape belum tengok anime ni… MUST WATCH.