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Posted in Life by vien88 on November 26, 2008
Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

I discovered fanfiction since year 1998…. or was it one year earlier? No matter. I remember around that time we got internet access for the first time. My mom assured me that I can look for just about anything, any piece of information here. Back then I was a Sailormoon fan, and just converted into Rurouni Kenshin fan. I looked all over for their stuff, their pictures especially. Found some midis of the OP and ED songs but was unable to download. Better yet, I found lyrics to my favourite songs.

Somewhere in that timeline I found alternative stories of RuroKen written by fans. It was interesting to read the fan’s version of RuroKen, when it was set somewhere in the future, in another world or somewhere in between the storylines.

Around year 2001, I got curious with the words “fluff” and “lemon”, so I innocently decided to try it out. To my surprise, I did not actually expected such forbidden love could go that far lol. But I still read some of them, although disgusted I still find them somewhat… ‘fascinating’. I didn’t start becoming a fan of this peculiar stuff at this age, but I was simply ‘introduced’ to it. My interest sparked much much later ;3

I wrote my own fanfiction based on Chrono Cross. It was a parody of a local folk tale, ‘Bawang Merah Bawang Putih’ but I totally lost that document eversince the computer reformatted and lost the ability to read floppy discs. I can’t remember storing them, but Fanfiction.net removed those fics for some reasons (one of them is that I barely login to ffnet). I had no back-up, so I had to let it disappear just like that.

As I grew older, I grew bored of fanfictions. I keep encountering bad writers (not that I am that good), bad stories and worse of all out of character issues. Good ones authors/stories became rare, and wannabe fanfic writers exceeded the optimum level to the point I decided to leave ffnet, and stopped writing any of them.

My interest turn towards FictionPress where original stories are published online and are free to be read. Of course most of them are amateurs, but getting to read fresh ideas wasn’t so bad. I noticed that there are a few bad writers there as well (but it could be that the difference in writing style preference), so I still have caution in finding good fics. I used to have my very own originals there, but I deleted them because I stopped writing due to writers block. My Fictionpress account is now stuffed with dark romantic poetries.

I resumed reading fanfics a couple of years ago, after the above fandom sparked and I felt like I need to read something written by fans to boost that fandom. Tu pun, hati2 gak, cos I might encounter badly written fanfics. Too much of obscenety irks me, so I rather go for something moderate, well-balanced emotional + physical touch and some action/adventure (erm, as in genre. Not in romance)! Nowadays I lurk for fanfics once in a while. And when I find a whole bunch of them, I do a fanfic marathon :3

Baru2 ni, tiba2 rasa nak tulis fanfic. I had this idea for quite a while, after learning deeper about the stuff happening in Final Fantasy 7 and it’s many spin-offs. I decided to write about Jenova and the Cetra, set approximately 2000 years before the events in the game (FF7). I refered the info taken from FF7 Ultimania Guide during the process, and I will adapt the theories, make up a story and present them the way I like it.

Jenova (FF7)

Jenova (FF7)

I call it…

The Calamity from the Skies

(I prefer “Heavens Dark Harbinger” but it sounds too depressing, so the former is taken as it had a softer impression)

Read if you dare XD

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