Poet of Fall


Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on March 18, 2009

Nothing serious yet, so hear me tag.

Your last..

Beverage = air masak. DM habis air manis D:
Phone call = Otou-sama
Song you listened to = Final Fantasy Prelude
Cry = er… erm… masa tengok citer Code Geass R2 hampir nangis. I’m kinda frozen hearted lately…

Have you ever..
Dated someone twice = Aku bukan pompuan gatal
Been cheated on = Ex aku laki gatal. Pernah la…
Kissed someone & regretted it = Yes. Puas aku cuci bibir gune clorox.
Lost someone special = He used to be so special, i don’t deny it. But no more…

In the past month, have you..
Fallen out of love = Nope…
Laughed until you cried = Tak ingat…
Met someone who changed your life = Maybe, without realizing who or when. but if i wanna list them, I’d rather not >///>
Found out someone was talking about you = Yeah, I know.

Do you..
Have any pets = My fluffy orange cat, Oliver
Want to change your name = If I could make it shorter
You ever talked to a person named Tom = of all people, why Tom?

Time did you wake up today = 7.06 am
Were you doing at midnight last night = Lepak bilik Norra, pilih background music untuk filem.
Something you cannot wait for = Fridays
Last time you saw your father = Kejap lagi….
Your name = [unable to process data]
Elementary/Primary School = SK Bukit Damansara, Sk Bukit Soga (sekolah cipan)
High School = SMK Convent Batu Pahat
Hair color = hitam…dan putih =D

Your firsts..
Surgery = Nein
Piercing = Never
Best friend = Confidential…
Sport you joined = Handball lol
Pet = Hamsters…called Qoji.
Vacation = When I was setahun jagung, probably in Hong Kong..? Like I remember the events during toddler-hood.

Eating = my life away lol…
Drinking = air masak?
Waiting = My dad

Your future..
Want kids = No way, I hope.
Want to get married = Happiness lives shorter than life could; thus, better not risk it.
Careers in mind = Physicist, Researcher, Mythbuster, Mad Scientist, Character Designer, Comic Artist, Novellist… Hikkikomori/Hermit.

Do you believe in..
Yourself = Not really
Miracles = God’s miracles, yea
Love at first sight = Only in Vincent Valentine’s case
Heaven = Yes
Kiss on the first date = tak sabo2. Nope
Angels = Yeah

Answer truthfully..
Is there one person you want to be with right now = Nobody
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time = Aku bukan pompuan gatal
Do you believe in God = Yes, although my faith ain’t strong enough.

3 more left…


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