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T3h Hermit Arcana

Posted in Life, Quiz by vien88 on November 4, 2008

Which Tarot Card Are you?



You are The Hermit. You sometimes turn away from society to focus on the inner world. You sense that there is a deeper reality and wish to find it. You are a seeker, and are a wise teacher. You are The Hermit, seek and ye shall find.


Komen: sebenarnye dah buat other tarot card quizzes… i got the moon, the star… and something else… but I ONLY WANT THE HERMIT. Cos I feel like a hermit… description pon lebih kurang except for the teacher part..


Random: Today I woke up thinking of therma physics equations. Key coefficients that are needed to remember. Maybe becos of that I’ve been depressed since morning… I craved to listen to slow and sad songs… I craved for Within Temptation’s Heart of Everything… but I left it at my humble abode T_T. So I went to look for video game remixes instead… found Okami’s “Reset” remix, which is FREAKIN’ LOVELY. <33 Yet not enough remedy. My friend, daeds sent me a few Final Fantasy remix with vocals. “Rose of May” is done well. Still not enough…… aku pasang Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight sebab aku suka lagu slow diorang.

Then…jengjengjeng… dapat internet muffins dari mana-sama!! <333  it kinda made my day~ >///<  eh..eh…tapi lambat wish ORIYAAAAA!! *performs tsundere kick*

okay sekarang kena baca nota kuliah. Exam start 6 Nov. Wish me luck… cos i really need it T^T.

till then… *nomming muffins*

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