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Cruisin’ da Highway!

Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on February 1, 2009
untuk hiasan semata2

untuk hiasan semata2

It’s…a sad sad day…so sad… and sorrowful…cos I had to go back to college..back to this ruddy room.. with incomplete stack of assignments…and this wonderrrful project work (my brains are strained from a lot of squeezing). I wanna cryyyyy… TDT

As usual…Rurouni Oyaji is the one who send me back..using the car, not some random airship. The old but sleek black Wira. well, i had a lot of things to bring (like the lovvvelyyy materials for project…which isn’t that much but the size does matter…0_0 ). He took the Lekas highway route…which is…empty. Suddenly he stopped at the side of the vast road and said “you drive” (cakap style kakkoi action hero for t3h lulz)


I said…ok. I drive…. I DROVE! Since there are not too many cars around, it’s fun cruisin’ the straight-forward road. I suddenly remembered Shiro aka ragey challenging me to reach 140 km/h. LOL, i actually tried that effort but then my oyaji went… “wow 120, that’s really fast”. OKaaaayyy… i slowed down before he has the urge to kill me or anything =__=;;. A really fast car whizzed past me and that kinda freaked me out. But then…zoooooooooooooom..!! wahhhh…that was FUN. Then I kept screwing up with the toll…

Much much later I had to go through some busy traffic…which I think I pretty much failed during the changing lanes part (kena marah wuuu). Cos I almost terlanggar kereta sebelah. I hope oyaji still have his heart in the right place, gomeeeen ne… T_T. I also failed parking! Cos i dunno how to estimate the section lines yet…

But overall, I think i did pretty good… especially in the highway ^=^
Can’t wait to drive a car in campus, but Grammar Nazi doesn’t allow me to break the rule here (where 2nd years cannot register cars, but motorcycles are allowed). Hopefully by the next session, I can have a (borrowed/inherited) ninjamobile (thanks mana for this cool name lol~).


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