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Hetalia : When countries are paired up…

Posted in Review by vien88 on January 31, 2009


Actually, the title should be.. Hetalia, countries personified.

So what’s with the cute pic vulpie…? i dunno, it reminds me of those moe girl pics. Which often made me go…ewwww… But this one is EPICLY CUTE cos…they’re all MEN (and a few women). And this story…is about history….*dozes off* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. NOT!

Axis Powers Hetalia (by Hidekazu Himaruya), a popular webcomic (among the girls apparently), which is about world’s history told in a way where the countries are the characters in human form. Interestingly, the character relationships are based on how the particular countries relate to each other in real life; allies? Enemies? Conquered? All is told in a funny way in APH. Amazing how they portrayed England and America to be brothers at first, and America grew so big, they ended up being seperated. Same goes for China and Japan (lol at the ‘Kanji’ comic strip). So if you’re tired of learning history by the wall of text method, I assure you, you WILL enjoy learning history through a wall of illustrations.

The artwork, however, doesn’t look as professional as your favourite manga or doujinshi’s style. As most of the comic strips are drawn in a scribbly and doodley way (reminds me of deady’s style). But in certain most important parts of the history, the comic is drawn with more details and effort. The webcomics are seperated into main storylines and extra stories; it ain’t neccessary to read them in order. One problem is sometimes it’s hard to differ from one character to another (I often got confused with England and Russia, Spain and South Italy…the author purposely made Canada and USA look almost similar but at least I can still differentiate). Otherwise, everything..ish just soooo cute! >w<

for those who are interested, I have only one warning:


Truth be told, I never expect to see so many of them in APH, but I did suspect since a lot of my ‘fangirling’ friends are crazy of APH… and I tried my best to innocently think it’s just full of bishies…. but I have no regrets. =D  I’m happy to have discovered this webcomic. The day I first read it becomes the day I instantly become a fan of APH. Yesterday, to be precise. …well, of course the main reason is…becos…y’know~ Like my title says… “when countries are paired up” *snickers*…. Hoyeahhh it definitely set my fangirl mode on; it kept me rolling on the bed giggling. >o<  That aside, I think homophobes can enjoy it as well…just for the lulz. I find myself laughing out loud from each substory to another. Worry not, some parts may appear to be romantic but it will end up getting the bubbles burst. And hetero couples DO exist too.

Man… I really can’t get enough of APH. So I urgently looked for the anime… which is supposed to be released this month… as I lurk and lurk around…

I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

…I discovered that nationalistic groups in Korea protested against its launch by making an online petition, based on the allegations that their country was portrayed in an offensive manner, despite the fact that the anime did not even include Korea. The matter was taken up in the National Assembly in Korea, where the series was denounced as “equivalent to criminal conduct”. These allegations were supported, bizarrely enough, using a mixture of manipulated comic strips and, even more preoccupying, using fanart (that is, illustrations and drawings made by fans, as opposed to official artwork. ( source: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/583853.html? )

OMGWTF?? The broadcast is cancelled!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dammit… what a disappointment! I’m soooo looking forward to seeing them (you-know-what) animated! Zetsubo Shitta!! *do the despair pose*

So the fans now are doing Petition! (click to support, ONEGAISHIMAAAAAAAAASU)

Oyeah, for those who are interested, here’s the index for the comic strips – Axis Powers Hetalia. If you like it, do join the petition. If you don’t… or even if you’re not interested..just…. just freakin sign the petition!! *clasps hands together* do it for me pleeeeeaaasseee~* *sparkly eyes* onegaiii orz…orz orz   >.<

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  1. R.H. Mizu said, on March 18, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Isn’t it awesome that THE INTERNET STILL SHOWED IT!!! well, you know… the anime that is. o.o I LOVE RUSSIA!!! XD I think he’s so cute with the way he wants to make friends but his country is really scary… o_o’ I STILL THINK HE’S STILL KAWAII!!! >w< I don't know if you know where it is yet, but I found it on animefreak.tv

    The episodes are only around 4-5 minutes long, there are 52 so far from where I stand. So, If you want to watch all of them in one day, just estimating here… it'll take you around 4 hours. not that long. I mean, I finished it one day. well, it's still an on going series, but you know what i mean… right? sorry for going on and on, but yeah. arigato gozaimasu for your info!

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