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My CF08 Story IV: Fangirls in the KTM

Posted in Life by vien88 on December 24, 2008

No worries, this is the last of the “MY CF08 STORY”. After some posts in lame rojak language, I think I should post this fully in English. I have not been giving justice to my composition skills for a while…I fear it may deteroriate as time passes.

This is a story of an Otaku…well, not exactly your pure Otaku type of person. I know it is something offending in Japan, but allow me to use this term to refer to a fan of anime, manga and video games. Besides, some terms may mean differently in different countries. Like the word “best”, compare the use of that word in proper English and in everyday Malay conversation. You’ll get the idea. Ah, at least using this excuse won’t make me feel guilty about using the word ‘otaku’.

Anyways, this is a story (alkisah!) of an Otaku who wanted to go home after a long day in Sunway Pyramid for the sake of Comic Fiesta 2008. She even paid RM25 (using Gempak’s discount coupon~) for the event. An average person won’t have the will to pay for such price for such event… but hey, there were lotsa people in CF. So I’m not alone… and in case you’re wondering, CF is a non-profit organization/event; their tagline – “For fans by fans”.

I’m stalling again, yeah.

At first me and my team wanted to have some sort of party after the event lasted. But it was a little too late for me to stay longer because I did not want to miss the train. It was already dark. And truthfully, I dislike travelling at night. Be it alone or with company. Blame it on my upbringing. My insecurity keep sensing there are danger lurking somewhere in the darkness. So, I tried to go back as early as possible. It was around 8pm.

I notice The Pelabuhan Klang – Sentul trains are worse than the Seremban – Rawang ones. Maybe not the trains, but the tracks. It wasn’t my first time riding that one, but after a few tries I notice Pel. Klang – Sentul trains have bumpy rides in store for you. I notice a couple of girls apparently just got back from CF; i can tell by The One Academy freebies they were holding and the nekomimi (cat ears). But I didn’t bother to say anything…

Then it was time to switch trains. There were a lot of people…I can’t help worrying about not getting a seat. I don’t mind standing for a while, I hoped the crowd lesson as we go further south so that I had a chance to sit. It should happen, but sometimes luck won’t be on your side, you had to stand for an hour breathing in nauseating odour.

Lining up like a nice civilain… I saw another two people who seem to have gotten back from CF. One dude was holding a huge Kingdom Hearts (Organization XIII) poster, which was weird for me cos I can’t imagine guys being fanboys of KH. Or he could have bought it for someone else (a sister or girlfriend) lol. Then next to him was a girl carrying a bunch of bags. One of the bags had an anbu mask. Oh…a cosplayer. She was also wearing the CF tag; a committee member.

Finally the train arrived, I’m glad I was in the front line and managed to get a seat. Well, next to that girl. So..uh…somehow I felt like I needed to sharpen my soft skills. I seem to have decided to start a conversation, man, I can’t tell if I’m faking my friendliness or not LOL (sometimes I’m like that D: ). >///>  But no worries! I’m glad I did talked to her. really…sincerely… ^^


First of all…the thing we had in common was that we just got back from CF. So I asked where was she staying, since she was this desperate for CF that she had to return home this late (like me LOL)… and discovered that we’re heading for the same station? Which area…?? To my surprise, we lived in the same district…and the same residential area! FATExCOINCIDENCE!! ❤ Then we progressed to things like… anime and video games stuff. She showed me her KH fanart, then I showed her mine in exchange XD.

But if it wasn’t for the AkuRoku fanart, things may have gone dull. I was a lil scared if she saw that and freak out. So here’s another thing we had in common; YAOI FANGIRLS!


Then we talked about the wonders of BL and how it made us euphoric. LOL. From how we started to have interest in this peculiar thing to our favourite pairing. Seriously we were “kyaa”-ing all the way till we did not notice what station had passed. The usually boring one hour travel was different that night. What was more is that we talked about Persona 3 and Persona 4 – she completed P4 Japanese version! And we both love Kanji Tatsumi ❤

There are other stuff we talked about but I should cut the details. But bottom line, I’m glad I met her XD. We talked more while waiting for our parents to pick up. Turns out she’s younger than yours truly (feels old).

Random pic for Social link lol

Random pic for Social link lol

VN MADE NEW SOCIAL LINK with [insert appropriate arcana]

Um.. ok anyways…

Kirin if you’re reading this, thanks for the SuzaLulu pics <3. I need…moar~! (so that means social Link is rank 2 already)

time to resume Persona 4…oh er, breakfast first.



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