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2008 recap…and new year Resolution

Posted in Life by vien88 on December 31, 2008

To be honest, I can’t remember what happened during the first half of the year. Probably nothing exciting happened much…or that I don’t recall.

I remember struggling during my under observation semester, since I failed my first one. It’s not like i’m being watched lol…but the time table definitely feels more relaxed. And my results…cukup2 makan.

But the new semester had more exciting stuff… there was this Japanese Language Festival where I watched Waterboys movie, which was awesome <3. (young guys in swim trunks…whee~). Then I learnt some Aikido moves and..Ikebana. Yeap, VN learns how to susun bunga liek she’s so feminine =w=, but it was fun. Ikebana is awesum.

Load of sh1t happened somewhere in the middle and near the end. But all the way through good stuff happen as well. It’s a well balanced year I guess, but I can’t help being dragged down by negative occurences. Cos I can’t run away from it. And good times just go on in just a short while… I wish it could go on forever so that I won’t start thinking stuff like “what’s the point of my existence?”.

When getting to know some individuals have a minor grudge on me, I don’t feel so enthustiastic to go back to the confinements of residential college. I feel like a coward. I can’t face it…can’t face them. I know I must’ve done something bad, but sometimes I don’t realize it cos I’m just being myself. Well, I have learnt that being ‘yourself’…cannot always be acceptable. Next year is gonna be so frustrating…I feel in need to be alone. away from… so-called nice people. And the freakin’ noise.

ah wait a sec…i thought i’m gonna say bye2 to emo emo Vulpie.. geez, i gotta admit, around the last few months of 2008 I’m getting a lot more cheerful and optimistic. even if I have lost someone dear. well, I didn’t lose it… his ‘soul’ that I’ve always admired has disappeared. There is no more ‘brother’ that I have known 4 years ago. I still think of the issue despite of letting it go already… strange thing is…I succeeded ‘forgetting’ about it when I was..fooling around with someone. VN comes upon realization *persona evolves*

A-anyways >///> …this year I made brand new social links fresh from the oven.


lessee… I wanna try make myself more hardworking, both in studies and art. But I have to make sure I play my video games moderately, finish the games as soon as possible and spend less time online. Hopefully. I wanna get myself a Nintendo DS. I wanna…try to be more tidy (but why do i feel like this is so hard to accomplish!?!?)..perhaps by spending less time in the room in the residential college or else I’ll start messing around. At least I get to go away from unneccessary commotions.

This last post for 2008…sounds rather boring. I’m feeling rather melancholic somehow. I’m reading BL to be happy.

till then. Happy new year~

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  1. deady said, on January 1, 2009 at 9:41 am

    ko dah takde keje lain ke dari main bunga bunga hah ..

    ..well hope 2009 will be a best year to enjoy yer life such as ..cleanliness ehem ..
    jangan buang ching-gam …merate rate ..

    .. dan jangan wat keje keje yg tak mendatangkan faedah .. : DD

    … meh meh next cf leh wi-fi ehem

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