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DreamTeam coming to ComicFiesta 2008

Posted in Advertisement by vien88 on December 19, 2008

So…what is this… DreamTeam? Sounds like a cheap-ass group name. Yeah… although they could find a better name, they’ve been around for about 6 years, 5 years experience in doujinshi producing business. So the name is stuck… and is perhaps to respect the founder of the group (who is now an important Comic Fiesta staff). ‘Doujinshi’ may refer to fancomics, but the group is more towards…original works.

Here’s their deviantArt url DreamTeam.

Guardians by Neo Emphasis

Guardians by Neo Emphasis

Initially, it has a lot of members…but due to a certain hiatus… the members are cut down into fewer people, with several guest artist offering the contribution. The main comic is done by the Maestro, the big boss; Neo-Emphasis entitled “Guardians”. As for the 5th issue, a newcomer called ‘Sidewinder’ is making its spin-off comic called “Fuuma’s Rage”.

Fuumas Rage by Sidewinder

Fuuma's Rage by Sidewinder

Basically “Guardians” is mecha themed, and is about a war between Humans and the Angels tribe. Mainly focusing on Zanza’s adventure, and later the mascot of DreamTeam, Perola (a half-Angel). Whoops…Gundam or Medabots anyone? Anyway… you just have to check out Neo Emphasis’ mecha designs… and his comics are way awesome too!

Perola by ChibiMie

Perola by ChibiMie

Dark Perola by VulpineNinja

Dark Perola by VulpineNinja

Other members include ChibiMie or OneWinged. Mie onee-san who specialize in chibi stuff. But this year she’s taking a break for her thesis’ sake. HEEragizawa aka DIAMAF, the hag– er… sorcerer, has  a more realistic stroke compared to the rest of us. And last but not least, VulpineNinja, the 4koma expert ;D (buat muka tebal lulz!).

So, tomorrow’s the day. The day we make our 5th comeback. TOMORROW IS GODDAMN COMICFIESTA 2008!!

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3 Responses

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  1. manamana said, on December 20, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    takde ke naskhah percuma utk member2 ? :3

  2. vien88 said, on December 21, 2008 at 12:08 am

    takde la…penat2 buat n print mesti la kena bayar… tak dpt profit kang XD

  3. kazu said, on December 21, 2008 at 3:35 am

    too bad I can’t come to your booth :< sorry VN, maybe next time I will buy doujin from you <3333

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