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Hetalia : When countries are paired up…

Posted in Review by vien88 on January 31, 2009


Actually, the title should be.. Hetalia, countries personified.

So what’s with the cute pic vulpie…? i dunno, it reminds me of those moe girl pics. Which often made me go…ewwww… But this one is EPICLY CUTE cos…they’re all MEN (and a few women). And this story…is about history….*dozes off* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. NOT!

Axis Powers Hetalia (by Hidekazu Himaruya), a popular webcomic (among the girls apparently), which is about world’s history told in a way where the countries are the characters in human form. Interestingly, the character relationships are based on how the particular countries relate to each other in real life; allies? Enemies? Conquered? All is told in a funny way in APH. Amazing how they portrayed England and America to be brothers at first, and America grew so big, they ended up being seperated. Same goes for China and Japan (lol at the ‘Kanji’ comic strip). So if you’re tired of learning history by the wall of text method, I assure you, you WILL enjoy learning history through a wall of illustrations.

The artwork, however, doesn’t look as professional as your favourite manga or doujinshi’s style. As most of the comic strips are drawn in a scribbly and doodley way (reminds me of deady’s style). But in certain most important parts of the history, the comic is drawn with more details and effort. The webcomics are seperated into main storylines and extra stories; it ain’t neccessary to read them in order. One problem is sometimes it’s hard to differ from one character to another (I often got confused with England and Russia, Spain and South Italy…the author purposely made Canada and USA look almost similar but at least I can still differentiate). Otherwise, everything..ish just soooo cute! >w<

for those who are interested, I have only one warning:


Truth be told, I never expect to see so many of them in APH, but I did suspect since a lot of my ‘fangirling’ friends are crazy of APH… and I tried my best to innocently think it’s just full of bishies…. but I have no regrets. =D  I’m happy to have discovered this webcomic. The day I first read it becomes the day I instantly become a fan of APH. Yesterday, to be precise. …well, of course the main reason is…becos…y’know~ Like my title says… “when countries are paired up” *snickers*…. Hoyeahhh it definitely set my fangirl mode on; it kept me rolling on the bed giggling. >o<  That aside, I think homophobes can enjoy it as well…just for the lulz. I find myself laughing out loud from each substory to another. Worry not, some parts may appear to be romantic but it will end up getting the bubbles burst. And hetero couples DO exist too.

Man… I really can’t get enough of APH. So I urgently looked for the anime… which is supposed to be released this month… as I lurk and lurk around…

I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

I love you Feliciano (italy)!!

…I discovered that nationalistic groups in Korea protested against its launch by making an online petition, based on the allegations that their country was portrayed in an offensive manner, despite the fact that the anime did not even include Korea. The matter was taken up in the National Assembly in Korea, where the series was denounced as “equivalent to criminal conduct”. These allegations were supported, bizarrely enough, using a mixture of manipulated comic strips and, even more preoccupying, using fanart (that is, illustrations and drawings made by fans, as opposed to official artwork. ( source: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/583853.html? )

OMGWTF?? The broadcast is cancelled!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dammit… what a disappointment! I’m soooo looking forward to seeing them (you-know-what) animated! Zetsubo Shitta!! *do the despair pose*

So the fans now are doing Petition! (click to support, ONEGAISHIMAAAAAAAAASU)

Oyeah, for those who are interested, here’s the index for the comic strips – Axis Powers Hetalia. If you like it, do join the petition. If you don’t… or even if you’re not interested..just…. just freakin sign the petition!! *clasps hands together* do it for me pleeeeeaaasseee~* *sparkly eyes* onegaiii orz…orz orz   >.<

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BECK/Mongolian Chop Squad

Posted in Music, Review by vien88 on January 31, 2009

As promised after the end of reading Bremen, I decided to resume my consumption of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. I used to read the manga…but then, I feel like I wanted to quickly go through the story, I watch the anime instead. Cos I have only one week of holiday with assignments to finish (which I have not done yet!). Reading the manga might slow me down (as it has been..) because of the connection. And also, by watching the anime you get to know how the songs sound like.

Unfortunately, I found way to many English versions of BECK in Youtube. It’s not like the English version is bad, but somehow it made the anime seem kinda slow and boring. It wasn’t until I reach episode 20+ when I accidentally found the Japanese version argh! So I previewed the first Episode of Japanese version (with English subs), well, at least it has more ‘life’ to their expressions.

Storywise…it’s pretty much realistic. You don’t get to see the loser for a main character instantly become talented musician. Instead, we get to see how he slowly improves in playing the guitar. Which took him about one year to actually master. Impressive… There’s no GAR in the story…as you can see the person who was initially enthustiastic about forming the ultimate band almost gave up, but thanks to the protagonist persistence (and awesome lyrics + vocals), the band made it big.

When it comes to romance, too bad there was a lack of expression (i dunno if it’s bcos of the dub or the low quality of an animation), so I couldn’t feel what the characters feel… jealous? Shy? Embarrassed? Awkward..? I dunno…sure it’s no shojo genre, but still… this part should give a lot of impact.

Another thing… the author seem to have a grudge against bubble-gum pop, visual kei (or anything bishie-licious) and metal. Well, I have to say I that I agree, but that’s a lil bit of a one-sided opinion. I mean, oh well…maybe cos I like visual kei…not only because they’re pretty, but their songs are not that bad. But in BECK, the author purposely showed a bad example of pretty boy rock band ahaha XD

The band name was named after a dog called BECK….

Probably the only thing that is unrealistic...

BECK or Mongolian Chop Squad known in the USA is a five-piece rock band, the members are;

  • Yukio “Koyuki” Tanaka – The protagonist and also the last member for BECK. He plays the second guitar and takes the role of the vocalist for slower songs. He started off as a nobody…until he met Ryusuke Minami, his life changed as he got himself involved in music. He learned how to play the guitar from an old ex-olympic swimmer (also his swimming instructor). He had a crush on a childhood friend, but was merely an unrequited love as she thinks of him as a little brother.Later, he developed a relationship with Ryusuke’s younger sister. Koyuki may seem like a typical coward, but he’s different from Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21) – he has a strong determination and even dared himself to perform on stage..alone.
  • Ryusuke “Ray” Minami – The founder of the band, the lead guitarist and the owner of Beck (the dog). He first met Koyuki when Koyuki saved Beck from a bunch of rowdy kids. Ryusuke lent Koyuki one of his guitars which eventually becomes the cause of all the trouble. But if that didn’t happen, there’s no amazing Beck as you see to the end. He’s close friends with one of the band members of “The Dying Breed” (hails from USA). Ryusuke is the one night stand type of guy, and though he went out with random girls, the band is always his top priority. Unless it’s about the rock band or music, he doesn’t care much about other people… nor about being friends. His favourite guitar, Prudence (or Lucille in the manga) has her own backstory.
  • Yoshiyuki Taira – The bassist and the first person to be recruited into Ryusuke’s band. I don’t see much of his character in the anime, but he’s the most rational person among the five. He even questioned Ryusuke’s decision about taking in two newbies into the band and doubts their skillfulness. He’s too good of a bassist that Ryusuke and his rival fought over him.
  • Tsunemi Chiba – The vocalist for fast-paced songs (and rap) and also the one responsible for naming the band, after staring at the dog for a few moments. Taira agreed to join Ryusuke only if Chiba is recruited as well. Chiba is loud and crazy! But ironically, he’s the class president and also the top student in his high school. To my surprise, he’s like the protective big brother type, where he voluntarily dealt with anyone who bullies Koyuki.
  • Yuji “Saku” Sakurai – The drummer, who joined the band along with Koyuki. When Koyuki suffers a massive silent treatment by the school bully, he was the only one who talked to Koyuki (since he’s a transfer student, he probably had no idea what was going on lol). He’s a strong character, he didn’t feel threatened when the bullies confront him for talking to Koyuki. And..yeah… he’s the only person who stick with Koyuki all the way… >///>

Other characters…malas nak citer ahahah. go here la… List of Beck characters

Cos i wanna talk about their music. Er…i’m not much of a fan of random rapping (In terms of Rock + Hip-hop, I only like Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda’s rap cos they make sense) so most of their fast paced songs aren’t my cup of tea. But I’m currently addicted to Like a Foojin, By Her and Brainstorm. As for their slower songs, I dunno why they remind me of some…local indie band..or issit Indon band? I’m confused… but yeah, they do remind me of either one. It would be a turn of if it wasn’t for their lyrics. Srsly, i notice Japanese songs have much more beautiful lyrics than English songs and Malay/Indon. Er…of course I may not understand Japanese, but when I read the translations, I simply fell in love.

The Opening theme, HIT IN THE USA by Beat Crusaders is a worthy song as an intro for each episode. I don’t get tired of listening to it. So…I downloaded some of the BECK songs that i like… and was a lil disappointed that the Japanese versions had a lot of mispronunciations that slightly made the song go bad. So I lurked for the English versions, which sounded a lot better.

Okay, I can’t hold back anymore. I love this song (below)!! This is the English version of Slip Out (Little more than before) – vocals by Greg Ayres. Lyrics and mucis by Takuma (but the English version altered a few lines). My first impression of the song is… “omg…rock jiwang lulz…”. But listening to it while reading the lyrics, I think it has a powerful general message that I think everyone should indulge to. =)

I don’t know since when I changed to such a cold, cold-hearted guy
I have to thaw this frozen, icy, lonely heart of mine,
I like being wrapped with warmness more than anything else for sure
I’m gonna make my coming days and fill them with laughter and joy

I let myself down but being crueler than I thought I would be
I’m just a loser learning to care for the soul inside of me
I don’t give my heart to no one cause I don’t wanna waste my time
I tried to love this loneliness to slip out from where it hides.

Sorrow is what I hate but it’s grown my sensations
Regrets taught me how to make any hard decisions
Peace is always by my side but I’ve never felt it once
Love is not a word reserved only for the sweet romance

Well, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared to death
And I’m scared to keep on going on my way
Well, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared to death
And I’ll tell myself I’m special till the end

Recalling my torn, broken, aching heart of these long days
And all the memories I wanted to forget for making waves
Recalling, breaking, aching, crying, making sure I see
And I take all and grin at my future on the way.

So far…this is one of the few songs I dared myself to sing out loud (because I usually never do).

I shud consider reading the manga…cos the ending is not so satisfactory. D:

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Kena tag lagi…

Posted in tag by vien88 on January 29, 2009

Keboringan lagi ^^

tagged by manamana.

rules : who’ve been selected need to write 10 things about the people who has tag you.

  1. Somebody I know from gforum
  2. Maid fetish
  3. Has 2 bands :3
  4. Self-proclaimed hime-sama… XD;;
  5. Cosplay pic collector
  6. Loves to type in small text >w>
  7. Is…a graphic designer..?
  8. Source of awesum music…and doujin (but i cant find my preference there…)
  9. yuri-con
  10. ….belongs to mieko *jealousenviouslulz*

tag sum ppl.. aaa…erm…

  • Rodi-san
  • Tiramtiram
  • sape2 je…

Random stuff:


Rurouni: you've improved, my child. Otou-san is proud! me: =w=

I got my official driving license yesterday…after so many months of forgetting to renew my lesen P. Recently Oyaji re-trains me to drive again. First with manual car, then with auto (cruising with auto is fun!). We have two cars at home, each belongs to my parents, but most of the time Oka-san uses Oyaji’s (cos she’s more comfy with auto) and vice versa. The one she often use is the old yet sleek black wira which I requested my parents to inherit to myself. budden… i’m having 2nd thoughts. Cos it’s old…and it had a series of kerosakan some time ago. But I fell in love with that wira eversince my uncle bought it for himself… now dah second hand, belongs to dad.. kalo dapat aku jadi third hand. So i’m thinking of stealing my gramps ‘Perdana’…. |3

I wanna cruise in wira again!

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What’s with Kids Nowadays?

Posted in Serious shit by vien88 on January 29, 2009

I chat with my cousin last night, she’s just 12 (going on 13) and her views about love is mature enough to make her vow not to have any boyfriends until she is an adult. Hopefully she’ll stick to the plan, unlike me, who vowed the same thing when I was her age but ended up falling in love with someone when I was still at school. Later, it ended with one hell of a break-up – which now I think it’s a good omen for myself.

Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

disclaimer: Fushigi Yugi (copyright by Yuu Watase)

Anyways, one reason why she doesn’t want to have boyfriends is because she is sick of listening to her friend’s complaints about her boyfriend. So comes the question, if you cannot stand him, then why jump into a relationship? I see kids as young as 12 these days just wanna date for the fun of it…they think it’s a “cool trend”, seeing how late teens do and assuming that they’re already adult enough to be involved in romance.

Hell no, kids. You’re wayyyy to young for girlfriends or boyfriends. Okay, maybe having a crush isn’t wrong, but you’re ruining your future once you get your love returned.

Some aspiring whore prodded my cousin to FIND a boyfriend. I LOL’d. I told my cousin to tell this friend of hers lotsa things… like being in a relationship at this age is not appropriate, and teenage guys are just looking for ‘fun’…and that this type of player attitude for girls have no future (my grandma says this). “Sampai bila ko nak jadi mainan lelaki? Besar nnt nak jadi apa? Pelacur?” Forgive my foul mouth, but my cousin actually copypasted that to the ho-in-training’s YM and she got pissed.

Then my cousin give me some details about her… at the age of 12, already knows how to play switching boyfriends for more than 10 times and going out with random anonymous guys from the internut. She dated somebody twice her age too. HWAHA, kids, that is NOT what you call ‘cool’. That’s NAIVE…you think having some pakcik as a boyfriend is awesum?? Geez, seriously… this girl has never heard of pedobears roaming about.

Now kids…your parents didn’t send you to school for nothing. As you step into school, they say goodbye to you with full of hope; “My child will bring greater good for the future”. They silently pray that you work hard for yourself and their sake. They hope you focus on your studies.. they did not send you to school to find your so-called future husband/wife (they’d just pick some random bride/groom for you if they want you to get married so badly). Seriously, don’t make them waste their money on your school fees by becoming lovestruck yer whole life. Think of your future and what you wanna do, not how happy you want to be during the present (unless u just simply wanna be a normal housewife…then i have nothing to say).

And they should monitor their kids in internut usage as well. (cos mine have no idea about my dose of ‘guilty pleasure’ i find in the net >w> )

I’m not saying this as a holier-than-thou person, i’m saying this as a young adult who already went through the adolescent phase.

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Tag (+ highlights)

Posted in tag by vien88 on January 27, 2009

Tagged by rawrsa/kazu…

rules…copypaste the list and highlights the one that has something to do with you…

  • I miss somebody right now. (can i not admit it? lol..not that i miss anyone in particular)
  • I dont watch TV these days.
  • I own lots of books. (old and new ones)
  • I wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • I love to play video games.
  • I’ve tried marijuana.
  • I have been in a threesome.
  • I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. (I don’t know what this means..)
  • I believe honesty is usually the best policy. (bullcrap… sometimes lying is neccessary)
  • I curse sometimes. (it’s a lie if i didn’t)
  • I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
  • I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me. (i wish)
  • I’m totally smart.
  • I’ve broken someone’s bones.
  • I’m paranoid sometimes. (i’m paranoid ALWAYS. Sometimes i feel like people are staring and it makes me feel uneasy)
  • I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
  • I need money right now.
  • I love sushi.
  • I talk really,really fast. (i talk slowly it’ll bore u to death)
  • I have long hair.
  • I have lost money in Las Vegas.
  • I have at least one sibling.
  • I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
  • I couldn’t survive without Caller I.D
  • I like the way I look.
  • I am usually pessimistic.
  • I have a lot of mood swings.
  • I have a hidden talent. (i’m not sure about this one…)
  • I’m always hyper no matter how much sugar i have
  • I have a lot of friends. (depends on how you define ‘friends’ )
  • I am currently single. (…but hime-sama…??? >///> )
  • I have pecked someone of the same sex. (my sister??)
  • I enjoy talking on the phone.
  • I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants. (i used to do that…)
  • I love to shop.
  • I enjoy window shopping.
  • I would rather shop then eat.
  • I don’t hate anyone. I dislike them.
  • I’m completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother. (depends on the situation)
  • I have a cell phone.
  • I believe in God.
  • I watch MTV on a daily basis.
  • I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
  • I’ve rejected someone before. (that idiot just randomly proposed right after a break-up! of course i’d say no!)
  • I have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life. (if i have no dreams, i suck)
  • I want to have children in the future. (right now, i’m thinking that i’d rather not have any. it’s a scary thought…)
  • I have changed a diaper before.
  • I’ve called the cops on a friend before.
  • I’m not allergic to anything. (dust!)
  • I have a lot to learn.
  • I have been with someone at least 10 years older or younger.
  • I am shy around the opposite sex. (partially true)
  • I have tried alcohol before.
  • I have made a move on a friend’s significant other or crush in the past.
  • I own the “South Park” movie.
  • I would die for my best friends. (depending on the situation… i can be quite protective)
  • I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza. (Domino’s FTW!)
  • I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
  • I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
  • Halloween is awesome because you get free candy. (i got CAKE cos it’s my birthday)
  • I watch Spongebob Squarepants and i like it. (hoyeah!!)
  • I have dated a close friends’s ex.
  • I am happy at this moment!!
  • I’m obsessed with guys
  • I study for tests most of the time.
  • I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I’ve ever met. (at least i think i do. I’m embarrassed to show exactly how though)
  • I can work on a car.
  • I love my job.
  • I am comfortable with who I am right now.
  • I have more than just my ears pierced.
  • I walk barefoot wherever i can.
  • I have jumped off a bridge.
  • I love sea turtles.
  • I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
  • I plan on achieving a major goal/dream.
  • I’m proficient in a musical instrument.
  • I worked at McDonald’s restaurant.
  • I hate office jobs.
  • I love sci-fi movies.
  • I think water rules.
  • I went college out of state or country (matric je…)
  • I like sausage.
  • I love kisses. (…ew…?)
  • I fall for the worst people.
  • I adore bright colours.
  • I can’t live without black eyeliner.
  • I don’t know why the hell i just did this stupid thing. (Actually..i DO know why. I’m just bored, that’s all XD)
  • I usually like covers better than originals. (usually covers sound better, but some just suck)
  • I can pick up things with my toes. (i usually do… that kinda makes me seem less feminine in front of others)
  • I can’t whistle.
  • I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snakes slither.
  • I have ridden/owned a horse.
  • I still have every journal I’ve ever written in.
  • I can’t stick to a diet.
  • I talk in my sleep.
  • I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
  • Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
  • I have jazz in my blood.
  • I wear a toe ring.
  • I have a tattoo.
  • I can’t stand at LEAST one person that i work with.
  • I am a caffeine junkie.
  • I have been to over 15 conventions. (i lost count of how many anime-cons i’ve been to)
  • I will collect anything, and the more nonsesical, the better. (i collect broken stuff)
  • I’m an artist.
  • I only clean my room when necessary. (when my grandparents come…)
  • I like a person of the same sex.
  • I love being happy. (urgh..who doesn’t? Just that happiness is way too difficult to grasp)
  • I am an adrenaline junkie

Tag who?

– tiramtiram

– shiro

– farzana epiliska

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Persona 4!!

Posted in Review by vien88 on January 26, 2009

You know, I tried hard to finish Persona 4 from the middle of December to before new year starts. But failed. But now I proudly announce that I HAVE FINISHED THE GAME! ❤

And now for some reviews.. :3

Persona 4

Persona 4

Firstly, a brief summary about the game…

A city boy (whom I named “Rui Akita” after one of my Original characters. In the official manga, he is called Seta Souji…so allow me to call him that from now on) was sent by his parents to a rural town called Inaba to live with his uncle. Not because he was punished for being a delinquent or anything…his parents had to work overseas or something like that. Kekurangan kasih sayang..I know, but at least almost everyone he acquainted with in Inaba loves him.

Coincidently, as soon as he started living in this small town, a murder happened. Then along came another… somehow it has a connection with the TV. The urban legend says that you’ll see your ‘soulmate’ when you watch the TV screen with the power off at midnight as it rains. However, what you thought was fun turns out to be something much worse than nasty.

This game is not a mere RPG… it’s a role play + mystery + dating sim game! you don’t see that everyday… well, maybe except for Persona 3 – minus the mystery part. What I can say is P4 is like a drastic improvisation of P3, and it’s not such a bad thing. Cos you may not actually see how the improvisation part works because P4 seems so fresh…!

Now the gameplay..let’s start with the battle system. Again, like in P3, the battle system was introduce rather late unlike most RPGs. That was kinda disappointing because I’d rather go through some tutorials first than enduring through a series of teen flick moments. But then, the system awesum-ness erased that first impression. The ONE MORE thing made some sense at least, All-Out attack is as fun as ever (In P3, it gets boring as the game progresses)…and the best part is… YOUR PARTY MEMBERS ARE VERY HELPFUL! ❤  In P3, your party members can be really stupid cos they had to depend on Artificial Intelligence. P4 characters not only depend on AI, but we can also give direct commands to them (No more uneccessary Mind Charges for you…). Honestly, this ‘helping out each other’ really makes the battle more interesting…and makes everyone look more realistic.

The ‘Dating Sims’ part… Social Link, also a culture taken from P3. You can interact with a bunch of characters with associated Arcana (tarot cards) to make your Personae stronger. I failed to max out everyone’s social link though, but I feel kinda guilty for not interacting with everyone because all the characters are freakin’ interesting compared to those of P3. (yes, i compare with P3 a lot for some reason) They are not too cliche, complex and needed to be handle with care (silap cakap sikit then it’s REVERSE for you). At least this time you can actually choose your girlfriend than automatically become a couple with girls who love you although you don’t really like them (in p3)

Just like previous Shin Megami Tensei games, P4 is back with the Lunar system… or the Calender. This is when you can train yourself to organize your schedule lol. Because… certain big bosses needed to be defeated before a particular date…but this time it is determined by the wheather. P4 is more realistic in terms of wheather, cos it may be sunny, cloudy, rainy and foggy. You have to frequently check the forecast so that you’re not too late to…er…save people XD. or else…GAME OVER!

As a mystery game, there’ll be a point where you have to choose the correct answer/option in order to move on. Depending on your choices, you may get bad ending, normal ending and true ending (i actually saw all 3 and restart till i get the good one XD).

This time you can do more stuff around town than just eating at a diner…you can also play with some rusty dials during the rain! NOW THAT IS FUN!! =___=    ….no the fun part is you get to take on some part time jobs! Social link + Money + status increase! it’s a 3 in 1 process >3. Other than that… you can also go fishing! Wow…so much activity to do…so little time. He’s lucky he can do more stuff than becoming a lazy-ass like Arisato Minato (P3 Protagonist) =P

Story Analysis

It’s nothing like your Final Fantasy RPG where you go through an epic plot and epic battles etc. It’s like..you going to school following a consistent daily routine. But somewhere in between normal teenagers activities, you get to have a dungeon adventure INSIDE the TV. But in order to hang out inside the TV world, you have to become a nerd.. I mean, you gotta wear some anti-fog pair of spectacles. It should clear you vision… heck, I am Meganekko myself. (and the best part is that I played this game using a flat-screen TV like theirs XD). Like I said earlier, the story revolves around the urban legend about the TV.

Then here comes some mystery… we seriously have NO IDEA what is going on, who was behind it, why is it happening, where is it gonna lead to and how does things work (but if you play P3, you may get the idea). In P3, there are already recorded explanations about the ‘other world’, the shadows and the Personae. But here, the characters are discovering things on their own without a need of professional help. Intriguing. And what makes P4 more loveable is that we have no idea who the bad guys are. Is it this guy? Or that guy? So many twists makes P4 an interactive detective novel with a speck of supernatural stuff.

Relationships with playable and non-playable characters are a hell lot better than the previous game. No more cheezyness and nuisance. My personal fave character to social link with is the main character’s cousin, Nanako. I usually dislike little girl petty problems, but Nanako seems like she’s in between childish and mature stage that makes it acceptable for me. Most of the cutscenes involving Nanako have a huge impact. Huge enough to make me wanna wail like a hungry baby. In conclusion, I love Nanako.

When it comes towards the end, I honestly feel like I don’t have the will to finish this game. It’s not because of fear of the final boss, but it’s just that I love this game so much I don’t want it to end! I feel like I still need lotsa things to do as the protagonist before the game ends (like maxing out all social links and doing more part-time jobs). When the game ends, meh…it was unsatisfactory. I wanted to see more…maybe something like what each of the individuals do. But the ending went by just like THAT.

i’m gonna play this game again. Period.

on to some character analysis…

The Characters

The Protagonist

The Protagonist. The strong and silent type ;3, just like the previous main characters. Like those before him, he is the ‘wild card’ who can use more than one Personae. His initial Persona is Izanagi (in the pic behind him), taken from the Japanese mythology… and the game actually took a lil bit of reference from the original myth. Including…Izanami.

Yosuke Hanamura – your comic relief character, equivalent to Junpei (P3)… no, actually, he is MUCH better than Junpei! Junpei is just funny and useless except in battles, but Yosuke is not only amusing but also very productive in this mystery solving business. Aaaand he’s your BEST best friend to ever have~ As a son of some big shopping mall manager (JUNES!), he’s often the victim of a couple of lazy-ass employees and a subject of anti-Junes’ gossip. Enough of that…the part that annoys me the most about him is the fact that he is somewhat ‘necrophilic’ lol! In battle, he’s pretty much as useful as Junpei but I depended more on his magic.

His Persona is Jiraiya… no, it has nothing to do with that dead Sannin in Naruto. Really. In fact, both Jiraiya from Naruto and P4 were adapted from Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari, a Japanese folktale. Jiraiya is a ninja who can shapeshift into a giant toad. I guess that explains the frog-like design of the Persona. After the social link with him is maxed, Jiraiya evolved into Susano-o, the Shinto god of the sea and storms (is it me, or did the design just remind you sooo much of Viral from Gurren Lagann??)

Chie Satonaka – A cheerful tomboy who sincerely wants to protect her best friend, Yukiko…and the guy she likes. >///> Well, my first impression of her was… “what an annoying bitch”. But the more I learn about her, the more I like her. Mainly…because she sorta reminds me of myself…in a way. So for that reason alone, I made the protagonist choose her as a girlfriend… also because…I hate all those wimpy female stereotypes (actually, most of the girls in p4 are okay). I think a strong and independent girl like Chie deserves to be loved too! In battle, I don’t favour her much because of her weak magic. Depending on physical attacks doesn’t help much either as it sacrifices your HP a lot.

Her initial persona is Tomoe, what I can find about ‘tomoe’ is that it’s a Japanese abstract design that look like a swirl..or more like 3 commas forming a circle. Example; SHARINGAN. Because of Chie’s love for Kung Fu, not only does she uses Kung Fu moves (i wonder where she take martial art classes..), even Tomoe’s outfit reminds you of Bruce Lee’s. When her Social Link is maxed, Tomoe evolves into Suzuka Gongen. Too bad I can’t find info on that right now D:

Yukiko Amagi – She is popular at school, but she unconciously rejected boys who pursue her. But I don’t see anything interesting in her other than just being a plain pretty face. Getting to know her better, she’s not your stereotype ‘lady’. When she gets into a laughing fit then she’s unstoppable! But all the way through the game, I still think she can be rather boring. Yet I’m glad that there are cutscenes that shows her immature side where she sulked because of Teddie’s mischievousness XD. I usually use her as the healer in battle.

Her initial Persona is Konohana-sakuya…and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGN in spite of being pink and flowery. I love the way she calls “Konohana-Sakuya!” whenever she summons her persona. Anyways, Konohana-Sakuya, in Japanese myth is the blossom princess and also an avatar of delicate earthly life. Although ‘Yukiko’ means ‘Snow Child’, her elemental attribute is fire. Her persona evolves into Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun. Amaterasu’s main colour is yellow…but I guess the game stressed out her Sun-goddessness so much it kinda blinded my eye whenever she is summoned (belum cerita Horus lagi!).

Kanji Tatsumi – He is my wallpaper in my laptop and handphone…because… I LOVE HIM <3. He is a misunderstood rebel, who has a soft heart. I mean, don’t be fooled by the skull print on his shirt, but he’s an artistic fella. A male tsundere…? Almost gay i tell ya… and he’s like a cute lil brother to the main character. To see him blush is just PRICELESS. That’s it! He made it to my top fave male character list! But as a character, he’s kind of an airhead and prefers to do things with his fist… not as thoughtful as Yosuke. And I’m glad to know he’s the type of guy who likes girls with a bit masculinity in her. In battle, I prefer using Kanji over Chie when it comes to physical assault. I notice Kanji stores Higher HP for the sake of his Physical attacks.

His initial persona is Take-Mikazuchi; Also from Japanese myth – One of the sons of Okuninushi. When Amatsukamis decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Takemikazuchi to conquer Takeminakata. Take-Mikazuchi’s design looks like some punk mecha with skeleton design. After that, it will evolve to Rokuten Maoh… no information found yet. But one thing is for sure… it reminds me sooo much of Gurren Lagann XD

Teddie – P4 mascot! It’s a myseterious being that look like some mascot suit that you’ll find inside the TV world. He doesn’t look like a bear to me…but he refers himself as a bear named Teddie (“Figures”, said Yosuke XD). Teddie is cuter than Koromaru (P3) and at least has a big role than just being a side-character pet. And wait till you see his..human form O__o (Tamaki from Ouran anyone?). Some special cutscenes with Teddie are so touching that it almost made me cry. KUDOS Atlus, you made the game a genius! Back to Teddie, he supports the characters in battle by memorizing the shadow’s weaknesses, but he’s even more useful in the battlefield. Well, cos you guys get some major healing magic for the first time.

Initial Persona – Kintoki Douji was taken from a Japanese folklore’s folk hero called Kintaro. Kintaro is said to weild a tomahawk axe, and that explains why the persona design is holding a tomahawk missle. His persona will then evolve to Kamui. Kamui is the Ainu (a tribe somewhere in northen Japan) word for spiritual divine being in their mythology.

Rise Kujikawa – A former teen idol, now working at her grandmother’s tofu shop. She doesn’t seem ditzy during the first meet, nor is she ever ditzy as we get to know her. But as expected by judging from her looks, she’s a cheeky one. Somehow I think she’s a lot better character than Yukari (P3). And as a support party member, replacing Teddie, she’s wayyy much better than Fuuka (P3), in terms of speech, voice and personality.

Her persona is Himiko, a shaman queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Japan during the 248 AD. Since she is in charge of scanning the TV world and shadow’s weakness, the design consisted of… a satelite. LOL. Okay that kinda makes sense if you ask me XD. Then let’s add up TWO more satelites when the persona evolve in to Kanzeon, the Goddess of Mercy in Taoist mythology (i believe she made appearences in Journey to the West).

Naoto Shirogane – How am I supposed to avoid spoiler to describe this person?? Geez…this is the so called ‘detective prince’ that only talks in literature language despite of being young..younger than the main character even. Coming from a family of detective, Naoto-kun’s whole life is dedicated to making deductions (lol am I making any sense here?). This is another exotic character that I admire cos Naoto is very much UNlike any other typical characters – only the speech style and intonation are turn-offs. In battle, at least the persona does not have any weakness, but too bad it lacks magic. However the non-elemental magic can cause a lot of damage to a particular shadow. Otherwise, more or less not too helpful as a party member.

This person’s persona is called Sukuna-Hikona, the Japanese deity of Medicine. After maxing out the social link, the persona evolves to Yamato Takeru (the Brave of Yamato). This is a title given to a prince of Osu who defeated his enemies in his father’s name. When he died he turned into a white bird, hence the appearence of the Persona. Both Sukuna-Hikona and Yamato Takeru are designed to be small, just like the person who weilds it.


Okay, this is my favourite part~

Overall, I love the soundtracks! Comparing with P3 (again!), I’m more satisfied with P4’s background music. P3 has too much funk and techno, they bleed my ears all the way. Can’t believe I managed to endure it. I have several faves in P3 soundtrack especially Subeto no hito no Tamashii no Tatakai, played during the final battle. It’s so epic! That is where P4 final battle failed to compete with…lol weird… orchestra song =__=.

Just like P3’s Kimi no Kioku, I’m also in love with P4’s Never More.

So anyways, at least P4’s music is nice to listen to. Each dungeon has their own type of music too, and different kind of melody.

….i think that’s all. I spent a lot of time writing this crap lol. Goodnight… I’m off to watch some anime!

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Posted in Review by vien88 on January 25, 2009

Follow-up from the Gakupo Kamui post, where I mentioned about 4 Original Characters that haunted my brain who are dying to be drawn out… I discussed with a friend of mine to come up with their band name and all. That’s when she introduced me to Bremen manga by Haruto Umezawa. It was in the local’s Kreko magazine, but I wasn’t aware of the mag’s existence back then.

Bremen Manga

Bremen Manga

So I lurked for the info…and discovered they took their name from a fairy tale called “Town Musicians of Bremen”, and I remember it was one of my childhood favourites. It’s about an an old rooster, an old cat, an old dog, and an old donkey who aspires to become a band of musicians and also beat the crap out of a band of thieves. Thus, I decided to give it a read. Only 84 chapters, it wasn’t that bad. Managed to finish it in less than a week…well, for ideas and inspirations sake. (one reason is I lack the knowledge of music stuff, despite of being educated with a particular musical instrument before).

“Rock”, “Freedom” and “Fist-fights” are the themes. I love the storyline and how they met each other. Not much explanation about music stuff though, except for the drumset. But oh well, who cares? the story is more important. But the author could’ve included the lyrics for their song to give more impact. Without them, I was somewhat in the dark throughout the reading process. Throughout the story, the band members dealt with several side characters’ problems and challenges… er…for, character development’s sake?

Town Musicians of Bremen Statue

Like the original Town Musicians of Bremen, the character had to deal with a number of bad-guys throughout their road to fame. Why they call themselves Bremen? It’s becase each of the members represents each of the musicians of Bremen..

  • Hino Reiji -> the Rooster due to his mohawk. Despite of looking badass with the mohawk, and also becoming rebellious towards his father, he is actually a nice kid. See how courteous he is in the train! That kinda moved me somehow. btw, he’s the lead gutarist and the lyricist (i wish he was given more justice with his writing skills)
  • Kasuga Romio -> apparently, he is the main protagonist. He suffers amnesia and walks about like a stray dog…thus, he is the DOG. He doesn’t care much of finding out about who he was and his past, instead he moves on like nothing actually happened. He’s not just the vocalist who magically touches people’s hearts, but he is also the ‘catalyst’ of the band. Without him, Bremen wouldn’t have existed.
  • Hayama Ryo -> The sexy drummer Ganguro ‘girl’ that moves like a cat. Well, actually…Ryo is an OKAMA *runs from incoming 40 cm heel drop* (his signature move). Calling him an Okama enrages him and that’s the only time you’d see his manly side (but calling him a she-man is fine -_-;; ). But then, most of the time, he plays the damsel in distress… and seems to have a crush on Romio…? ❤
  • Fujii Ran -> The bassist. So awesum that he can make people who consume butterfly dust drug go extremely wild! But he decided to quit from doing that kind of evil deed as it strays away from sincerely loving music. He may look like an emo, but he’s the most mature person in the group. He dreams to own a Ferrari F-40, and that make him the ‘slow donkey’ who looks up to the ‘fast horse’.

However, the story ended with some science fiction crap which I personally think was steering away from the main point. Although it has something to do with Romio’s past, but it was too bizzare for a music themed story (the butterfly dust was more than enough). At least the ending wasn’t too draggy. Too much brawling is kinda annoying too, but i guess it needed some shonen spice along the way. I wish most of the fights makes sense. That aside, Bremen is an entertaining manga. it’s worth the read XD

Now… I should consider to resume reading BECK :3

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Kisah Surprise Bday Party

Posted in Life by vien88 on January 23, 2009
Birthday Girl kat tengah2

Birthday Girl kat tengah2

21 Januari blah petang, tiramtiram terang-terangan bisik kat aku dan fatin “esok bday Noora!”. Time tengah dengar lecture Mechanics, aku puas pikir apa nak buat esok. Malam tu aku hantar prosedur aku kepada tiram dan fatin melalui YM.

mula2 plan nak buat kul 4, tapi rasanye tak sempat, so kita amik keputusan buat lepas kelas habis kul 6.30 pm. Ada 3 plan, cos just in case balak birthday girl rembat dia dulu sebelum kita sempat sambut dengan kehadirannya.

23 Januari, lepas kelas matematik yang boring tu… kami bertiga pergi ke Mid Valley. Syed dan Linda terlibat sekali dalam plan ni, tapi diorang ada tugas sendiri. Sebelum kita meneroka Mid untuk mencari kek, kami makan di Domino’s Pizza. Sebab Fatin mmg suka Dominos~ Makan punya makan, rasa kenyang dan tak larat nak bangun. Keju nye pasal la niiii…tapi kita kena teruskan usaha mencari kek untuk kawan kami.

Kita dah usha kat La Boheme sebelum lunch (kul 11 lol), pastu tengok kat Bread Talk…last2 usha Secret Recipe. Kek SR mmg takyah citer la…mahal siot. tapi aku saje nak tengok, nasib baik takde yang menarik. Before that kita puas memilih kad b’day kat Memory Lane. In the end, kami beli kek chocolate yang ada strawberry kat atasnye. Lagipun…aku memang suka stroberi >///>

sambung cerita, tiram dan fatin gi cari makanan tambahan, lama lak diorang dok cari. Aku tunggu luar kena jaga kek. Pastu dah tengah tak sabar, aku mesej diorang suh cepat. Diorang balas dah nak bayar dah…later aku dapat tau bila diorang baca mesej aku tu baru nak rembat jajan. Cis korang ni… >_>

Anyways, terpaksa cepat sebab aku kena balik ke kolej jaga Cyber Dayasari. Balik terpaksa la amik teksi, dan aku terpaksa la tulis ucapan atas kad dalam teksi. Tulisan dah buruk, nak lukis2 pun tak sempat. Then…Aku saje je mesej Noora, siap tanye nak makan dinner kat kolej ke tak. Dia kata “Tak, aku teman linda kua”. kehkehkeh, cayalah Linda. Kuasa ko memang hebat, dengan cara ni kita leh elakkan plan terbatal hanya sebab boyfren Noora. Lagi satu arahan aku dapat, make sure kita solat selepas kelas supaya rakan2 kita yang lain leh siapkan kek etc.

Petang tu aku cakap kat Noora nak pergi ke fakulti pukul 4.30 (kelas pukul 5). Selalunya aku pergi lebih awal, tapi kali ni sengaja lambat2 kan. Nasib baik dia nak gi kedai fotostat dulu…baru kita kuar dari kawasan kolej. Aku cakap, “jom jalan”, kononnye malas nak tunggu bas…bila jalan kita mengambil masa dalam 20 minit. Tetiba..ADA BAS!! SIOT! Aku terpaksa act normal bila ikot Noora naik bas. Puas aku mesej fatin dengan panik, tatau camne nak lag dia. Kalau sempat sampai, leh solat sebelum kelas. Jahat gila aku nak lambat2 kan solat orang… dalam bas aku diam je, sambil fikir nak buat apa supaya kita tak sempat nak solat dulu. Tapi kalo dah terpaksa, terpaksa lah.

Sesampai je ke bus stop belakang library, on the way ke fakulti, aku baru teringat ada Karnival Sains kat situ! Yes! ada chance lagi! so aku cakap, “weh jom usha Karnival ni”. Dia pun ok je, tak protest2. Phew… lega gak. Tapi cam tak banyak pameran, mula2 tengok jenis2 batu kat meja Jabatan Geologi. Pastu nampak cam tak banyak benda nak tengok, aku hampir putus harapan…until we came to the last booth…Jabatan Fizik punya. Nampak cam tak interesting, tapi senior tu sungguh2 explain kita pasal rekacipta bateri guna electrolyte ni. Mengambil masa dalam 10 minit kot? Sesudah je senior tu habis present, kami pun say tenkiu and teruskan ke kelas. Dandan dah kul 5.

wargh…fatin jaga2 la sikit volume suara D:. Ko jgn la cakap “dia dah tau lum?” time nak sorokkan kad tuh! Kalau dia dah taw aku dah mesej larrr…. And lucky us, kelas habis awal. Pukul 6.. lepas cakap “babai” kat tiram ngan fatin (plastic gile muka diorang), aku, Noora dan Linda pergi surau. Agak kecewa gak la sebab Linda kononnya nak pergi ke Masjid Jamek jumpa kakak dia, pastu dapat taw boyfren Noora dah tunggu kat KL Central. Ah sibok!

Tapi kami teruskan plan…oleh sebab Noora dan Linda best fren, Noora dah cakap pasal ‘birthday present’ yang dia dapat malam tu. Pastu aku buat2 la baru taw bday dia “oh hari ni bday ko ke?? Kalau aku tau awal2, aku dah serang dah bilik ko malam tadi!”. Wuahaha…ni nak convince dia lagi yang takde pape akan berlaku lepas ni. Sambil kami membazir masa di sini, Syed pergi amik kek yang dia tumpang kat kolej ketujuh.

Lepas solat, kami proceed ke kafeteria fak sains (yang tak pasal2 close down tu, len kali aku citer pasal ni). Eh eh, kawan2 fizik kita masih ada kat situ? Kenapa ek? Siap ada 3 extra lagi (Sofwah, Ashwin dan Shannon). Aku pun cakap “weh apsal tak balik lagi ni?”, aku ke meja diorang dulu. Diorang tak kata pape, tapi cuma lindung kek je. Sesampai je Noora, terkezut gile muka dia bila nampak kek tu.

Syed not here..??

Syed not here..?? dia pegang kamera... (oleh sbb ada supernatural stuff berlaku...muka aku jadi blur kakaka!)

Dia siap kata “Kenapa masa 21 tahun baru dapat birthday yang special?” lol. Aku rasa terharu gak lak la bila dia cakap camtu, sebab aku yang bagi idea…well, dengan kerjasama kengkawan yang lain plan surprise kita berjaya! THANKS! In the end, Linda told her the truth…sebenarnye dia bukan nak pergi jumpa kakak dia pon hwahahah! Kesian dia kena tipu… (kesian bf dia kena lama tunggu, sape suh sampai awal kat KL Central tu). Lepas tu aku pulak bagitau aku nye tugas dalam melaksanakan rancangan ni ahahaha. Then bagi kad birthday.

Alhamdulillah semuanye berlaku dengan lancar. Pastu kami bual2, pasal kafeteria tutup tu…like i sed, len kali aku citer. Cuma kek tu ntah kenapa tak stabil molekulnye, bila potong jadi cam hancur. Maybe ada wavelength tangan budak fizik yang menyebabkan zarah berpecah camtu (lol aplikasi Electromagnetism!). Apa2 pun, still boleh makan. Apa beza, masuk perut pon hancur gak. Kek sedap, rugi kecik. XD

Pastu petang tu balik agak lambat. Tunggu bas lama gila…bila sampai kolej dah hujan lebat. Aku lak kena tolong bawak balik kad Noora (Noora pegi dating, as usual), aku sedaya upaya elakkan kad tu daripada terkena air…

End of story… :3

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Henfon aku dah Nazak?

Posted in Life by vien88 on January 23, 2009

Sebenarnye aku nak letak post yang ceria sikit, tapi oleh sebab telefon bimbit aku buat hal, tetiba rasa nak tulis pasal henfon lak.

hiasan semata2

hiasan semata2

Sejak akhir2 ni motorola L6 aku suka pengsan, pastu bangun balik…pastu pengsan, bangun balik. Selalu berlaku time unexpected. Lagi2 kalo nak hantar mesej yang penting, mula la dia buat hal. Aku naik geram, rasa cam nak campak atas lantai. Tapi kalo rosak habis langsung takleh nak siap keje. Terpaksa tolerate dengan kerenah budak ni.

Sejak 2-3 hari lalu L6 akin menggedik. Sikit2 suruh “CHECK SIM”, padahal sim dah memang ada dalam fon tu. Geram siot… aku terpaksa off-kan pastu on balik. Then masa alarm bunyi pagi tadi, tekanlah snooze, tak pasal2 henfon buat rutin off-on nye, jadi alarm snooze pon dah kensel. Patutla kekerapan dengar snooze pagi tadi berkurangan. Nasib baik bangun dan sempat solat subuh.

Yang buat aku rasa nak tulis ni ialah bila aku nak bluetooth gambar ke laptop, tetiba kata “service not supported” lak! Waaa ketensenan! Aku nak fon baru…tak kisah la model apa, asalkan murah, boleh pakai SMS, MMS dan amik gambar. Mp3 tu takyah la, aku dah ada MP3 Video Player. Tapi mak tak bagi belil fon baru, suruh cek bateri je. Entah2 bateri dah luput, so nak tukar yang baru. Aku tak kisah sangat pasal dapat henfon baru ke tak, takde masa aku nak poyo nunjuk2 orang fon baru (malas la nak layan orang yg jakun). Bila fikirkan aku bakal nak punyai fon baru pon, aku tak rasa excited sangat. Atau aku pendam gak perasaan tu..? Ah… yang aku concern skrg ni ialah nak contact para ajk projek. So aku perlukan fon untuk saling kontek mengontek…dan bukan tujuan nak berlagak kat orang.

Ahwaha…jgn terasa lak. So…misalnye aku ada fon baru, jangan mengada nak belek2. Bukan tujuan nak menyombong, but personally, aku tak brapa suka. Kang aku beli yang second hand cikai2 punye baru taw, takde sape mau tengok. XD

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Macam-macam Hal

Posted in Life by vien88 on January 22, 2009

hari tu…Ookami Senpai bagi aku lagu2 Abingdon Boys School. Sangat best! Arigato Senpai! rasa nak beli terus album diorang…<3

O_O   pakai skirt kah?? 33

O_O pakai skirt kah?? <33

Rasa cam dah lama tak post. Busy memanjang… Dah lama nak tulis about random stuff, tapi baik aku compile kan sume benda dlm satu entry.

Hal Politik UM

Aku dah bertenang sikit daripada post lalu, tapi asal sebut pilihanraya kampus je aku takde mood nak dengar. Ignorant satu, tapi dah experience benda camni lagi buat aku rasa nyampah. Aku tak tau la…kenapa aku ni ignorant sangat pasal hal dunia, negara dan kampus. Aku rasa risau pasal hidup sendiri, studies dan family sendiri dah cukup tension… kalau tambah lagi dengan hal yang takde berkaitan dengan aku lagi la… so anyways, Pro-M menang. Good luck guys, I look forward to your perjuangan.

Hal Projek Kolej

Ini ada beberapa hal pasal projek kolej yang buat aku rasa bengang. Sem ni aku terlibat dalam malam anugerah kolej kediaman , jadi Pembantu Pengarah Publisiti…kerja nye promote2 pasal dinner ni la.Dulu aku setakat AJK je, sekarang naik pangkat. Aku nak letak jawatan, tapi belum sempat aku nak cakap tetiba dah kena panggil. Bila baca gerak kerja cam interesting la nak buat. Tapi kesunutukan masa…ada masa dalam sebulan je nak buat kerja. Oleh itu kena ada banyak kakitangan, dan kena selalu buat mesyuarat dengan orang bawahan. TETAPI, orang bawahan aku busy sangat sampai susah nak buat meeting dan bekerjasama betul2. Meeting semalam pun beberapa kerat je yang datang, yang lain pergi konsert apatah… AJK bukan main ramai, tapi availability susah nak ada. Cis, kalau dah tau banyak sangat kerja, yang gatal sangat masuk projek ni buat pe? Last2 aku gak yang kena sound…baik aku gerak ikut rentak sendiri je. Takat ni aku stres pasal tu je. Aku dah tak yakin dengan tanggungjawab ni serta daya kepimpinan aku… suatu hari nanti aku akan meletup, dan mungkin chase away AJK aku. Tak mauuu tak mauuu T_T

Anyways…ni blog nye; Malam Penghargaan Dayasari 2008/2009. Aku bakal jadi co-editor…sebab…dah lama tak update.

Satu lagu projek, kerja nye lagi relax. Sebab dok kat dalam CyberCafe main internet…sambil study kalau sempat. (aku cukup syarat bawak buku je…layan blog sudehh XD ). TETAPI ada lagi hal yang aku bengang… PUNCTUALITY! Bukan takat AJK ke yang tak menepati masa, staff yang pegang kunci pun sesuka hati datang lambat. Orang yang nak pakai computer lama tunggu… Malu siot. Walaupun aku datang awal gilababas, tapi CC tak bukak…malu la. Macam kita tunjuk orang kita buat kerja tak btol je. Bak kata orang… “Janji Melayu”. Entah2 aku ni bukan Melayu…org kata aku ni mix la, bugis la etc…elok la…aku tak dikategori dlm golongan “Janji Melayu”. Ye, aku pantang sikit bab menepati masa ni…

Satu lagi National Blood DOnation…tataw apa update lah. Lantak la…aku fill in the blank je.

Hal Study

Jadual sem ni packed. Tapi subjek makin interesting. Masalahnye masa yg sepatutnya study sering disalahgunakan (contohnye…digunakan untuk menulis blog!). Aku still agak lembap bab beri perhatian dan cepat tangkap… anyways…subjek…Aku nak senaraikan…

1. Electric and Magnetism – Aku sangka lecturer ni membosankan dan garang…tapi first impression aku dalam kelas, dia sangat baik. Dia explain sungguh2 pasal Electromagnet, dan buat lecture tu semakin interesting. Letih tengok equation, tapi bila dia story pasal konsep dan aplikasi makin tertarik aku nak belajar. Aku jatuh cinta dengan fizik semula ❤

2. Quantum Mechanic – Ah…wavefunction dan penyelesaian yang panjang gile. Lecturer ajar dengan kadar ekspres, nak faham time tu jugak sambil menyalin nota sambil mendengar kata2 nye memang suatu cabaran. Agak slow la dalam kelas ni…dah ler tak sempat nak study. Aku tidur awal sangat, sebelum tidur main internet kekeke. Time nak study pun masa gap besar hari selasa dan khamis je.

3. Instrumentation – Kejadah?? KAdang2 aku hilang arah apa motif belajar pasal ni…maybe fokus kat…radas2 yang digunakan dalam eksperimen. The errors, the effect blablabla…NOISE. Yeah we learn about ‘noise’. Scratch that, apa2 pon…lecturer tu sangat  kakkoi. He’s old but still have a tough body…and he’s cool. The way he twist the marker pen in his fingers and the way he uses his handphone is..COOL. Somehow reminds me of Old Snake (MGS4) and Auron (FFX).

4. Microprocessor – it’s the “WTF?” class. Programming siot. Like hell we understand machine language. Kelas 3 jam, but we waste our time wondering the sh1t out of the instruction. Kalau aku sorang je buat memang tak gerak langsung la. Nasib baik ramai member, and kami ‘bincang’ sama2. Lab ni agak relax, tapi walaupun eksperimen berjaya…kita taktau apa kejadah motif kita buat bendalah ni…lol

5. Mechanics – QM pasal particles, benda yg kecil. Mechanic ni pulak lebih kepada classical theory of motion, energy, force dan momentum. LEcturer pon best, tapi kelas petang sangat, kami susah nak fokus betul2. This subject too made me fall in love with Physics once again. Siap bagi contoh application, how it Physics theory relates to SPORTS. Check out Magnus Effect –> SPIN BALL! Memang cantik…Fizik memang cantekkk…

The Magnus Effect

The Magnus Effect

6. Basic Mathematical Methods – Aku repair subjek ni…sebab tukar lecturer, yang agak naik sikit. Tapi, sorilah fatin, agak boring cara presentation dia. Aku rindu Prof Ithnin, walaupun dia menggerunkan, tapi dia ada style yg buat kita cuak dan lebih rajin lol (rajin copy). First class, kurang mencabar. Tah kenapa ahaha. Basic sangat kot..? cheh mentang2 dah lepas Kaedah MAtematik tahap 2.

7. Statistical Physics – Yang ni pun pasal atom2 tu…kena study balik all those Dirichlet dan Lagrange punye equation yang memeningkan dan menyeksa kepala otak. Kelas ni pun aku ada masalah nak sempat tulis nota…selalu laju je aku tulis. Makin merosot tangan ninja ku…camane nak cepat, aku nak dengar gak apa kata2 guru.

Hal member

Manusia ada macam2 jenis, macam2 ragam. Kadang2 perkara kecik pun boleh jadi perkara besar, kadang2 kita tak sedar apa kita cakap boleh menyinggung perasaan orang lain. Kadang2 ada istilah yang kita pakai, mungkin normal bagi kita dan environment kita, tapi bagi orang lain, benda ianye offensive. So…macam mana kita nak elakkan berlakunye konflik dan salah faham ni? Kadang2 dah lama jadi member pun kita tak tau perasaan dan reaksi dia camane. Kena jaga hati la etc… Kalau aku baru kenal seseorang aku tak tunjuk sangat diri sebenar aku…mungkin tu sebabnye aku disangka ‘mysterious’ atau lebih teruk lagi ‘membosankan’. Kalau dah biasa dgn orang baru leh tunjuk belang… tapi kalau dah tunjuk belang sangat pun boleh buat orang tak suka kita.

That aside, aku rasa…kat dunia UM ni coursemates aku la yang best. Aku harap takde masalah antara kitorang, moga persahabatan kekal selamanye (maybe sebab kat kolej kediaman..aku rasa aku takde sesaper kot? lol). Dan aku harap kalo aku minta tolong pape aku tak nyusahkan sape2. well, aku tak expect sangat jadi member terbaik, nor do I expect my coursemates to be the best friends forever. Namun aku tak mengharap sangat, just go with the flow lah. Aku ok jadi lone ranger, tp skali skala lepak la dgn kengkawan… kat Domino’s kekekek~


Post ni agak mendatar. Cam suara aku. kahahah… petang ni ada parti. Nak ready2~