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Posted in Review by vien88 on January 25, 2009

Follow-up from the Gakupo Kamui post, where I mentioned about 4 Original Characters that haunted my brain who are dying to be drawn out… I discussed with a friend of mine to come up with their band name and all. That’s when she introduced me to Bremen manga by Haruto Umezawa. It was in the local’s Kreko magazine, but I wasn’t aware of the mag’s existence back then.

Bremen Manga

Bremen Manga

So I lurked for the info…and discovered they took their name from a fairy tale called “Town Musicians of Bremen”, and I remember it was one of my childhood favourites. It’s about an an old rooster, an old cat, an old dog, and an old donkey who aspires to become a band of musicians and also beat the crap out of a band of thieves. Thus, I decided to give it a read. Only 84 chapters, it wasn’t that bad. Managed to finish it in less than a week…well, for ideas and inspirations sake. (one reason is I lack the knowledge of music stuff, despite of being educated with a particular musical instrument before).

“Rock”, “Freedom” and “Fist-fights” are the themes. I love the storyline and how they met each other. Not much explanation about music stuff though, except for the drumset. But oh well, who cares? the story is more important. But the author could’ve included the lyrics for their song to give more impact. Without them, I was somewhat in the dark throughout the reading process. Throughout the story, the band members dealt with several side characters’ problems and challenges… er…for, character development’s sake?

Town Musicians of Bremen Statue

Like the original Town Musicians of Bremen, the character had to deal with a number of bad-guys throughout their road to fame. Why they call themselves Bremen? It’s becase each of the members represents each of the musicians of Bremen..

  • Hino Reiji -> the Rooster due to his mohawk. Despite of looking badass with the mohawk, and also becoming rebellious towards his father, he is actually a nice kid. See how courteous he is in the train! That kinda moved me somehow. btw, he’s the lead gutarist and the lyricist (i wish he was given more justice with his writing skills)
  • Kasuga Romio -> apparently, he is the main protagonist. He suffers amnesia and walks about like a stray dog…thus, he is the DOG. He doesn’t care much of finding out about who he was and his past, instead he moves on like nothing actually happened. He’s not just the vocalist who magically touches people’s hearts, but he is also the ‘catalyst’ of the band. Without him, Bremen wouldn’t have existed.
  • Hayama Ryo -> The sexy drummer Ganguro ‘girl’ that moves like a cat. Well, actually…Ryo is an OKAMA *runs from incoming 40 cm heel drop* (his signature move). Calling him an Okama enrages him and that’s the only time you’d see his manly side (but calling him a she-man is fine -_-;; ). But then, most of the time, he plays the damsel in distress… and seems to have a crush on Romio…? ❤
  • Fujii Ran -> The bassist. So awesum that he can make people who consume butterfly dust drug go extremely wild! But he decided to quit from doing that kind of evil deed as it strays away from sincerely loving music. He may look like an emo, but he’s the most mature person in the group. He dreams to own a Ferrari F-40, and that make him the ‘slow donkey’ who looks up to the ‘fast horse’.

However, the story ended with some science fiction crap which I personally think was steering away from the main point. Although it has something to do with Romio’s past, but it was too bizzare for a music themed story (the butterfly dust was more than enough). At least the ending wasn’t too draggy. Too much brawling is kinda annoying too, but i guess it needed some shonen spice along the way. I wish most of the fights makes sense. That aside, Bremen is an entertaining manga. it’s worth the read XD

Now… I should consider to resume reading BECK :3

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  1. manamana said, on January 30, 2009 at 9:18 am

    ahaha masa dia kuar kat kreko dulu rajin gak follow, lepas masuk U and stop beli kreko trus miss.

    minah trans tu mmg cool lol.

  2. vien88 said, on January 30, 2009 at 9:20 am

    masa zaman tu aku tak kenal Kreko lagi… ahaha (omg i wuz like still… in high school)

    ahaha, okama ❤

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