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Aku benci…

Posted in Life by vien88 on February 24, 2009


Aku dalam sengsara.

aku dalam derita…

Terlintas pulak persoalan.. “apakah tujuan sebenar aku masuk UM?” tak sangka pula kalau nak study sini kita kena jadi pelajar yang mengagungkan projek kolej semata2 nak dapat bilik penginapan selama setahun. Tapi serius aku cakap, masa aku first year dulu, takde satu pon projek yang menarik minat aku. Aku join pon sebab… entah la…saje nak tengok camane. Sume bosan2 belaka… aku buat doujinshi tensen2 pon lagi seronok. Maybe sebab ada kaitan dengan hobi aku.

Aku tak nafikan la aku jadi leka bila dapat masuk ke Universiti idamanku sejak kecil. Seronok sangat sampai lupa apa tujuan masuk menara gading. Aku dah regret bila tersenarai sebagai “di bawah pemerhatian” masa sem 1. Semester berikutnya aku improve, dan pointer still maintain. Masuk sem ni ingat nak improve lagi.. tapi biasala…orang procastinate. Orang yang suka tangguh kerja cam aku ni tak sesuai la jadi ketua biro ke apa2, memang takkan jalan la. Jalan pon lambat cam siput. Tapi tah la… aku nak back out, tapi dah terhasut, now it’s too late to step down. Sape suruh kesian kan orang lain sangat… in the end, aku sendiri perlu dikasihani…

Aku benci la…

Kuli yang tak faham bahasa, tak faham arahan, tak faham situasi, tak faham kesusahan ketua2 mereka. Haihh kami pon ada student life… suffer sama2 tak boleh ke. Aku dah korban waktu study, aku dah pernah ponteng kuliah just for this. Sebab aku tak trust diorang… but still aku takleh work alone. Ke aku ni tak cukup strict… ni yang dilema… kalo strict sangat kang cabut lari orang bawahan. Lembut sangat amik advantage lak. Ke aku ni cam taik sangat susah nak communicate dengan ahli2? Nak ngadu kat pihak atasan kena sound “JANGAN BAGI ALASAN” ohohoho macam diorang TAW je situasi camane. Ingat aku ada Geass ke nak control orang sesuka hati… (kalo ada best gak..)

Yep aku cam taik kot… masa free marathon anime. Bajet takde keje la…bajet nak study lepas tengok anime. Aku yang tak pandai urus masa kot.

Enuff self blame… yang buat aku geram ialah perangai budak2 setahun jagung ni. Gatal nak masuk projek je lebey. Nak dok kolej sangat… sanggup nyibukkan diri sampe takde masa dah. Benda ni dah jadi cam ritual nak bangkitkan si setan dalam diriku. Nak ngamok campak itu ini rasanye.

Aku perlu menangis. Tapi tak mampu. Ego menahan air mata. Tapi aku perlu nangis supaya boleh relieve serba sedikit rasa stres.

aku benci sume ni.

rasa cam nak bunuh diri. Nak diculik oleh orang bunian… padan muka keje tak jalan. don’t mourn for me.

benci…benci sangat. >_>

benci sgt sampe takde mood nak mencarut…. fucking shit.

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Road to Grammar Nazi-ness

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on February 23, 2009

After reading hime-sama’s blog about the grammar thingy… it got me thinking a bit. I have to admit that I am slightly affected. Actually, it bothers me a long time ago when I was dubbed Grammar Nazi when I casually correct other people’s grammar. Knowing that this kind of attitude chases away fellow cyberfriends, I kept my ‘attacks’ moderate and gradually I got lazier to correct people. One reason why I got lazier is because I’m already used to seeing the same ol same ol, most of the time they’re tolerable… although some are just too bad that I don’t even know how to correct them.

lulz oka-sama

lulz oka-sama

Anyways, I reminisced on why I grew up becoming really sensitive towards English grammar. Back in my loli days, the Gramma Nazi Queen abused indulged me into a sea of educational English language books with the most annoying ever style of educating. Well, back then till this day, I know how annoying it seemed, but it certainly helped… a LOT. Other than that, I was exposed to a kid’s cartoon show (other than Sesame Street) which actually had an amazing storyline while it taught children proper grammar along the way. I remember the animated pink text on the black background displaying “she is not” –> “she isn’t”. IMO, adults should watch it too. It may be rather childish, but not as kiddy as Sesame Street, but the least you could do is to appreciate the ideas, plot and themes. This show introduced me to “computers”… it also had a dose of sci-fi, love triangle (+ unrequited love lol) and…. prison break!

not to forget…the A E I O U… I love you~! song XD

Back to reality. I went to a kindergarden where everyone speaks English (but mine was still kinda broken). My family environment is more towards rojak language. Sounds cool? I thought it was… until I enrolled into primary school, where suddenly everyone is speaking some sort of alien language 100%. It’s not like I don’t speak that language, it’s my mother tongue dammit! It’s just that I’m not used to it, I have trouble talking to friends and I suffer trying to understand what people are saying!!

ntah la masa kecik kena paksa ikat twintails..

ntah la masa kecik kena paksa ikat twintails..

But I managed to survive, thank goodness there are people who can actually speak English or switch or rojak. Most KL kids can at least speak in English casually without being condemned by anyone. Unlike the Johorians… oh man. Shifting to Johor gave me quite a culture shock. Almost no one can utter a word in English! Okay, perhaps it’s acceptable for Malays, but even the Chinese couldn’t (I don’t mean to sound like a racist in any way). Have you any idea how tensed I was?

Realizing how pathetic most kids are, I paid more attention to English class, especially when it comes to grammar lessons. Seeing how other’s (English) standard lower than mine motivated me to become better mwahahahah. As a result, I became more and more sensitive to grammatical errors and get easily ticked off whenever I see mistakes. Behind their backs,  I cursed how lame these people are. Evil much? Yes I was.

But all that was in my history, cos like I said earlier, I can tolerate minor errors now. Even if I see a handful amount of errors, I hold back my urge to snap.

Still, it ain’t as cool as ye think. Cos no matter how good I am in English, I still suck at Malay Language. I never get an A!! NEVARRR..!! Could it get any worse..? Yeah, it was when someone questioned me… “But aren’t you Malay?” … *dies* It’s kinda sad… I even had to go to Malay language tuition class (where there were only 2 Malay students, others are Chinese, cos other Malays seem to think that they are automatically expert in their mother tongue *rolls eye*. Oh but they went to English tuition class which I did not have to attend 8D).

Getting as high as A2 for BM in SPM is already enough to make me fly to Cloud 9, cos Finally, I saw an A next to Bahasa Melayu *cries happy tears*. How did I do it..? It’s still a mystery… but I sorta blame it on my essay paper, by then I’ve already had this Malay literature skills I gained from absorbing KOMSAS books. Unlike most people, I find the language used classic Malay tales ‘beautiful’. I might have stolen a few tricks and adapted it with the modern style.

Rolling back to the main topic, ah…where did I stop. Urge to snap eh… right.. yes. Most of the time, I choose to ignore these errors or pronunciation. But sometimes I did that do spice up a conversation… or just playfully say it hiding the serious tone. Well, someone has to do it right? Honestly, I don’t like seeing my friends being lost or misunderstood by those kind of mistakes. Maybe the way I correct it is kinda harsh, but that’s probably the way I am…? the way I do things? My natural reaction?

When dismissing my sincere action of teaching others, I do feel a little… well, hurt. Sure, I understand people have pride and ego, that they’d rather not look weak in others’ eyes. I’m like that too… but I slowly learn to accept other’s opinion or correction even if it takes 10 years. I’m that kind of person. So the conclusion is, don’t brush aside when someone is trying to be kind to you. I help correct grammatical errors without asking for a fee or reward – the English teachers at school are paid but they still fail to make most students experts in English anyway.

Rant and reminisce ends here. thank you |3. btw, I don’t think I have perfectly correct English either, if oka-san sees this she’d easily spot what is wrong (that’s one reason why I disclose this url from her XD )

Edit: A few nights ago, I had little headache, yet I still had to attend an important meeting. Each division representative had to say something about the rules for next week’s event… most of them spoke in English…and OH GOD. Like I said, i don’t mind minor errors but most of them; let’s say… their fluency is like a rod with countless number of cracks, dents and corrosion from one end to another. The ache in my head increased in amplitude, I got so frustrated that my thoughts went somewhere else now and then >,>

oh yes, lastly,  I apologize if you feel offended by this post.

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Antique Bakery (anime)

Posted in Review by vien88 on February 17, 2009

One day I randomly lurked for pics and suddenly found an interesting pic of a dude in chef costume with another dude in waiter costume. It was tagged, “Antique Bakery”.

I found the manga and read it…and got fascinated seeing four handsome men working in a western cake store. EMPAT jejaka tampan dalam satu kedai. Mana tak heaven tuh *___*. Mana ada kedai bakery kat midvalley bagi servis camtuh! It’s like a meido cafe for women; cakes served by really hot guys. DO WANT. Ahhaah lagi best masa scene… 4 orang did this natural pose masa customer datang. Terus jatuh hati customer (pompuan) tuh, sampai sanggup bayar lebih nak beli cake >O<. But the manga translation is not finished yet… so I decided to watch the Jdrama first, but the Jdrama tak habis download. And next my dream come true cos I found the anime!

The anime excluded a few unneccessary things, and presented the story in a slightly different way. Plotline is the same I think (lama tak baca manga), but the way it was presented agak membosankan. Jdrama lagi syok tengok interaksi dengan customer… but kalo bab character relationship, aku prefer yang dalam anime. Cos agak… slashable ahyahyahya… >///>. Hanya ada 12 episod, and it ended up with the main character finally accepting reality. Aiks… camtu je. There wasn’t a huge ‘bang’ that made them wanna move on although there is a certain climax. Yang tak brapa bagi impact sgt pon.

Character Analysis tiem

1. Tachibana Keiichiro

  • 30+ dude yang kaya raya for ‘some reason’ decided to open a small cake house decorated with antique furnitures. He had a stable carreer before this in a huge company, but when he decided to open this shop, his parents did not protest. Cam manja sangat kat dia je lol. Okay… the anime didn’t exactly show a solid reason why he sungguh2 wanna open this shop so that’s kind of a minus point. In the manga, he took extra lessons with the genius pattisier to hafal all the ingredients of each pastries. Ironically, he doesn’t fancy cakes… he fears cake, more like it.. for ‘some reason’. And for ‘some reason’, dia agak homophobic. And he has this awesome salesman skills that can attract customers (especially women), I think I myself would be a victim >0<.

2. Ono Yuusuke

  • Unshamefully introduced himself as “devilish gay” to Tachibana, just to warn him that his weird charm had cause a lot of trouble in his previous jobs. Even straight men can fall for him, so he fears getting fired because of his weird aura. Lucky him, his charm takde efek kat Tachibana. And actually, he used to be in love with Tachibana during high school but was heartlessly rejected (cos of the ‘some reason’ Tachibana has). Since then he…start… going out with… different kind of men… and end up… susah nak interact dengan perempuan >///>. Anyways, I like the anime Ono cos he has more character and naughty thoughts… while Ono in the Jdrama is agak expressionless and boring.

3. Kanda Eiji

  • A former light-weight boxer champion… who just had to quit his boxing carreer, and immediately went to work as pattisier in the cake house. Why? Cos he likes cake!s Dia siap merayu kat Ono nak jadi apprentice, and lucky for both of them (and tachibana), Eiji is not Ono’s type XD. Dalam manga cakap Ono tak minat dia cos Ono tak minat younger guys. Anyways… he’s the cutest among the four, both in anime/manga and Jdrama. Eiji appears to be very enthustiastic about becoming a pattisier… but in the Jdrama we are able to see his kesungguhan even more. Since cakes are secong to boxing, he’d do anything to get back into the ring.

4. Kobayakawa Chikage

  • Tachibana’s childhood friend, a son of Tachibana’s housekeeper. Although he is older than his “young master” (Tachibana), dia agak dumb… tapi he’s a reliable company for Tachibana, as a kid till his adult years. He’s the only guy Tachibana can hug (awww), and he was always by his waka‘s side ever since… the ‘some reason’ thingy. Sampai la besar dia riso kan waka nye. Ohahahha >///< He’s sweet, naive but really clumsy. And.. and… he kinda sanggup tolong some 40 year old woman to become pregnant >_>. Yeap, he may not look like it, but he is a dad already. Oyes, important point lupe… dia pakai sunglasses. He needs it cos he has bad eyesight or sensitive eyes ke hape. Jdrama version – he’s goddamn handsomuuu~  Both in anime/manga and Jdrama, he’s just an adorable adult… Honestly, I’d like to see more of him with Tachibana *blushes*

Animation wise… a bad combo of 2D and 3D animasi but i put that aside of course. Opening theme is kinda funky for an antique themed show, but that’s okay. BGM is not that memorable, yang paling aku ingat is probably the cover of a classical song. And some… pipe organ track.

Erm not much to say for a very short series… Maybe I can review more about the Jdrama. Hmm, I wonder if I can find the Kdrama version of Antique.. >w<

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25 things you haet about me TAG

Posted in tag by vien88 on February 15, 2009


hwahaha…it’s not a bout hate.. it’s about…

25 things you may not know about me… but now you know. Maybe you should know… So it’s no longer a secret… deny some truths if you wish. I do not mind =D

1. I daydream all the time. Explains why I appear dazed or not paying attention…
2. A shameful fujoshi. A guilty pleasure… |3
3. I dislike arguments. Rather than yelling at one another, I’d rather have a cold war.
4. I dislike (certain kind of) people in my own sex.
5. I think I would fall for a guy who can shed manly tears…. okay I like okama and probably has this weird attraction towards gays *headdesk*
6. I’ve been to USA before, but I was too little to remember much.
7. Okay other than that, I’ve been to Hong Kong too. So I can proudly say that I’ve already went overseas lol.
8. I started to complete my prayers 5 times a day when I was 17.
9. I’d rather become a subordinate than a leader. I wanna be the best subordinate ever!
10. When i was a kid I love Muzzy cartoon show, and I still do. It’s not well known, but it’s the best show for kids especially if you wanna learn proper grammar.
11. I started drawing because of my dad.
12. A lot of people asked why I choose science course instead of arts. Well, the truth is, my SPM result is good enough to undertake science field so I’d rather not lose that opportunity.
13. My art is not too commercial, except for my comic strips. I prefer drawing for myself than drawing for people. So it’s difficult for me to do requests.
14. I hate it when people ask me to draw their portraits. Take a photo of yourself, convert it to black and white, edit it with pencil sketch effect and VIOLA. You get a b&w portrait of yourself! Bottom line, i don’t wanna waste my time drawing what a camera can do instantly.
15. I know I’m partially wapanese (wannabe Japanese). DX
16. My ‘darkside’ is like an imaginary friend.
17. I’d rather be alone than having friends who may eventually hurt me.
18. Hmm though I said that… i kinda..hate to admit… that I am scared of… losing people who I’m close with… there i said it! >///<
19. I used to dance on stage to boyband songs lol
20. The last time I counted I own over 1000 original characters (since year 1997). But more than half of them are probably rejected/abandoned. The numbers are slowly increasing.
21. I may draw scary stuff (and may look scary too), but I avoid watching horror movies. I may LOL during the watch, but I will start freaking out later in the night. =_=|lll
22. Involved in doujinshi or self-published comics industry (lol) for 5 years already.
23. I wear socks whenever I wear roman sandals. Why? Cos it’s kinda like imitating the ‘tabi’. The main reason is to have the Japanese feel XD. Told ya I’m wapanese 😛 (Someone asked this Q before but I didn’t answer it directly lol)
24. I like being different. Up to the point I will start to dislike what most common people like, especially in terms of music. When EVERYONE likes the song A, I will HATE the song A.
25. I wear kain batik indoors


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Valentine’s Day Wrap-up

Posted in Life, Video by vien88 on February 14, 2009

Enjoy this video while reading this post. A Kingdom Hearts AMV, with the song Valentine’s Day by Linkin Park. I’ve no idea how good the video is cos lama gile nak load *curses connection*. But yang penting, I love this song. This is special for ronery dudes out there ^^

Valentine’s Day – Linkin Park

My insides are turned to ash, so slow
And blew away as I collapsed, so cold
A black wind took them away, from sight
And held the darkness over day, that night

And the clouds above move closer
Looking so disatisfied
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

I used to be my own protection, but not now
Cause my path has lost direction, somehow
A black wind took you away, from sight
And held the darkness over day, that night

And the clouds above move closer
Looking so disatisfied
And the ground below grew colder
As they put you down inside
But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing

So now you’re gone
And I was wrong
I never knew what it was like
To be alone

On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
(I used to be my own protection but not now)
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
(Cuz my mind has lost direction somehow)
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
(I used to be my own protection but not now)
On a Valentine’s Day, On a Valentine’s Day
(Cuz my mind has lost direction somehow)



On a Valentine’s day… I wished my cat Hepi Varentain cos he’s the only male who loves me XD. lol bestiality… but i think my cat’s tendency is towards humans than tabby-cats. Weird.

Okay… on the valentine’s day i woke up late. Then I went out with my grandparents lololololol. So lame…but oh well, it’s been a while since I go out with them. At least diorang belanja makan. So ronery…ronery much that I takde keje send Valentine sms to mai yuri harem predators deady and mana (yes i is a victim!! T__T *in denial*).

Masuk kedai CD, ingat nak beli varentain presento to myself, but the album i wanna look for habis stok T_T. But then…i found something betta… Princess Princess and Antique Cake House DVD!!! Although I know too well the subs are gonna be lame, but it brings me happiness~! So I thought I should just buy it in case I am bored staying in college. Besides… campus wireless is not giving me justice to download anything. Oleh sebab desperate sgt nak recharge myself with anime awesom, aku beli je lah. Nak tunggu Ookami Senpai bagi aku file Code Geass R2 bukan main lama >_>. (oyea..my oji-san and oba-san bought some music CDs. Despite of being traditional, they’re still moderately modern for their age O_O)

Actually I found another DVD that goes at the same league as those two… the title is even more apparent. I half regret not buying it… but the reason why I didn’t is because I don’t wanna get disappointed if it’s bad although it’s in the area of my peculiar interest. I’ve seen previews for Princess2, and read Antique Cake Store manga (and Jdrama) so I dared buying it. I’d look for previews for that anime… if I like it, I’m gonna look for the oppurtunity to go to OU with oji-san and oba-san again. >:D *niat jahat*

Hopefully it’s still there. Or else I’d cry sampai banjir KL.

But I still cannot believe I found ANTIQUE CAKE STORE DVD there!!! Princess2 aku tak heran la… but Antique!! Godammit! Wuahahahahaha!!! *dies of happiness*

Today is bestest varentain evarrrr >///>

after that… aku bertekad nak study or watch Antique. Instead i spent a lot of time writing blog while barging through the gooey wireless connection. D:

In the end… the day is rather boring. Oyea…suddenly i chat with some random girl (irl) and we talk about minor personal stuff. We’ve met before, but we barely even utter a word to each other…suddenly we sat in one table to ‘study’ and talk about random stuff.

Oaaaa… still, boring day is booooring…

Favourite Couples

Posted in Uncategorized by vien88 on February 14, 2009

Oleh sebab aku single sekarang, aku takde pape nak cakap pasal boyfren atau girlfren. Erm..nak bernostalgia pasal valentine’s day zaman kapel dulu pon…tarak. Cos takde memori yang indah dengan exbf on 14 Feb for 3 years. Cos he’s like “apa gune wish valentine kalo x dpt jumpe” lulz… ler, stakat wish pon ok. Paling kureng pon bagi hadiah belated ke lukis untuk aku pon boley gak. Tak best langsung. Elok la, or else aku asyik teringat2 kenangan terindah.

Now I shall speak about my favourite couples in anime and video game. Oh no no real life stuff here. I is otaku *megane twinkles*. Take note that they are not in order…

WARNING: Okay read with an open mind… sebab ada mix of hetero and homo couples in one post.
Fave Hetero couples

Tamaki x Haruhi (shes a girl)

Tamaki x Haruhi (she's a girl)

1. Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII series)

  • There’s a debate about who is Cloud’s heroine; Aerith or Tifa. In the official Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork, it may appear that Aerith is the heroine. And that she’s more feminine than Tifa, she’s more likely his main love interest. But I don’t deny that Cloud has feelings for Aerith and even has this necrophillic behaviour towards her (as seen in Advent Children movie). But hey, she’s goddamn dead! probably alive in the lifestream, but still, she’s no longer breathing. That’s why I strongly support Cloud x Tifa, with Tifa being his childhood friend. And lemme remind you that Cloud wants to become a SOLDIER for Tifa. And Tifa isn’t your average heroine…she kicks ass and she’s as sweet as a lady should be.

2. Kenshin x Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)

  • Sape dah tengok Samurai X anime, you’ll probably think it’s weird why it isn’t Kenshin x Kaoru. Well, tell ya what, for those who didn’t read the manga sampai habis or watch the OVA… Tomoe is Kenshin’s first love, and deceased wife. Mula2 they’re pretending to be husband and wife… then they sorta fell in love with each other mysteriously. Er…tapi..tak nampak sangat. Cos Tomoe is an introvert… somehow she reminds me of myself a bit. Shame that they tak sempat have children cos Tomoe sacrificed herself for the one she loves *__* how noble! ❤

3. ZERO x Karin Kouzuki (Code Geass)

  • Agak pelik… not Lelouch x Kallen. But ZERO x Karin. I have this fetish for leader x subordinate relationship. It’s kinda one-sided, but I admire how Karin looks up to zero. Well, I haven’t watched R2 so i dunno what happened between them really.

4. Kuno x Nabiki (Ranma ½)

  • actually, they’re just supporting characters and they’re a minor pair. Well, they did not exactly officially declare themselves as a couple, but they have the potential. Kuno and Nabiki are classmates, and Kuno is after Nabiki’s tsundere sister. Nabiki on the other hand, betrays her sister buy selling her pics to the perverted self-proclaim “Blue Thunder” just for the money. A filler episode in the anime showed that Nabiki is meant for Kuno, but whether it’s true or not remains a mystery. But I like seeing them putting their heads together… besides Kuno is filthy rich, Nabiki should just marry him for the money XD.

5. Seifer x Fuujin (Final Fantasy VIII)

  • Not an official pairing either, but potential in my eyes. This is another leader x subordinate relationship which I fancy so much. Seifer is an arrogant character who failed his SeeD exams a couple of times while being followed around by his cronies; the dumb Raijin and the tough Fuujin. Fuujin suka cakap sepatah2, with a loud voice. She’s probably like Kallen, admiring Seifer from afar. Only once in the game she softens her voice preventing Seifer to go rampage. and that is sweet ^w^

6. Naruto x Hinata (Naruto)

  • Cos I don’t see any chemistry between Sakura and Naruto (probably see some in the 2nd season), I think NaruHina would make a cute couple. Since Hinata is the first person who acknowledged Naruto, doncha think she deserves to be his girlfriend? But I have a bad feeling her fate would end up like Tomoe… or maybe she has to marry Neji intsead >.<

7. Hiruma x Mamori (Eyeshield 21)

  • When opposites attract… and when great minds think alike. Wargrhgrh aku tensen tengok how their relationship progress! Sebab Hiruma is too manly to fall in love, and Mamori pulak…too angelic to stand next to the devil. Anyway…rasanye Mamori satu2 nye awek yg leh handle si Hiruma tuh.

8. Ryo x King (King of Fighters series)

  • Judging on how they first met… it’s kinda weird. They had a battle, then King’s shirt ripped off, then Ryo sorta treats her like a lady. King disguises as a man to participate in Muey Thai contest for her brother but dipandang serong once discovered that she’s a woman. What’s even better, Ryo’s dad approves of King and wants her to become the mother of the next generation’s dojo heir XD.

9. Tamaki Suou x Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Tamaki may have charmed a lot of women, but I can tell that he seems to have sincere feelings towards Haruhi…although it looks more like he’s playing the role of a ‘father’ to her. Which I think is sweet still.

10. Natsu x Erza (Fairy Tail)

  • A potentail paring. I don’t like Natsu being paired up with the whiny Lucy… and he did go as far as eating some destructive power thing to save Erza’s life. Only a real hero would do that to a really strong heroine.

Fave Yaoi Couples

*fujoshi mode on* this is gonna be embarrassing >///>

Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica

1. Balthier x Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)

  • Not even an official pairing… but it’s what fujoshi often do, by pairing guys who are not meant to be a couple. Why I like them…is because of the master x apprentice relationship. Too bad they lack interaction in the game, but fujoshi would of course use their wild imaginations to make it happen!

2. Kakashi x Iruka (Naruto)

  • This is the first ever BL pairing that I ever got serious with. Back then I was still innocent, and limit myself to mild shonen-ai. I don’t see much of them in the manga… but since I watched the anime first, there’s a bit of filler in the anime and saw some chemistry between Kakashi and Iruka. I instantly fell in love with both of them ❤

3. Germany/Ludwig x Italy/Feliciano Vargas (Hetalia)

  • one word: CUTE. and they’re new on my top 10 list :3. This is when history gets freakin interesting…

4. Axel x Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)

  • Cos Axel is so obsessed in taking Roxas back into the organization…and gets excited when Roxas pretends to remember him… and Axel says he’d miss Roxas if he goes away…and what confirms that they’re indeed lovers (pure fangirlism) is when Axel says “He’s the only one who made me feel like I had a heart”. WAHHH *nosebleed*

5. Zack Fair x Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII series)

    6. Itsuki Kujo x Shotaro Kadoma (Hanazakari to Kimitachi e)

    • They are extremely minor characters… so you don’t see much of them. I wish there’s more cos Shotaro is a fcukin’ CUTE shota uke and Itsuki is a fcukin’ SEXY manly seme. I think I kept a pic of half-naked Itsuki >///>. The best scene for the two is during a dance party, where Shotaro had to crossdress as a girl in an evening gown and Itsuki grabs him while saying that the boy is his partner <333 so cute!!

    7. Kamina x Simon (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

    • They are soulmates! brothers! Because Kamina thrusts trusts the cowardly Simon so much, and because Simon so genuinely wants to protect the manly Kamina so much, how can I not love them?? Okay, I may not just like them as a pair, but I also like them as a team. Kamina means a lot to Simon that he made a bunch of statues of him after he died *cries*. Oh how I love seeing them go… GATTAI!!! *thinks dirty* <333

    8. Usagi/Akihiko Usami x Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

    • Dalam banyak2 kapel di sini… they’re the only ones who are official lovers. YES THEY ARE LOVERRRRSSS. Usagi is the (fictional) gay character to begin with, being in love with his best friend for 15 years only to be heartbroken when his best friend announced that he’s going to get married (with a woman la). He’s kinda quick to switch his love to his best friend’s brother when the younger boy cried for him. Yang peliknya… Misaki still can tolerate living with Usagi even after getting molested when they first meet >_>. But apa2 pon… like my friend Jo said, their romance is sweeter than your average romantic comedy couples.

    9. Shin Soujiro x Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)

    • Er… yes, weirdness. I dunno why I see something… lovely aura between them… maybe it’s becos of the rivalry. Even i dunno how to explain… but i’m sure there are better couples than this that I like.

    10. Stein x Spirit/DeathScythe (Soul Eater)

    • Spirit is Stein’s senpai… but he’s more like the dominant one. I still don’t know about their past, but they were partners for 5 years during their student years. Now they are teachers in Shibusen. So why did the fandom of this couple spark? It’s when Stein says to Maka, “So this is the child of the woman who stole my precious experiment”. ahem… experiment..? ;DDD

    Obviously…there are more of them. I just can’t think of who since I abandon a lot of fandoms XD.

    Fave Yuri Couples

    Jo and Meg

    Jo and Meg

    1. Barnette x Jura (Vandread)

    • In Vandread… it’s normal for women to be paired up. In this story, Men and Women lived in different planet. The manlier woman can make the feminine woman pregnant. Weird… there’s no scientific explanation to this. Men on the other hand… well, babies born in factories >_>;;. So… Jura once said she wants to get pregnant (with a guy) but Barnette thought Jura wants her to become the Homme. LOL.

    2. Jo x Meg (Bakuretsu Tenshi)

    • From how they first met to how they had to separate. But it’s kinda annoying to see how Meg seems clingy to Jo. jo doesn’t seem to mind much. Personally, I kinda prefer Jo with that chef guy.

    3. Chie Satonaka x Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

    • Yukiko’s shadow says that Chie is her prince charming… while Chie genuinely wants to protect her best friend Yukiko. *sigh* What more can I say?

    4. Milly Ashford x Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

    • Cos Milly usha Shirley’s boobs lol. Okay…they certainly make a better couple than Lulu x Shirley or Lloyd

    5…. no idea anymoar D:

    I dont have much to explain in yuri cos I don’t fancy it that much…

    End of post. Oh before i forget…and before the day ends. I’d like to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite parings up there. May your love last forever no matter how fictional you guys are ❤

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    Posted in Art, Life by vien88 on February 14, 2009

    Mak aku selalu pesan… we must be adventurous (when it comes to eating food). Mak aku jenis daredevil kalo bab cuba2 makan ni. Aku ni takot2 sikit. Tapi masa aku masuk matriks, tu la first time aku nak cuba makanan baru. Aku makan nasi kerabu… and fell in love with it.

    When it comes to Japanese food, I’m all out for it! Especially sushi, which is easy to get in Giant supermarkets. My top fave would be Okonomiyaki…the best i’ve ever tasted was the one sold during the first GACC event. Then I couldn’t find any other as good as that one. I’m thinking of cooking it myself cos it seems easy. However, I’m not a big fan of Japanese noodles like Ramen, Soba and Udon… i dunno why. The noodle strands are kinda thick and chewy. Yakitori is…hmm… well, not as good as ayam percik and satay. Teppanyaki ain’t bad either…except that it has a lot of tauge. Oyes…and not to forget meron pan (melon bread for those who are Japanese illiterate XD), I never let go of the oppurtunity to buy it whenever I see it. It’s not a national Japanese bread but it’s a popular pastry in the land of the rising sun.

    oh Wapanese much? =/   you may say so.

    Back to the main story… Whenever I go to Midvalley Megamall, I’ve always noticed this takoyaki stand hidden somewhere beyond the escalator as I make my way to the surau. We often stop by the bakery before heading back to campus, and I know I keep peering at the stand at the corner of my eye. Selalunya…asyik terlepas je peluang nak beli takoyaki.



    2 days ago, aku bertekad, AKU MESTI BELI JUGAK TAKOYAKI. Again, me and my buddies’ routine is to buy some bread at the bakery. I wanna let them go there first, while I admire those round little things being sizzled by the heat >w<. But then…

    omoshiroi desu yo...

    omoshiroi desu yo...

    shi- what are they doing here. I is embarrassed to show my wapanism >///>. then to my surprise…

    are you serious??

    are you serious??

    Well…i’m surprised that tiram and fatin (the domino thing…long story XD) actually wants to try some. Dahler sushi pon susah nak consume… ni nak try takoyaki lak (nasib baik korang leh makan ramen). YOU GUYS ARE CRAZEHH!! Demo…I’m even MOAR surprise u guys choose that chicken + cheese thing. Honestly…if i were you i’d pick the original isi…which is octopus. “Tako” means Octopus in the first place. So… aku tak tau apa rasa ayam + keju kalo dimasak ala takoyaki.



    and the result is…

    haa kan dah kena...

    haa kan dah kena...

    They showed this…negative reaction… i can see from their faces. “Aku rasa ni yang paling terakhir aku makan ni” they say lulz. Aku sorang je makan dgn bahagia *___*. Aww man. My wapanese side is offended D:. Takoyaki IS good…just this one is not the best I’ve ever tasted..aaaand… CHICKEN + CHEESE?? Apa kejadah… i gave it a shot and it doesn’t taste as good as the original octupus ball. Even in Sushi King the Takoyaki is not as good (mahal je lebey, tapi kecik2 dan tak best)… But..but…don’t give excuse that the sotong is mentah >_>. Kalo mentah pon…dah goreng kat dalam bebola tu..masak jugak wor. T__T  nee…aku tanya kak magfirah pon dia kata takoyaki tu sodaaaap.

    OK, next, let’s try OKONOMIYAKI! Now that’s hard to find in normal stores… gotta hunt down for it. =D

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    Jom main Tag Lagu-

    Posted in tag by vien88 on February 9, 2009


    1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Realplayer etc. on shuffle.
    2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
    3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW SILLY it sounds.
    4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
    5. For best result,put in various song from various singer at least 50 songs.

    25 Pasal aku

    1. If someone says, “Will you marry me… you say?
    Innocent Sorrow – Abingdon Boy’s School
    (ada maksud tersirat…)

    2. How would you describe yourself?
    Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts OST) – Kaoru Wada

    3. What do you like in a girl / boy?
    lisianthus (tv size) – Levantine
    (yes, mana-sama…i have this in my playlist… >///> …so what does it mean..?)

    4. How do you feel today?
    Sonic & Knuckles iMushroom OC Remix – GaMeBoX
    (lol apatah…aku nak interpret pon tak tau nak kata apa…)

    5. What is your life’s purpose?
    Dancing Samurai – Gackpoid
    (*jatuh kerusi*)

    6. What is your motto?
    Eyes on Me – Faye Wong
    (…………bak kata Prof Roslan… jgn perasan la org pandang kamu DX)

    7. What do your friends think of you?
    Chocobo FFXII Arrange Ver. 1 – Hitoshi Sakimoto
    (mak aih?? Kwn aku nama Chocobo ade la…apsal aku??)

    8. What do you think of your parents?
    Easier to Run – Linkin Park
    (agak aa…)

    9. What do you think about very often?
    Like a Foojin – Beck Mongolian Chop Squad (Justin Cook)

    10. What is some good advice for me?
    Yes Please- Muse
    (hey that doesn’t answer the question!)

    11. What do you think of your best friend?
    A Little Pain – Olivia (inspi’ Reira from NANA)
    (aku…tataw apa maksudnye ahahaha, erm…ye kot…sakit…)

    12. What do you think of the person you like?
    Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
    (stalker..lol…i think i got similar Q before and got this answer too O_O )

    13. What is your life story?
    Fanatic Waltz Orochi Shermie ( King of Fighter ’98 OST)
    (hwahahhaa fanatic ke…menari2 lak tu)

    14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    True Kagura (Okami OST) – Hiroshi Yamaguchi
    (weh Kagura tu pokok la…aku nak jadi pokok??)

    15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
    The Winner (Final Fantasy VIII OST) – Nobuo Uematsu
    (lol bangkai…mmg dia menang hatiku la tuh <3)

    16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    Interlude – Muse
    (bunyi gitar je wat pe…)

    17. What will they play at your funeral?
    Say the Word (Kim Possible) – Christy Romano Carlson
    (lagu gembira ni…korg hepi la aku mati eh…k fine…)

    18. What is your hobby/interest?
    Lagu Kolej Kelima

    19. What is your biggest fear?
    Sacred – Tokio Hotel
    (apa nak takot benda suci lak…)

    20. What is your biggest secret?
    The Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII) – Nobuo Uematsu
    (aku bukan kilang duit lor…tp aku mmg simpan duit banding dgn member2 lain ahaks)

    21. What do you think of your friends?
    Final Fantasy Pray – Pray (Final Fantasy)

    22. What did you do last night?
    Mirror Mirror – M2M
    (kantoi lolz… weh aku bukan jenis suka usha diri kat cermin k…)

    23. How would you describe your mom?
    Electric de Chocobo (Final Fantasy VII) – Nobuo Uematsu
    (not related -_- )

    24. What do people assume when they first look at me?
    In the End – Linkin Park

    25. Will I have a happy life?
    Theme from Bitter Moon – Vangelis
    (cam tak je…)

    Nak tag

    • tiram
    • rodi
    • k4in
    • Shiro
    • sape2 je
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    Aku dan Puisi

    Posted in Life, Poems by vien88 on February 8, 2009
    Gambar Haiku... but I am yet to try writing haiku...

    Gambar Haiku... but I am yet to try writing haiku...

    Sebenarnye…selain keje lukis2 ni, aku suka tulis puisi. Tapi kebanyakan puisi aku tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Hence the name “Poet of Fall”, where the ‘fall’ or autumn refers to the season I am born in, although we do not experience any seasonal changes here in the tropical rainforest climate (musim durian ada la).

    Aku start minat tulis benda camni…or secara lebih umumnya, “menulis” sejak aku kecil lagi. Mak aku suka dedahkan aku kat buku2 yang seskema-skema nye ajar Grammar (kartun pon ada gak) dan cerita fairy tales sampai la ke buku Enid Blyton. Kemudian…datangnya buku Nursery Rhymes. Puisi kanak2, kebanyakannya dalam bentuk jenaka. Masa tu…aku tak tau la apa perasaan aku. Tapi sekarang ni, aku rasa masa aku baca buku Nursery Rhyme tu…puisi sume indah2 belaka.

    Er…tapi aku rasa first time aku start berjinak dengan benda ala2 puisi ni masa aku dalam sekolah rendah. tapi lawak gile aa… aku main tukar2 lirik lagu BI. Banyak aku tukar…lepas tu dah letih main tukar2 lirik, aku tulis lirik sendiri. Dah ada tune kat kepala, tapi masalahnye takde alat muzik nak compose. Aku ada belajar muzik sket dulu, tapi halfway through aku quit. Rasa rugi lak.

    Oleh sebab takde alat muzik, maka harapan nak jadi penulis lirik atau komposer agak hancus la. Tapi aku ada alternatif lain. Aku nak tulis puisi! Bukan nye dapat kerja pon jadi pemuisi…tapi tulis puisi je la. Takde la rasa angan2 nak jadi pencipta lagu. Tapi aku tak ingat start bila aku serius tulis puisi…maybe time aku umur 15 tahun.

    Aku jarang tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu…kalau ada pon dah terkubur kat mana entah. Yang aku simpan, puisi yang aku tulis untuk pertandingan menulis puisi sempena Hari Kemerdekaan anjuran Pusat Sumber di matrikulasi. Saje2 je masuk…sebab boring. Lagi satu nak test power, tengok aku terer tak tulis dalam BM sebagaimana hebatnya aku tulis dalam BI (cewahhh). Tapi aku rasa serba salah sebab puisi aku tulis ni banyak ter-influence oleh orang lain punya sajak. Sebab aku suka sangat mood dan idea sajaknya aku pon tercilok dan sesuaikan hasil perah otaknya dengan stail nukilan aku. Sebab idea nye lain daripada lain… camne nak describe… “tak skema” la. Tak terlalu tipikal. Sungguh tak kusangka, aku menang tempat kedua! Malangnya tak dapat sijil, tapi menang hamper dipenuhi coklat dan jajan lolz.

    Tapi… hasil kerja aku kebanyakannya takde tone yang bervariasi. Mood yang aku guna agak limited, sebab aku punya nukilan hanya akan ‘menjadi’ jika aku pakai nada yang negatif. Yang ceria hampir tiada. Seperti yang boleh dilihat di sini, semuanya bunyi cam sedih dan murung. Aku taktau kalo orang laen boleh terima ke tak…sebab cam negatif gegila la. Sebab kalo tengok mana2 punya pertandingan puisi sume nak tema yang skema2. Aku susah nak adapt…seolah2 takleh nak sesuaikan diri di negara orang. Tu la sebabnya aku tak pernah masuk pertandingan apa2. Sekali tu je masa kat matriks.

    satu lagi aku suka praktikkan; metafora, hiperbola dan simbolisme. Aku kurang selesa jikalau puisi ku bunyi macam terlalu straight forward. So kalau sesiapa rajin baca my English poems, they’re all not so easy to understand. It will take a lot of effort to interpret it. Aku suka buat orang fikir… “apa yang dia maksudkan ni?”, kasi fikir kritis dan kreatif sikit dengan maksud yang tersirat. But some ada yang tersirat sangat hanya aku sahaja yang faham, kalau orang lain tak faham takpe. Kalau nak tafsir kepada maksud lain pon sukati la. Janji aku ada privacy sikit meluahkan perasaan walaupun orang awam boleh baca. Kalo nak taw, influence puisi aku banyak datang dari lagu alternative rock cam Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance gitu. Betul ni. ahhaha. Selain tu… lagu2 Jepun punye lirik sangat indah kalo bandingkan dengan lagu Melayu yang balik2 lafaz benda yang sama.

    …kat kolej ada Pesta Puisi Dayasari pulak..hmm.. rasa cam nak try join skali lagi… tapi bila dapat tau kena present kat stage, tak moh la aku. Aku ni tau tulis je, tapi bab nak mencapab ni aku fail la. Belum sempat naik pentas dah kalah dah hwaaha. kesian… bakat aku ni jenis dok sebalik tabir, jadi bayang2 je. Kalau la bole ada orang mewakili aku, bacakan hasil tulisan aku, aku sanggup bagi dia hadiah printer tu. Atau apa2 lagi hadiah di tempat bukan tempat pertama. Asalkan aku dapat sijil ehehe.

    Aku tetiba dapat satu idea ni. But again, agak negatif lah bunyi nye…sebab ianya ikhlas dari hati. Mungkin sukar bagi khayalak ramai terimanya. Mungkin bunyi macam terpesong akidah ke apa (taktau apa diskripsi yg sesuai lol)….mungkin la. Tapi yang aku tau, puisi aku memang lain daripada (kebanyakan) orang lain. Again, aku rasa cam nak luahkan isi hati sekarang ni…but at the same time nak mem-privatekan aku nye puisi ni sebab cam tak sesuai bagi ‘orang biasa’ dengar.


    ……………Rodi ko jgn taruk nama aku!!

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    Aku Dalam Dilema

    Posted in Life by vien88 on February 8, 2009

    Hari tu kitorang belajar pasal astronomy.

    Sangat sangatlah menarik. Kuliah tadi membuatkan aku terfikir… camne wujudnye graviti? Kenapa matahari, planet dan binatng sahaja ada graviti? Kenapa mesti sesuatu yang besar? Kenapa sebiji guli tak boleh tarik beberapa gumpal pasir? Nak kata kuasa magnet tak jugak, magnet hanya menarik elemen besi… Allah maha berkuasa. Aku suka fizik, walau susah mana pun, sebab fizik boleh buat aku renung… (rasa cam salah je ayat BM ni)

    Tapi tu bukan main point tajuk ni.

    concentrate beb

    concentrate beb

    Sepanjang minggu ni aku banyak buat keje…hari tu sebelum balik, aku sampai pening kepala potong2 atau ‘ukir’ polisterin kepada bentuk yang halus2. adoi..

    ok back to main point…

    Aku dalam dilema.

    Sepanjang cuti ni aku memang cuti sakan; main game, tengok anime dan baca komik. Assignment dengan hal projek kolej pun terlupa. Walau ku dah pesan suruh mencari bahan2 kepada AJK, tapi aku terlupa pula nak mesej mereka suruh hantar e-mail. Kan senang, aku dah boleh susun2 kat word dah. Malas punya pasal. bak kata pak cik aku masa zaman mudanya “cuti cuti la!”

    But then…that’s not he case dowh. Maka dilema pertama ialah;

    1.   Balik sini rasa agak serba salah la sebab tak buat headstart. Tapi mulanya aku nak balik kolej awal, tapi ada masalah sikit. So anyways, sepatutnya dah kena buat board dan gantung banner…tapi ada perubahan idea sikit…so jadi terlewat lak. Pastu pulak asainmen belum siap! tu la aku kata…mmg cuti tak ingat dunia. Nasib baik selasa banyak free, so aku bole la sempat beli barang yang tertentu dan buat kerja yang tertentu. The thing is…lepas kelas aku study/copy/discuss asainmen dengan coursemate… nampaknya kitorang agak lama discus dan makan tengah hari. Oleh itu, aku terpaksa ponteng satu kelas. Kan dah mungkir polisi aku “aku masuk UM nak belajar, bukan nak aktif kolej”. wargh…skali tu je..aku korbankan peluang menimba ilmu D:  tapi terpaksa…nak harapkan orang bawahan liat sikit. tambah lagi dengan perasaan serba salah…

    Aku dalam dilema… ni dilema kedua;

    2.   Kerja projek MPD aku terpaksa banyak tangguh…tapi makin ditangguh makin susah mau panggil anak buah turun. Sebab diorang ada meeting tah brapa banyak la..tu la akibat aktif gile kat kolej. Masa first year aku tak aktif pon…2nd year baru tetiba gatal nak masuk projek cheyyyhhh. Ok…oleh sebab kerisauan kekurangan kakitangan untuk buat kerja… aku nak kena pilih antara dua; pergi ke meeting NBD atau pergi sambung kerja publisiti MPD. In the end, aku pilih MPD. Sure…NBD lebih kepada kebajikan…tapi aku rasa aku jadi ‘manager (Tech)’ pun sebab nak fill in the blank. Lagipun ‘manager’ bukan aku sorang… MPD ni aku sorang je ketua divisi… tugas aku dalam NBD aku tak rasa apa2 sangat..rasa cam tak guna. And masa meeting aku rasa cam janggal…maybe cos aku bukan AJK pada tahun lepas. MPD, walaupun still tak rapat sangat dengan sesaper, aku boleh ngam lagi la. At least Penolong Pengarah pon kena involve dalam tugasan gak. So rasa sangat berbaloi buat kerja ni. So aku excuse myself from meeting, dan buat kerja publisiti with my AJK gone somewhere else.

    Aku dalam dilema…yang ketiga pula;

    3.  Aku nak pergi Penang. Aku nak ikot ke outstation NBD di Penang. Aku terlupa pula tarikh nak pergi Penang ialah this weekend. Aku nak pergi Penang seba aku rindu Penang…dah lama tak balik ke situ D:. Pastu pulak, mak aku suruh balik weekend ni sebab nak buat cermin mata. Tapi mak aku ok je kalo aku takleh balik. Then terfikir balik…kalo aku pergi Penang…tugasan publisiti MPD ni sape nak buat? Dah banyak dah depend kat pengarah, takkan nak serahkan kat dia lagi? Lagipun… bukan nak bajet ke hape… kalo aku takde, tugas takkan jalan. Aku ni jenis tak caya sangat kat orang… tambahan lagi dengan AJK yang baru je kenal2. Aku kena supervise gak…tak pun buat kerja sendiri. Seronok gak buat kerja sendiri tho. Pastu ada test pulak next week! So… in the end… aku rasa nak korbankan peluang nak pergi utara… Tapi no worries, Linda (coursemate) dah ajak gi majlis kawen dia..eh! Kakak dia la… =D. Kalau dah tak pergi Penang…langsung aku takde mood nak pergi outstation yang lain dah. Pahang tak pernah gi, but for some reason aku taknak. Seremban? LOLZ selalu balik kowt? Johor..? Meh… Melaka pon… selalu jumpe adik kat situ daa…

    Aku dalam dilema…yang terakhir dan still dalam consideration.

    4. Sekali sekala seumur hidup aku nak jadi vain. Teringin nak jadi gedik tetiba… oleh sebab aku jarang buat begini..tetiba rasa nak buat. Kali ni MPD nye tema ialah… Raikan Cintan. Tema warna merah, pink dan putih. Hmm…oleh sebab berkenan dengan baju ala gothic lolita…aku tanya la mieko sebab dia kan suka fesyen begitu. Pastu dia rekomen aku satu baju nihhh…tapi aku tak minat sgt sebab merah. Aku nak putih…tapi dia hasut punye hasut…aku tersuka pulak yang merah tu >///>. Masalahnya… Rm480 siot. Mak aku mesti takkan bagi…nak sewa pon takleh. Ye la… tak berbaloi la kalau pakai untuk malam tu je. THE THING IS! BUKAN SELALU AKU BUAT GINI! SAPE NAK TENGOK AKU PAKAI FEMININ SIKIT (selain baju kurung)?? So nampaknye aku kena senyap2 beli dan sorok drp mak aku.Or else dia bebel2 sampai aku pon sanggup lepaskan peluang nak jadi cun satu malam… Risky risky… Satu lagi masalah…takot tak muat! Kena berdiet secara drastic kot. Kata tuan punye baju bole adjust…but still… *worry*  Dan aku pon cadang nak gi window shopping dulu tengok kalo ada baju yang lagi gempak ke… Tapi perasaan aku sekarang lebih kepada baju tu… thanks a lot mieko =_+. Aku ter-blurt out about it kat member2…diorang lak makin menghasut aku melalui kaedah menyokong lol.

    Jadi korang nak hasut aku gak ke? (please do >_< )

    balik rumah pengsan sebab pening...

    balik rumah pengsan sebab pening...

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