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Road to Grammar Nazi-ness

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on February 23, 2009

After reading hime-sama’s blog about the grammar thingy… it got me thinking a bit. I have to admit that I am slightly affected. Actually, it bothers me a long time ago when I was dubbed Grammar Nazi when I casually correct other people’s grammar. Knowing that this kind of attitude chases away fellow cyberfriends, I kept my ‘attacks’ moderate and gradually I got lazier to correct people. One reason why I got lazier is because I’m already used to seeing the same ol same ol, most of the time they’re tolerable… although some are just too bad that I don’t even know how to correct them.

lulz oka-sama

lulz oka-sama

Anyways, I reminisced on why I grew up becoming really sensitive towards English grammar. Back in my loli days, the Gramma Nazi Queen abused indulged me into a sea of educational English language books with the most annoying ever style of educating. Well, back then till this day, I know how annoying it seemed, but it certainly helped… a LOT. Other than that, I was exposed to a kid’s cartoon show (other than Sesame Street) which actually had an amazing storyline while it taught children proper grammar along the way. I remember the animated pink text on the black background displaying “she is not” –> “she isn’t”. IMO, adults should watch it too. It may be rather childish, but not as kiddy as Sesame Street, but the least you could do is to appreciate the ideas, plot and themes. This show introduced me to “computers”… it also had a dose of sci-fi, love triangle (+ unrequited love lol) and…. prison break!

not to forget…the A E I O U… I love you~! song XD

Back to reality. I went to a kindergarden where everyone speaks English (but mine was still kinda broken). My family environment is more towards rojak language. Sounds cool? I thought it was… until I enrolled into primary school, where suddenly everyone is speaking some sort of alien language 100%. It’s not like I don’t speak that language, it’s my mother tongue dammit! It’s just that I’m not used to it, I have trouble talking to friends and I suffer trying to understand what people are saying!!

ntah la masa kecik kena paksa ikat twintails..

ntah la masa kecik kena paksa ikat twintails..

But I managed to survive, thank goodness there are people who can actually speak English or switch or rojak. Most KL kids can at least speak in English casually without being condemned by anyone. Unlike the Johorians… oh man. Shifting to Johor gave me quite a culture shock. Almost no one can utter a word in English! Okay, perhaps it’s acceptable for Malays, but even the Chinese couldn’t (I don’t mean to sound like a racist in any way). Have you any idea how tensed I was?

Realizing how pathetic most kids are, I paid more attention to English class, especially when it comes to grammar lessons. Seeing how other’s (English) standard lower than mine motivated me to become better mwahahahah. As a result, I became more and more sensitive to grammatical errors and get easily ticked off whenever I see mistakes. Behind their backs,  I cursed how lame these people are. Evil much? Yes I was.

But all that was in my history, cos like I said earlier, I can tolerate minor errors now. Even if I see a handful amount of errors, I hold back my urge to snap.

Still, it ain’t as cool as ye think. Cos no matter how good I am in English, I still suck at Malay Language. I never get an A!! NEVARRR..!! Could it get any worse..? Yeah, it was when someone questioned me… “But aren’t you Malay?” … *dies* It’s kinda sad… I even had to go to Malay language tuition class (where there were only 2 Malay students, others are Chinese, cos other Malays seem to think that they are automatically expert in their mother tongue *rolls eye*. Oh but they went to English tuition class which I did not have to attend 8D).

Getting as high as A2 for BM in SPM is already enough to make me fly to Cloud 9, cos Finally, I saw an A next to Bahasa Melayu *cries happy tears*. How did I do it..? It’s still a mystery… but I sorta blame it on my essay paper, by then I’ve already had this Malay literature skills I gained from absorbing KOMSAS books. Unlike most people, I find the language used classic Malay tales ‘beautiful’. I might have stolen a few tricks and adapted it with the modern style.

Rolling back to the main topic, ah…where did I stop. Urge to snap eh… right.. yes. Most of the time, I choose to ignore these errors or pronunciation. But sometimes I did that do spice up a conversation… or just playfully say it hiding the serious tone. Well, someone has to do it right? Honestly, I don’t like seeing my friends being lost or misunderstood by those kind of mistakes. Maybe the way I correct it is kinda harsh, but that’s probably the way I am…? the way I do things? My natural reaction?

When dismissing my sincere action of teaching others, I do feel a little… well, hurt. Sure, I understand people have pride and ego, that they’d rather not look weak in others’ eyes. I’m like that too… but I slowly learn to accept other’s opinion or correction even if it takes 10 years. I’m that kind of person. So the conclusion is, don’t brush aside when someone is trying to be kind to you. I help correct grammatical errors without asking for a fee or reward – the English teachers at school are paid but they still fail to make most students experts in English anyway.

Rant and reminisce ends here. thank you |3. btw, I don’t think I have perfectly correct English either, if oka-san sees this she’d easily spot what is wrong (that’s one reason why I disclose this url from her XD )

Edit: A few nights ago, I had little headache, yet I still had to attend an important meeting. Each division representative had to say something about the rules for next week’s event… most of them spoke in English…and OH GOD. Like I said, i don’t mind minor errors but most of them; let’s say… their fluency is like a rod with countless number of cracks, dents and corrosion from one end to another. The ache in my head increased in amplitude, I got so frustrated that my thoughts went somewhere else now and then >,>

oh yes, lastly,  I apologize if you feel offended by this post.

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What’s with Kids Nowadays?

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 29, 2009

I chat with my cousin last night, she’s just 12 (going on 13) and her views about love is mature enough to make her vow not to have any boyfriends until she is an adult. Hopefully she’ll stick to the plan, unlike me, who vowed the same thing when I was her age but ended up falling in love with someone when I was still at school. Later, it ended with one hell of a break-up – which now I think it’s a good omen for myself.

Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

disclaimer: Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

Anyways, one reason why she doesn’t want to have boyfriends is because she is sick of listening to her friend’s complaints about her boyfriend. So comes the question, if you cannot stand him, then why jump into a relationship? I see kids as young as 12 these days just wanna date for the fun of it…they think it’s a “cool trend”, seeing how late teens do and assuming that they’re already adult enough to be involved in romance.

Hell no, kids. You’re wayyyy to young for girlfriends or boyfriends. Okay, maybe having a crush isn’t wrong, but you’re ruining your future once you get your love returned.

Some aspiring whore prodded my cousin to FIND a boyfriend. I LOL’d. I told my cousin to tell this friend of hers lotsa things… like being in a relationship at this age is not appropriate, and teenage guys are just looking for ‘fun’…and that this type of player attitude for girls have no future (my grandma says this). “Sampai bila ko nak jadi mainan lelaki? Besar nnt nak jadi apa? Pelacur?” Forgive my foul mouth, but my cousin actually copypasted that to the ho-in-training’s YM and she got pissed.

Then my cousin give me some details about her… at the age of 12, already knows how to play switching boyfriends for more than 10 times and going out with random anonymous guys from the internut. She dated somebody twice her age too. HWAHA, kids, that is NOT what you call ‘cool’. That’s NAIVE…you think having some pakcik as a boyfriend is awesum?? Geez, seriously… this girl has never heard of pedobears roaming about.

Now kids…your parents didn’t send you to school for nothing. As you step into school, they say goodbye to you with full of hope; “My child will bring greater good for the future”. They silently pray that you work hard for yourself and their sake. They hope you focus on your studies.. they did not send you to school to find your so-called future husband/wife (they’d just pick some random bride/groom for you if they want you to get married so badly). Seriously, don’t make them waste their money on your school fees by becoming lovestruck yer whole life. Think of your future and what you wanna do, not how happy you want to be during the present (unless u just simply wanna be a normal housewife…then i have nothing to say).

And they should monitor their kids in internut usage as well. (cos mine have no idea about my dose of ‘guilty pleasure’ i find in the net >w> )

I’m not saying this as a holier-than-thou person, i’m saying this as a young adult who already went through the adolescent phase.

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Pilihanraya pun cam babi…

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 19, 2009

WARNING: This entry will contain foul language and will be written in an extremely unlpeasant mood (note: ultimate ANGER). If you dislike seeing curses or seeing me getting pissed off, please leave. This entry is immature and may be provoking. Don’t say I did not warn you of the danger.

However, if you bother reading, then my condolences to you…


[ Sebelum tu…aku yang normal nak berehat. aku serahkan blog ini kepada…my Darkside. Selama ni dia handle blog satu lagi, mari kita tengok camne sikap aku yang satu lagi… ]

Ahem…hari tu ku tulis pasal babi dalam surau…nampaknya pengurusan dari segi tempat mengundi memang selari dengan kejadian tu (minus the surau part). Memang cam BABI.

Tau tak? Minggu lepas aku tengok kat Dewan Makan kolej, nama aku takde dalam list mengundi. Then aku diberitahu kalau nama takde kat kolej, nama aku kena campak undi kat Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC). Di fakulti aku cek lah nama aku, ye, mmg btol, nama aku kat DTC. Bagus la, hari ini (isnin) memang jadual ku packed, tak smpat nak undi kalau balik kolej. Bagus bagus bagus…

TETAPI!! Hari ini aku decide nak makan kat fak dulu sebelum pergi DTC, siap tunggu member nak ikut skali tapi oleh sebab nak cepat..aku dengan coursemate pergi dahulu. Kul 1 lebey bertolak ke DTC, pastu sampai je kat kaunter fak sains…cari nama aku, pastu dia akak tu kata, “Eh awak kena undi kat kolej lah”

“huh kat kolej? tapi (notis) kat fak saya tengok suruh undi kat sini? Nama saya takde di kolej”

“Bila awak tengok?”

“Minggu lepas”

“oh baru update”


fatin kata, “tak boleh ke undi kat sini? sebab kitorang ada kelas pukul 2”

akak tu kata “tak boleh la, kalau undi kat sini nanti kena tendang undi tu”…then dia sambung dgn muka ‘aku-tak-bersalah-ehehehehee~’ “takleh nak buat apalah, kena undi kat kolej gak.”

FUCK. Kalo aku ada kuasa api aku nak bakar je DTC time tu gak! Ye, time tu…aku dah bangkit semula (lama aku tidur)!!

I had no choice but to balik kolej. Kata orang kalo tak undi tak dapat dok kolej la blabalbla.. kalo nak diikutkan aku MALAS nak undi. MALAS nak undi para manusia GILA KUASA mencapab muka tebal diorang keliling kampus. KENAL PUN TIDAK. Manifesto pun dapat sikit je. Ingat kita taw ke apa korang nak perjuangkan. Pastu pemandangan tercemar dengan kertas fotostat warna warni. Nak gak aku tambah corak dari perut aku; MUNTAH. Taik pun ok gak.

Pastu ada SHIT pasal Pro-M, Aspirasi la cam bangang cos nak gado2, fitnah2, rasuah2 cam TAK MATANG orangnye. Pedulik la nak sokong parti mana2…kalo aku, aku vote ikut apa diorang nak perjuangkan. MASUK UM KONON. TAPI ADA PIHAK YANG CAM BODO BABI CAMPAK KEPALA BABI DALAM SURAU! Malu siot. Malu gilababas

Dengan perasaan marah..aku jalan balik ke kolej di bawah matahari yang panas terik. Hati panas, kepala panas, cuaca panas. Langsung tak perbaiki mood. Pastu sampai je kat dewan makan kolej, computer nak daftar undi online ‘HANG’ PULAK!! WARGH! NAK BERGANTUNG KAT TEKNOLOGI SANGAT! KAN DAH ‘HANG’! Srsly, the lag is lagging my time! AKU ADA LAB KUL 2!

Lepas computer lahanat tu dah ok, kena daftar undi thru tenet. kasik la kad matrik…pastu diorg bagi kertas undi. KO TAW TAK APA AKU BUAT DGN KERTAS UNDI??

Nak tau apa aku buat?

sure nak tau?

You may regret this…


…tak aku tak koyak pun kertas tu…

…..malas la nak buat scene…

…aku kan tak suke mencapab…

………….aku tak bakar…

aku tak campak gak….aku tak buat tantrum tunjuk perasaan…

c’mon…i’m betta than that. Tak main la buat protes2 ni…cam kanak2.

aku licik…

ko nak taw gak apa ku buat…??

Aku pi belakang border besi tu…

usha sini sana sikit…

baca arahan…


wanna know….?

tak…aku tak maki2 conteng2 atas kertas undi tuh…geez, jgn la pandang aku rendah gitu skalik…

nanti jadik controversy lagi…

aku terer lukis pon…takde la sampai nak lukis benda lucah atas kertas tu…(nak aje. mesti diorg suka)




……………………………………………..NULL VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

YA! Aku lipat je kertas tu elok2 dan dengan poyo nye sumbat dalam bekas. Pen tak sentuh! Kalau aku undi pun bukan aku undi ikhlas, so apa bezanye. To hell with ‘tanggungjawab’ kita shit. Aku datang UM nak timba ilmu, bukan nak sokong parti politik babi.

Aku balik ke fakulit 10 minit lambat. Srsly i fuckin’ hate being late…solat pun belum lagi, so aku keluar dari lab just nak solat. Yg buat aku lagi nyampah..bila kawan aku cakap…sebenarnye tempat undi leh tengok kat UMISISWEB. FUCK! Masa dok syok tampal nampal nama pelajar fakulti sains kat Dataran Sains takde haprak pun sebut pasal UMISISWEB?? I DIDN’T KNOW A DAMN ABOUT THIS!! INGAT AKU NI APA… Senang2 je campak aku ke sini ke sana. Tempat diorang campak student pun tak strategik…ade ke… orang jadual penuh pada hari tu kena rush balik kolej just for this shitty voting day. Tak boleh ke nak undi sesuka hati je… kalo boleh takmoh undi…HAK AKU LA TAK MOH UNDI. Syed lagi best, tak undi langsung. I salute~

Kepada si bangkai yang sesuka hati update last minit nak campak nama aku ke kolej…ko ni…tanggungjawab cap cipan la. Kalau dah tak sure tu takyah la nak tampal list nama kat fak. KONON dah  siap keje la…tapi sebenarnye TAK COMPLETE. Dah nak aku undi kat dtc, biar je la! Hilang mood siot. Len kali buat keje btol2…

other than that…AKU HARAP LA, sape yang menang pilihanraya do something about the fuckin’ UM bus di mana pemandu nye malas nak buat keje gak! Punye la lama tunggu bas, tak datang2. Wujud ke tak bas ni…ke hilang ke alam bunian?? Mmg bunian la bas ni…bas komain banyak, tapi pemandu sesuka hati je nak tidor berjam2. WOIT, kitorang pon nak rehat gak!! Kitorang student, gi kuliah study, korang drive je, takyah susah2 perah otak dengan formula Fizik. Risau pasal bil letrik je. Hmph, dapat gaji, tapi buat keje cam hampeh. Aku dengan Noora terpaksa balik jalan kaki… pastu hujan! waaa malang siot. Bila dah hampir sampai 5th, baru nampak bas Jalan 2 lalu!! ARGH!!!! KO WUJUD RUPANYE BAS JALAN 2!! INGAT DAH KIOK! NAK MATI, BIAR MATI TERUS LA. DOK DIAM2 DALAM KUBUR TU!

Sblum aku habis…kalo diorang bole trace sape si sial yang ‘null vote’ tu tahniah la…ko nak cari aku, watpe…nak tendang aku kah. Nak denda? Nak watpe? Sukati la pe nak jadi…salah korang gak yang update last minit cam… wheeeeeeeeeeeee~~! sronok nye update nama pljr last minit! BEST GILER! mesti diorg pun hepi go luky gak!!

To hell with pilihanraya campus!! Sape sokong vote aku ye!!

Oyeah..dont give any of those “cheer up” shit…or say “kebaikan pilihanraya” shit sbb aku malas nak dgr. malas malas alalalalallalala~ jgn bazir masa type all those crap i dont give a damn about.


-_- sesungguhnye aku dah bertenang dari situasi ni. yg klakarnye masa aku sampai lab tiram dan fatin siap standby ngan aku…cam taw2 je bila aku meletup camne. K la…aku dah ngantok. hari ni letih ke hulur ke hilir pilihanraya nye pasal.

Babi Betul…

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 17, 2009
Lulz...contra work of art
Lulz…contra work of art

Pelajar Universiti Malaya (UM) gempar awal pagi semalam apabila kepala babi yang dibelah dua, ditemui diletakkan di atas bendera parti politik pembangkang, di dalam surau Akademi Pengajian Islam, UM di ibu negara.

Malaysiakini difahamkan bahawa kepala babi itu ditemui oleh salah seorang pelajar pro-Mahasiswa – Mohd Azlan Zainal – yang pergi ke surau tersebut, untuk menunaikan solat Subuh.

Sebelum itu, Mohd Azlan dan seorang lagi rakannya – Ahmad Shahir Md Shah – bertugas mengawal poster dan kain rentang kumpulan tersebut di sekitar kawasan berkenaan.

Ketika itu, katanya, terdapat beberapa orang pelajar yang tidur di dalam surau berkenaan tetapi tidak menyedari kepala babi tersebut diletakkan di situ.

Sebaik sahaja ternampak kepala babi yang diletak di atas bendera parti PAS, Mohd Azlan terus menghubungi pihak keselamatan Universiti Malaya dan pihak polis Brickfields untuk memaklumkan mengenai kejadian tersebut.

Bagaimanapun, ketika ditemui wartawan, Mohd Azlan berkata beliau tidak percayai perbuatan itu dilakukan oleh mahasiswa di situ.

Sebaliknya, beliau mengesyaki ada pihak-pihak lain yang mahu mengganggu-gugat dan mahu memecahkan perpaduan mahasiswa.

Mohd Azlan berkata, pensyarah undang-undang Akademi Pengajian Islam, UM, Dr Ruzman Mohd Noor datang pada kira-kira jam 6 pagi.

“Dr Ruzman juga mengesyaki ada orang tertentu yang melakukan perbuatan tersebut,” katanya.

Sebelum ini, mantan exco Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) UM sesi yang lalu, Mohd Hilman Nordin memberitahu Malaysiakini,kepala babi itu diletakkan di atas bendera parti PAS.

Juga terdapat tulisan PMI,PRO-M dan PAS pada bendera tersebut.

Di telinga babi terdapat tulisan nombor 872.

Katanya, pada kira-kira jam 7.30 pagi, Timbalan Naib Canselor (Akademik dan Antarabangsa) UM, Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Amin Jalaludin, datang ke surau tersebut, selepas dimaklum mengenai kejadian tersebut.

Mohd Hilman berkata, Dr Mohd Amin kemudiannya menasihatkan para pelajar supaya bersurai dan ke kuliah masing-masing.

Menurutnya lagi, kepala babi tersebut dilihat dimasukkan ke dalam kereta polis yang datang ke situ.

Sementara itu, Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UM (PMIUM) mengadakan satu sidang akhbar pada jam 2.30 petang untuk mengecam perbuatan tersebut.

Sidang akhbar tersebut akan diadakan di depan surau terbabit.

Kampus UM kini hangat dengan kempen pilihanraya kampus yang menyaksikan pertembungan calon-calon kumpulan pro-Aspirasi dan pro-Mahasiswa. Pilihanraya kampus UM dijadual 19 Januari ini.

Sementara itu, Yang Dipertua PMIUM, Mohamad Haafizuddin Abi Rerah berkata, pada jam 8 pagi, pasukan forensik polis tiba di surau tersebut untuk menjalankan siasatan serta untuk mengesan cap jari.

“Kejadian itu mungkin berlaku antara jam 4 hingga 5 pagi tadi. Pada waktu itu, difahamkan terdapat beberapa aktivis pro-Mahasiswa sedang tidur di situ kerana keletihan berkempen. Mereka tidak sedar kejadian itu,” katanya ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini.

Mohamad berkata, kepala babi itu diletak di bahagian pintu surau yang jarang digunakan, dan terlindung di belakang sebatang tiang surau.

Source: Malaysiakini


Oh the shame…shame…why is every UM bloggers  posting more shame of our beloved UM by posting this story about the pig…

The campus election is near, and some people think it’s fun to make a hot topic by doing this prank. Only this is going overboard, putting a pig’s head in a holy place like the surau. Many theories are thought up, some suspect this party, some suspect the other…

Geez, if you wanna make pranks…don’t make fun of people’s religion la.

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The Last Sentence

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 16, 2009

Erm…regarding the last sentence… sorry about that.
Maybe aku kurang pengetahuan that’s why I say stuff like that. But I guess tu semua dari sudut pandangan sendiri tanpa berpandukan apa2 sangat. Time tu rasa nak menulis apa isi kata hati.

But maybe I found an answer to that question… my friend ingatkan aku there’s a saying…

something like “malapetaka diturunkan kepada umat yang alpa terhadap Allah.”

I’ll leave it at that. I have no right to berhujah since I have no reference right now. Er…what do they say…renungkan lah (?)

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This War…from my POV

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 15, 2009

War again. First Iraq, now Palestine.

I think we should dub this era World War III already.

So I often heard the Muslims hating the Jews so much for no good reason. That’s not exactly a good attitude to adapt…cos if you hate them to the point you don’t wanna go near them…then you fail as a Muslim. Islam does not encourage racism. Islam should show how beautiful the devotees are and the religion as well. Only when threatened should we protect ourself up to the point of war.

Thanks to Daeds for the info… the current war wasn’t because of religion to begin with. I guess religion is just another excuse. But according to the Torah (Taurat) the land is rightfully theirs. At first they live together with the Muslims, but then the Jews want the land for themselves. So because of that OIC does not recognize Israel as a country. Now the Jews are fighting over Gaza…cos they want it. This sound like kids fighting over a toy, and one broke into a tantrum and start smashing up everything they see.

The issue of boycotting…looking at the list, I wonder why are there so many companies and brands wanting to sponsor the Jews? Sometimes I wonder if there’s someone trying to take advantage of the situation by telling everyone to boycott his least favourite brands. It’s like some sort of grudge…but oh well, it helps us eat healthy by avoiding McD and all. But then…DISNEY too? There goes my childhood memories… heh.

I’ve never taken boycotting too seriously…until I heard that all the money used to watch the crappy Bedtime Story movie will be donated to the Israels. Truth be told, I KNEW Sandler is Jew, but I never thought it will have anything to do with the war. Now it makes me feel goddamn guilty. Yes I’m kinda depressed about it…I’m thinking of boycotting as far as I can. Goodbye nescafe…no more drinking you every morning. D:

But why are these donations not going to the ‘needy’? Weird huh… I got messages saying that the people there does not need help, but told us to protect our respective country instead. There’s a good point there…There’s nothing we can do to donate, to help…but just pray. Even if I have billions of dollars to buy Nuclear to be used against the enemy, it wouldn’t stop the war. I don’t think we need to have ‘revenge’ against the Jews. I’m pretty sure Islam does not teach us to do so. And what’s with the “HANCURKAN ISRAEL” thing? Is that how Muslims are supposed to think? Wake up guys! You’re putting yourself at the same level as the enemy!

Edit: For all I know (from my education in secondary school level) that Islam shouldn’t start a war unless seriously threatened. And our point of war is to protect ourselves and our religion…not for satisfaction, vengeance or for the fun of it (e.g. terrorist). That’ll put one religion to shame… the whole world have misunderstood the true meaning of ‘Jihad’ because of that.

Don’t think of destroying them using Death Note or something…just pray hard to save the victims…and pray the enemies to see the ‘right path’ and see how ugly they’ve become. I wish they have feelings. Wish they have TRUE FEELINGS. If they do, they wouldn’t be so heartless. Damn…I feel like crying everytime I think of this…

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Kes Sosial dan Anti-sosial

Posted in Life, Serious shit by vien88 on December 28, 2008

Lepas baca blog f-one-r dan kazu, tetiba rasa cam nak tulis lak post mengenai bab ‘sosial’ dan ‘anti-sosial’ nih. Aku nak citer serba sedikit dari kisah lama aku dan juga sudut pandangan aku. Sebenarnya aku takleh nak setuju 100% entirely dengan pendapat kazu dan foner. Tapi jangan risau la, bukan aku tolak sepenuhnya buah fikiran korang.


pertama sekali…perkataan ‘sosial’ tu sebenarnya bermaksud lebih kepada ‘friendliness’ and liking other people’s company. Tapi kat Malaysia ni…perkataan ‘sosial’… jadi istilah untuk describe golongan yang melampaui batas2 pergaulan.

Alkisah seorang kanak2 yang pendiam dan pemalu. Entah kenapa bila jumpa orang aku tak berani nak bersuara, terutamanya orang dewasa. Sampai mak pun bising aku ni tak mesra, siap banding2 lagi dengan sifat peramah childhood friend aku. Meh, nak buat camane…bukan masa aku lahir aku leh pilih personaliti sendiri pun. Aku dilahirkan begini…ataupun sifat pendiam ni disebabkan oleh suasana di rumah…? Itu kita tak tahu.

Walaupun aku ni pendiam, tapi dengan kawan rapat aku pandai buat lawak. Bila masuk je orang asing aku diam. Sifat pendiam ni teruk sangat, sampai ada satu masa ni aku tak pasal2 dipinggirkan aku tak marah pun. Takut hilang kawan. ‘Kawan baik’ still baik dengan aku, tapi bila waktu rehat aku takleh join. Aku tak tahu apa masalah aku, tapi aku diam je. Nasib baik ada sorang lagi teman time tu. Tapi tu la masalah dia… bila teman tu tak datang sekolah, aku dok sorang2, tengok orang lain bersuka ria dari tepi.

Thus datang azam dalam hati, “Kalau aku ditakdirkan berseorangan seumur hidup, takpelah. Tak kisah pun, aku masih boleh teruskan hidup…” (ni macam ayat Squall dari Final Fantasy 8 masa kecik). Masuk sekolah menengah aku jumpa kaunselor, dia kata mungkin aku ni pendiam sebab aku a dua orang adik beradik je. Mungkin jugak.

Masuk sekolah menengah lagi kesian… sebab kebanyakan pelajar dah kenal masing2 dari sekolah rendah dulu. Aku salah satu student yang sesat dari tempat lain. Oleh itu, masing2 dah ada geng tetap. Aku lak taktau nak masuk yang mana. Aku target beberapa orang…dan kadang2 aku buat sesuatu yang pelik supaya diorang dapat terima aku dalam geng lol. But relax la, eventually aku jumpa gak member kamcing. Yang bestnye geng aku sume minat anime dan melukis (kecuali sorang).

Sungguhpun misi mencari kawan sudah tercapai, masalah still berlaku. Oleh sebab aku rapat dengan diorang je, dengan orang lain dalam kelas aku tak ngam. Bual gitu2 je, tapi tak pernah lepak dengan diorang. Bila aku pergi shopping complex, aku pegi dengan famili, diorang pergi dengan kawan2. Setiap hari Ahad mesti pergi lepak2. Oh begitu ke budaya nya…rasa jeles pun ada gak…kenapa aku tak join… geng aku pun bukan jenis macam tu. Geng aku agak anti-sosial, jumpa kat sekolah, dok rumah macam budak baik…skali skala je lepak sama2 kat Summit Batu Pahat. Eh…bukan sekali sekala… sekali setahun!

Satu problem kalo kita asyik berkepit dengan satu kumpulan jer, kita susah nak masuk dalam discussion kumpulan lain. Kita susah nak cari teman dari orang lain. Contohnya, bila geng aku tak datang sekolah, aku jadi lonely. Nak masuk campur dengan geng orang lain takot diorang kata aku ni sibuk…lagipun kalo aku masuk dalam perbualan diorang, nak cakap apa? Diorang cakap pasal radio era.fm, gosip artis itu ini… aku lak kenal artis tempatan pun tidak.. Tu yang sibuk tengok Akademi Fantasia tu go with the flow, at least ada gak benda nak cakap…

Still, agak pathetic la aku ni tak banyak kawan. At least aku tak terjebak dengan couple2 time tu (hinggalah masuk form 5). Aku sekolah perempaun… classmate kenal budak laki dari sekolah lain, especially dari sekolah agama (Sekolah agama seolah2 wajib di negeri Johor). Aku tak kenal budak laki, aku pergi tusyen pun tak pandang diorang. Muka pun tak ingat, so tatau ada yang hensem ke tidak hwaha. Ni pun satu masalah…bila cakap dengan laki…aku jadi…segan. Sampai sekarang pun…erm, tengok keadaan la. XD

Habis zaman sekolah, aku tanamkan azam nak jadi ramah sikit. Takde la sampai terlebih mesra, just latih diri pandai cakap dengan orang lain. Sebab aku tau lepas ni aku takkan jumpa orang yang sama minat dengan aku. So aku just kawan je dengan sape2. Topik pun harap2 aku leh bagi sikit buah fikiran. Ayah aku pesan, aku kena pandai cakap dengan orang. Kena pandai socialize, tapi jangan lah ‘sosial’ ke arah lain. Kalau taktau apa nak cakap pun, benda tak penting pun cakap je.

Aku selama ni rasa benda tak penting tak perlu la nak cakap. Ada sesetengah orang cerita dari awal sampai habis pasal hidup mereka dalam satu hari. Kepala otak aku mesti fikir, “perlu ke kita tau private life org lain?”. So, biasanya aku pun malas nak citer pasal private life. Tu yang buat aku pendiam. Pasal masalah pun aku suka pendam2… but sekarang, I find myself being more open about my personal life and problems. Up to the point I cleaned up my closet about a certain issue.

Which is…about bab sentuh2 antara laki dah perempuan yang tiada pertalian keluarga. Aku tau haram, tapi aku tak cukup kuat untuk tolak ex aku yang mengada2 nak pegang tangan dan peluk semua. Nyesal aku bagi, dah puas main aku, dia buang bila dah jumpa mainan baru. Blessing in disguise…mmg sedih time tu, but i deserve it…sebab aku langgar larangan bersentuhan tu. But that does not make me dalam golongan ‘sosial’…aku bercouple pun, aku still jenis anti-sosial.

As of now, aku rasa aku lebih ramai…erm…kenalan berbanding dulu. Termasuk jenis2 yang terlebih sosial, tapi aku tak kisah…aku takde la nak memilih sgt skrg ni. Asalkan aku tak terjebak dengan aktiviti diorang sudah la. Aku rapat dengan orang tu dan orang ni, aku leh bual2 dengan kenalan lain tanpa masalah kekok. Dengan kaum lelaki pun no problem. Tapi takdela sampai aku tergedik2 bajet manja uwekkk. I say I’m quite satisifed with moderately social self right now. Aku lagi ramai member pun, aku still tak suka lepak2 sampai lewat malam (mak tak bagi~). Takde la aku lepak dengan ramai2 laki, kecuali dalam dewan kuliah (skema siot). Kiranya, sifat anti-sosial masih ada dalam sanubari.

So bagi kawan2 aku yang anti-sosial di luar sana, kalau dah bersikap camni zaman sekolah, nanti masuk menara gading ada masalah tau. Nanti korang kena masuk projek tertentu, buat assignment, buat presentation (aku paling lemah bab ni)…soft skill tu penting. Tanamkan azam nak ubah diri tu sikit. Jangan terlalu senyap, jangan terlalu mesra. Moderate je. Jangan culture shock pulak! bahaya beb…

kalau tak master lagi (atau halfway mastered)…nanti nak kerja susah. Kalau nak selamanya jadi hikkikomori baik dok rumah, kawen, jadi isteri solehah. stop dreaming about going to college or something >_> Kalo nak keje gak, baik korang ubah sikit sebab nanti kena deal dengan laki gak… tu kalo perempuan… kalo laki…entah la. Kalo ko jenis pendiam jadi taxi driver pun tak best. Aku penah naik teksi di mana pemandu nye tak ramah langsung…ayah aku nak start conversation, dia jawab cam nak taknak. Last2 ayah aku malas nak layan…lol.

Jangan la sampai set psikologi tu dengan social = bad. No. Kena ada fikiran matang sikit. You should grow up and understand it yourself.

Xmas post

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Meri kurisumasu!

Meri kurisumasu!

I got this message twice… but I still doubt the truth. It is either you believe it or not believe it… it is either trying to warn us or simply menyesatkan fellow Muslims.

“Sorg bekas biarawati Kristian yg msk islam mbrth dlmcrmhnya,HARAM bg ssorg umat Islam ucap Slamat Hari Natal@Merry Christ…ini krn ia bmksd Sjhtra Keatas Tuhan Yesus(NAUZUBILLAH)Sebarkn lah pkra ini,bdosa kita jika tak smpikn bnda yg hak..(NAUZUBILLAH)”

whoops…I shouldn’t have post this here in case my Christian friends see this (if they can understand Malay). But tell you what… so long as I don’t see proof, I would say that I won’t simply believe in such statement. Besides, this sound so freakin’ racist… apa salahnya kita wish Hari Natal kepada kawan2 terutamanya yang beragama Kristian? Sedangkan kawan2 aku dari agama lain pun ucap Selamat Hari Raya kat aku. Kita ucap la diorang punya celebration gak… or else Muslim dikatakan sombong dan angkuh.

Jangan2 dapat mesej ‘ucap “Happy Deepavali” dan “Gong Xi Fa Cai” pun di’haram’kan pulak’… pastu entah apa diorang sengaja translate dari bahasa mana ntah jadi maksud lain. Camane la bole kebetulan memberi maksud yang tak elok bagi umat Islam. Hmm… lagipun ayat atas dalam BM.. orang Malaysia je kot tau. Kalo nak pastikan benar, jom kita tanya orang Kristian di luar Malaysia.

So “Merry Christmas” = Kesejahteraan Ke Atas Tuhan Yesus…??

Benarkah? Atau orang yang start sebarkan chain mail ni TAK FAHAM BAHASA INGGERIS?? Cuba tengok dalam kamus… apakah maksud ‘Merry’

cilok dari wiki… “The word Christmas originated as a compound meaning “Christ’s Mass”. It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038. “Cristes” is from Greek Christos and “mæsse” is from Latin missa. In Greek, the letter Χ (chi), is the first letter of Christ, and it, or the similar Roman letter X, has been used as an abbreviation for Christ since the mid-16th century. Hence, Xmas is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas.”

Christ pulak is English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning “the anointed”.

hmm they didn’t say anything about ‘tuhan yesus’ thingy…

Kalau apa bekas biarawati kata ni benar, SILA NYATAKAN nama beliau! Haih… sebab aku tau ada je orang Islam yang wujud untuk menyesatkan kita. Kadang2 orang kita pun membabi buta percaya sahaja… well, aku cakap benda ni thru experience. Kat sekolah dulu aku penah deal dengan ajaran ‘sesat’ begini. Nasib baik aku ada inisiatif untuk mencari kebenaran dan akhirnya berjaya.

Sama gak dengan kes “AKUM” dulu lol. Entah ayat apa dia bagi…pastu bagi maksud amenda tah, kaitan dgn binatang. Nak short form pun takbley ka…sedangkan dalam buku teks pun tulis Allah S.W.T dan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Jangan diorang bagi made-up meanings bagi SWT dan SAW pulak lol.

Macam la lagi kes… takleh sebut tu, takleh sebut ni… tapi bukan ke yang penting ialah ‘niat’? Ye la, kita Muslim bila ucap Merry Christmas kat orang, adakah betul2 kita niat nak celebrate skali…? Sedangkan kita sendiri ucap Dua Kalimah Syahadah entah kita hayati ke tidak. Wallahualam ^-^

Samada korang nak pecaya ke tak nak… up to you guys. Just be careful of these messages, tu je pesanan aku. Kalo nak confirmation, sila rujuk imam ulama’ yang terdekat… tapi bottom line nye…aku tak suka dapat mesej ala racism gini…

Anyways…Merry Christmas~ *just a wish, not a worship*

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Tanah Runtuh dan Banjir Kilat

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1999 Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide

1999 Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide

Baru tengok news tengah hari tadi. Pasal tanah runtuh di Bukit Antarabangsa. Then muncul spinnajib (credits to mana >w< ) di kaca TV berkata, “Selepas ini kita mesti berhati2”. I LOL’d. Baru sekarang nak berhati2 ke…  Dah tau bungalow dok kat bukit, konfem la tanah runtuh berlaku. COMMON SENSE. Satu lagi, dulu kat sekolah dan Universiti korang belajar apa haa? Akar pokok tugasnya mencengkam tanah supaya tak pecah menyusur ke tempat lain… lagi2 kat kawasan tanah tinggi, mesti la berlakunya tanah runtuh. Tu la, nak tebang2 pokok lagi (secara haram atau legal, sama je). DEVELOPMENT la katakan.

Sem ni aku rasa bertuah mengambil subjek Pengenalan Kepada Hidrosfera sebagai subjek luar jabatan. Walaupun kurang yakin keputusan exam bagus untuk subjek ni, tapi lecturer memang ‘membuka mata’ kami terhadap perkara2 yang berkaitan sistem pengairan di Malaysia (dan dunia).

Contohnya, mengapa banjir kilat berlaku? Dulu aku terfikir gak, camane boleh berlakunya banjir kilat sedangkan kita dok di kawasan yang lebih tinggi daripada aras laut. Hairan juga kenapa sungai tak dapat menampung air hujan. Berlebihan sangat ke? Padahal air yang tersejat dan dikondensasi ke langit datangnya dari permukaan bumi. Sepatutnya kuantiti air terabadi…

Namun air bukanlah sesuatu yang maya dan lembut, ianya mempunyai kuantiti dan jisim. Memenuhi ruangan yang tertentu. Bukan macam api. Tapi macam api, kecil2 kawan bila dah besar jadi lawan. Anyway, oleh sebab air adalah sesuatu jirim maka ianya tidak boleh hilang sebaik sahaja turun ke tanah dalam bentuk hujan. Pecah boleh, tapi masih ada jirim. Air yang tanah takkan nak duduk diam sahaja, mesti dia akan mengalir ke tanah atau balik ke sungai (laut, tasik, longkang) akibat tarikan graviti.

Malangnya, di kawasan bandar, susah betul untuk air mengalir ke tanah. Sebab kalo kita nak bina bangunan, tak boleh bina sebarangan atas tanah yang lembut. Oleh itu, developers pi letak tanah jenis tanah liat (bila dah keras tak liat la) atau ‘Clayey Soil’ sebagai tapak supaya tanah tak runtuh. Uhhahaha. Clayey soil ni pulak, tak boleh menampung air. Yang kat kawasan tiada pembinaan tu Sandy Soil (if i’m not wrong), di mana water can penetrate into the ground. Clay is an ionic substance, apparently it doesn’t let water pass through it. Oleh itu, air yang sampai kat soil jenis ini akan mengalir je atas permukaan bumi. Makin banyak air hujan turun, makin banyak la air ditampung oleh permukaan clay… and then you’ll get FLASH FLOOD.

Lecturer aku suka kutuk2 ahli politik pasal hal ni. Diorang tak moh dengar! Development je lebey, environmental effect tak pikiaq. Nak maju konon, otak still tak maju kalo bab alam sekitar tak dipertikaikan. Last2 sape yang rugi?

Pendapat aku, construction hanya boleh dilakukan bila PERLU saja. Lapangan kapal terbang boleh terima lagi lah. Tapi…cam kat kawasan Bandar Utama tu, sekelompok shopping complex dah terbina. PERLU ke? One Utama dah cukup besar, datang pulak The Curve, Tesco, Ikano dan Ikea (erm Ikea bole terima lagi >///> ). Isi kandungan dalam bangunan pon balik2 sama. Baju, kedai makan, kedai buku, kedai computer… apa beza? Satu kawasan satu pusat membeli belah pun cukup la. Yang sedeynya kat Batu Pahat pon gatal nak buat Batu Pahat mall. Depan sekolah aku yang dulu ada pokok yang bole buat teduh pon kena tebang sebab oleh sebab Tesco.

Bila aku tengok construction site, aku rasa loya. Kadang2 aku rasa benda ni tak penting pon. Nak bina kawasan perumahan baru? Macam tak cukup je… macam… tetiba manusia bole buat klon2 dan perlukan tempat tinggal untuk simpan klon2. Ok, maybe lahirnya family baru. Tapi ada family baru, mesti ada family lama yang dah kembali ke rahmatullah. So sepatutnya seimbanglah kadar kelahiran bayi dengan kadar kematian rakyat (it does make me sound vile saying this). Apa salahnya dok rumah lama, boleh je renovate (cam rumah aku skrg ni huhu). Ada kes… penat2 je siapkan bangunan apartment yang cun2, tapi takde orang pun berani duduk (hanya sbb sekuriti kurang bagus)… cis… sapelah punya idea ni. Len kali nak bina bangunan fikir baik2 la! Nak duit je, last2 ko gak yg rugi.

Kena pergi balik ke sekolah la diorang ni.

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