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Antique Bakery (anime)

Posted in Review by vien88 on February 17, 2009

One day I randomly lurked for pics and suddenly found an interesting pic of a dude in chef costume with another dude in waiter costume. It was tagged, “Antique Bakery”.

I found the manga and read it…and got fascinated seeing four handsome men working in a western cake store. EMPAT jejaka tampan dalam satu kedai. Mana tak heaven tuh *___*. Mana ada kedai bakery kat midvalley bagi servis camtuh! It’s like a meido cafe for women; cakes served by really hot guys. DO WANT. Ahhaah lagi best masa scene… 4 orang did this natural pose masa customer datang. Terus jatuh hati customer (pompuan) tuh, sampai sanggup bayar lebih nak beli cake >O<. But the manga translation is not finished yet… so I decided to watch the Jdrama first, but the Jdrama tak habis download. And next my dream come true cos I found the anime!

The anime excluded a few unneccessary things, and presented the story in a slightly different way. Plotline is the same I think (lama tak baca manga), but the way it was presented agak membosankan. Jdrama lagi syok tengok interaksi dengan customer… but kalo bab character relationship, aku prefer yang dalam anime. Cos agak… slashable ahyahyahya… >///>. Hanya ada 12 episod, and it ended up with the main character finally accepting reality. Aiks… camtu je. There wasn’t a huge ‘bang’ that made them wanna move on although there is a certain climax. Yang tak brapa bagi impact sgt pon.

Character Analysis tiem

1. Tachibana Keiichiro

  • 30+ dude yang kaya raya for ‘some reason’ decided to open a small cake house decorated with antique furnitures. He had a stable carreer before this in a huge company, but when he decided to open this shop, his parents did not protest. Cam manja sangat kat dia je lol. Okay… the anime didn’t exactly show a solid reason why he sungguh2 wanna open this shop so that’s kind of a minus point. In the manga, he took extra lessons with the genius pattisier to hafal all the ingredients of each pastries. Ironically, he doesn’t fancy cakes… he fears cake, more like it.. for ‘some reason’. And for ‘some reason’, dia agak homophobic. And he has this awesome salesman skills that can attract customers (especially women), I think I myself would be a victim >0<.

2. Ono Yuusuke

  • Unshamefully introduced himself as “devilish gay” to Tachibana, just to warn him that his weird charm had cause a lot of trouble in his previous jobs. Even straight men can fall for him, so he fears getting fired because of his weird aura. Lucky him, his charm takde efek kat Tachibana. And actually, he used to be in love with Tachibana during high school but was heartlessly rejected (cos of the ‘some reason’ Tachibana has). Since then he…start… going out with… different kind of men… and end up… susah nak interact dengan perempuan >///>. Anyways, I like the anime Ono cos he has more character and naughty thoughts… while Ono in the Jdrama is agak expressionless and boring.

3. Kanda Eiji

  • A former light-weight boxer champion… who just had to quit his boxing carreer, and immediately went to work as pattisier in the cake house. Why? Cos he likes cake!s Dia siap merayu kat Ono nak jadi apprentice, and lucky for both of them (and tachibana), Eiji is not Ono’s type XD. Dalam manga cakap Ono tak minat dia cos Ono tak minat younger guys. Anyways… he’s the cutest among the four, both in anime/manga and Jdrama. Eiji appears to be very enthustiastic about becoming a pattisier… but in the Jdrama we are able to see his kesungguhan even more. Since cakes are secong to boxing, he’d do anything to get back into the ring.

4. Kobayakawa Chikage

  • Tachibana’s childhood friend, a son of Tachibana’s housekeeper. Although he is older than his “young master” (Tachibana), dia agak dumb… tapi he’s a reliable company for Tachibana, as a kid till his adult years. He’s the only guy Tachibana can hug (awww), and he was always by his waka‘s side ever since… the ‘some reason’ thingy. Sampai la besar dia riso kan waka nye. Ohahahha >///< He’s sweet, naive but really clumsy. And.. and… he kinda sanggup tolong some 40 year old woman to become pregnant >_>. Yeap, he may not look like it, but he is a dad already. Oyes, important point lupe… dia pakai sunglasses. He needs it cos he has bad eyesight or sensitive eyes ke hape. Jdrama version – he’s goddamn handsomuuu~  Both in anime/manga and Jdrama, he’s just an adorable adult… Honestly, I’d like to see more of him with Tachibana *blushes*

Animation wise… a bad combo of 2D and 3D animasi but i put that aside of course. Opening theme is kinda funky for an antique themed show, but that’s okay. BGM is not that memorable, yang paling aku ingat is probably the cover of a classical song. And some… pipe organ track.

Erm not much to say for a very short series… Maybe I can review more about the Jdrama. Hmm, I wonder if I can find the Kdrama version of Antique.. >w<

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