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Posted in Quiz by vien88 on November 24, 2008


lulz i got this from friendster!


Love life: SINFULLY SEXY WTF!?!?! Best kisser..??? eeeeeeerotic…????? >///>

More Compatible with: I don’t wanna know who… (erm… do tell >///>  )

Less Compatible with: ah… so it’s a good thing I broke up with him.. :3

Qualities: they’re all almost accurate i must say…

What type of Scorpio are You?” (for Scorpions only~)

PERFECT SCORPIO: Congradulations, you are a typically subtle, fabulous, trustworthy and sensual scorpio, like me, we have normal Scorpio revenge fantasies, sexual hungers, vampiric desires-we are wonderful and totally loyal friends. Privacy is a definite nescesity for us, but we are naturally magnetic and often attract many people and partners. Caution is required we don’t want to become too extreme and scare everyone away as sometimes obsessed Scorpio do.


i don’t have sexual hungers D<. my loyalty level is quite high, yeah… but attraction is… uh… i don’t think so… I can be vengeful. Another thing I’d like to add is extreme jealousy.

Random stuff ends here…

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  1. xenoaisam said, on November 25, 2008 at 2:59 am

    ewww scaryy

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