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Such Sweet Sorrow

Posted in Life by vien88 on January 1, 2009
Code Geass characters belongs to Sunrise studio

Disclaimer: Code Geass characters belongs to Sunrise studio

I just witness something… melancholic today. Although I probably refuse to admit it. Neither would she.

I’ve mentioned no matter how strong my imouto’s faith towards religion is, compared to the rest of the family, but when it comes to video games she’s just like yer average fangirl. Then, we’re like the only children of Rurouni Oyaji and Grammar Nazi, it’s like we don’t have any other people to turn to lol. We’re a couple of crazy sisters, who recite whatever Team MBB misheard and some other dubbed parody you find in youtube…for fun. Holiday was enjoyable when the both of us are not making sense at all.

Right now takde mood nak main Persona 4…padahal dah nak habis dah. One reason…is i’m having a headache. Second, is that the game is almost over and aku tak sanggup nak habiskan game best ni (walopun boleh new game+, cuma masa tak mengizinkan). Third is, I don’t have my sister to prod a knife at me to start playing lol.

Today we sent her back to boarding school. I’ve been using the sketchbook I bought from CF08 (from Rakuen to be specific) all the way there. GREAT! my drawing spirit is back! I seriously feel like pouring all my ideas out so I had to carry it everywhere. I’m sooo happy~

Back to topic… imouto looked bored during the registration process and when settling in her new room. By now she should have known most of the students there (since there aren’t many yet. Her batch is the 2nd batch to fill the boarding school). Too bad she has to become roommates by someone she sort of had a conflict with. So I barely see her getting excited seeing her friends back. Well, there were one or two buddies of her she actually salam. Otherwise, she never got excited.

I guess going back to boarding school is boring huh? Well, I’m not too excited to go back to hostel myself. But good thing she joined the BADAR group to gain some experience…

So apa yang sedih sangat ni… well, rasa sedih tengok ekspresi dia masa dia tengah tengok kita sekeluarga pergi. It’s like… “omg don’t leave me at this damn place i wanna watch my sis finish p4!!!!” or wassit my imagination =w=. but yeah…rasa cam tak sanggup tinggal dia kat situ. Plus, I dunno why but I seem to have something against boarding schools. I’d rather not discuss that though…

Anyways..it’s kinda boring now. I had to give myself a yaoi overdose. Oh yeahhh.. I’m in love with Modoru Motoni’s drawings right now. my new saviour  ❤


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  1. Shiro said, on January 2, 2009 at 4:09 am

    Somehow I think it’d be awesome to test your sister with 5 years of “sekolah berasrama penuh” hell rammed and jammed into minute before multiplying the minutes by 5 times over… and before directly injecting her brains with it :3

    (okay you know I’m joking, but seriously I think she needs to experience moar of such sekolah tiem 😉 )

    My sister survived that “ordeal” (at least metaphorically) and is now enjoying moments of fangirlism (although she’s not into… well you know what I mean) before she goes off to further her studies in either overseas or in UTP – which will all be known by this month (January).

  2. vien88 said, on January 2, 2009 at 4:22 am

    too bad, she only has 2 years of it.

    I’ve had unpleasant experiences with bekas pelajar asrama penuh, that’s why I have something against SBP. But i don’t mind if kids start learning in such schools at the age of 16. apa2 pun… students from normal schools still PWNs cos they have no limits in choosing how many subjects they wanna take for SPM.
    And we don’t need to depend on stupid prep periods to become smarter (kalo prep tu hebat sgt then i shouldn’t be seeing MRSM students getting pointer below 2). And worse, reduces the appropriate sleeping time! as a result my sis qada’ tido everytime she returns home.

  3. tiram tiram said, on January 2, 2009 at 9:26 am

    boarding skools sure are tough.
    with sucks rules, dictators, backstabbers and stupid prep.
    but look at the bright side…she would hav more chances in the future.
    maser aku matrik dulu, sem 2 MARA datang interview balik bdk2 x-sbp yg x dpt g oversea.
    x-sbp sahaja.

  4. vien88 said, on January 2, 2009 at 9:29 am

    i guess SBP ada advantage tu…
    tapi non-SBP pon boleh je, asalkan result SPM hebat. lepas aku dpt result SPM, org kata result aku cukup ok untuk apply study oversea. uhuk uhuk… Tp tu org kata…aku tak daftar pun gi oversea sbb aku takot lol.

    tapi nasib baik dia tak masuk sejak form 1 la…

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