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Still Doll (Male Version) is hot

Posted in Music, Video by vien88 on January 16, 2009

Thanks to mana-sama ( >///> ) I fell in love with Kanon Wakeshima’s singles… The baroque fusion and gothic pop theme is totally new to me. She’s a learns to play the cello since the age of 3 (GILER), and when she’s sixteen she combines her cello skills with her singing. Awesome isn’t it? What’s more awesome is that she’s produced by Mana (of Malice Mizer)! Her ‘Still Doll’ single is used as the Ending theme for Vampire Knight anime adaptation.

Lurking in youtube for more of Wakeshima, I accidentally found this… male version of ‘Still Doll’. Weird, I thought somebody made a cover…but it turns out this youtube users lowered the pitch of the original song…and it turned out to be really sexy! ❤

YES! I fell in love with that smooth..and soft masculine voice >O< *meltz*

Kinda reminds me of Nobutoshi Canna’s voice <3333 (Hiroki from Junjo Romantica). I want..my name to be called with that kind of voice…. *blushes*

Anyways…If you’re interested…Here’s the original XD; Still Doll Music Video

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  1. manamana said, on January 16, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    glad you like her, i’d be sure to notify you when i get more of her stuff later :3

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